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Boston Marathon Qualifying Time

121st Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon has got to be the most coveted run in every runners mind, the qualifying time is like a moving target and many hopefuls have been dashed by it, but I would say it is more of rather a motivation to peak runners ability in the running society. Just so you know ….

  • Registration for the 2020 Boston Marathon will opened up on Monday, September 9, 2019 at 10 a.m. and closes on September 18.
  • As in previous years, runners with the fastest times get to register first. On September 17, the BAA announced on Twitter that there will be a cutoff for the 2020 race.
  • The 2020 race will take place on April 20. Registration will take place at

In order to be accepted into the 2020 race, which will be held on April 20, runners had to be at least 1 minute and 39 seconds faster than their qualifying standard, Boston Athletic Association (BAA) officials said on Wednesday.

So far, 24,127 runners have been accepted into the 2020 race. That left 3,161 runners, out of 27,288 who applied, on the sidelines, even though they did achieve the posted standards for their age and gender.

Runners were learning of their registration status by email.

The field for Boston grew this year to 31,500 runners. More than 80 percent of those are time qualifiers. The rest of the field gains entry by running for charities or through a different connection to the race.


Registration for Boston happens over a two-week period, with fastest runners able to register during the first week, which was September 9 through 13. Runners who bettered their qualifying standard by more than 20 minutes had the first crack at registration, followed by those who were 10 minutes faster, followed by those who were 5 minutes faster. The BAA has used the rolling registration system since 2012

For the 2019 race, the cutoff time was 4:52, and 7,384 runners were denied entry. That time jumped more than a minute from what was needed for the 2018 race: a time 3:23 faster than the qualifying standard, when 5,062 runners were turned away. The last year that all qualifiers were able to register was 2013.

The qualifier breakdown for the 2020 race is:

  • 4,051 qualifiers who were 20:00 or more faster than their standard.
  • 6,772 qualifiers who were 10:00 or more faster than their standard.
  • 6,948 qualifiers who were 5:00 or more faster than their standard.
  • 5,885 qualifiers who were 1:39–4:59 under their standard.
  • 471 qualifiers with an active streak of at least 10 years.

RunTweetUpSG was AWESOME !

isaac976 RuntweetupSG

Last Friday was one crazy day, my workplace did not see me fumed up so mad before and I have to say it was my first time as well, things just gotten out of hand and me as the Operations person I had to ensure that everything flows and works smoothly, Stayed with the warehouse people and was talking over the phone with the office to get it all perfect even I know it is not.

And for that It ate up all my time to meet up with the runners who were already waiting for me at the RunTweetUp site, best part is that I was one of the organisers and I was fashionably late, I HATE being late and this time I really had no choice. I really apologise to those waiting for me and I was trying my best and as fast as I could, it was just one of those days.




Before I go on, I have to mention that the first “RunTweetUpSG” was a success and I am glad we had one in the first place, This run is not about who is the fastest or who wears the best gear, this run was intended for runners to BE a runners all while having fun. No competitiveness in all of us, we are all about Motivation and motivate we did, we had two newbie runner who never ran, but Mike supported all the way, would you believe it, even one guy with a broken foot came for this event (NO KIDDING)

I would like to thank @Coach_Holly and @Mikeh71a for doing such a great job in planning and recce in advance for a run route, not to mention @endorphynnn for the tremendous help as well.

If you are wondering if there will be another one cause you miss the first one ? well might happen ? it could happen? who knows what the future holds. I already know people are asking about it and it will only get bigger for sure.

We Run, We Sweated and We Drank but more importantly we all LAUGHED together !

Once again for those who made the effort to come down and even wanting to come down after we finished our drinks, I THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


I would like to thank Compressport for being supportive in this RunTweetUp and those who was willing to help but I turned down.

#RunTweetUpSG Happening This Week

In the world of social media we know some people to have hundred and some even thousands of followers, but in actual fact do have they actually seen them physically?

Most of the time social media piqued my curiosity when it come’s to people on the other side of the screen, actually If I have a chance I would like to meet up with my readers, yeah you the one reading this now and every reader from all over the world too…… but… I don’t think that is possible.

So some how or rather one morning over at twitterville, a bunch of us were having a discussion and am not sure how this topic came up, suddenly out of no where we decided to have a meet up and we instead of the usual TweetUp, we are going to call it RunTweetUp because being in twitter we follow our passion and our passion is in Sports, Fitness, Tweeting, you get the point, so as mostly fitness advocate, we decided not to only do a TweetUp but a RunTweetUp instead, and with that a couple of meeting and talking over whatsapp. If you are in twitter do check out the hashtag for #RunTweetUpSG and you can find all our crazy ramblings and discussion over this.

Then finally the rumours is now true, and the word on RunTweetUpSG is finally out.

Mike Awesome poster

This is a Fun Run and nothing competitive, do join us for something real not just hashtag & twitting or Facebook or Instagram and some Youtube maybe.

No hefty cost of registration fees, no crazy training to be in top form as this is not a race, just real people with a social media account meeting up, don’t need a twitter account to join us. Crash the party we dare you.

As this is the First RunTweetUp in Singapore we do not want to let you go back empty handed, with great connection we manage to hook up the first few registration with goodie bags, and yes you do not need to collect it in advance, we will personally hand them to you on the day itself.  Remember to click on  —-> Sign Me up for RunTweetUpSG

Date: 17 October 2014

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: Stadium MRT Exit B.

Distance: 5k (non-competitive FUN Run) ok maybe the winner gets a kiss from Holly or Mike

Post Run: Brewerkz, get your drinks on

RunTweetUp has been brough to you by main sponsor


Organising Committee

@Mikeh71a , @RunWithHolly , @endorphynn and @isaac976

10 Coolest Race Medals

I was talking to a bunch of runners about medals and I for that, I know for a fact that many race finishers proudly display their hard earned medal on their wall some dangling in their car and some even hang it on their window grills, yes you read that right in their car, (well that was one particular medal that he loved most). It is the new obsession where races go out to collect as many medals as possible and collected they have.

So what brought us to that topic? it was when we were comparing which medal has the best design and which was the coolest, Medals to me is just another momentum which do not mean anything, I do not display my medals but I just put them back in the ziplock back along with my race bibs (Yes, I still have all my race bibs)

I just want to share with you guys the Runners World 10 Coolest Medal

Little Rock Marathon

Little Rock, Arkansas · In 2014, the Little Rock Marathon gave out its biggest finisher’s medal yet. At 8 1/4 inches across and weighing 2 1/2 pounds, it dwarfs the race’s inaugural 2003 medal (at far left)

Ragnar Relay

Since this overnight relay series started in 2009, runners have become very attached to their Ragnar finisher’s medals, which always incorporate the race’s signature bottle opener. So attached that a few now-deceased finishers were buried with them

Mississippi Blues Marathon

Jackson, Mississippi · When Race Director John Noblin presented the 2014 medal to his race committee, they worried that the only way to up the ante for next year would be to give out actual guitars. The 10-inch-tall guitar-shaped medal comes in two pieces, connected by a ribbon forming the guitar’s neck

Texas Marathon

Kingwood, Texas · Everything is bigger in Texas, including the medals. The design for the Texas Marathon medal changes every year, but one thing is kept consistent—its massive size. At 9 1⁄4 inches by 6 3⁄4 inches and three pounds, three ounces, organizers believe it’s the world’s biggest finisher’s medal,

The next one I am showing you will be my favourite and I hope one day I will be able to collect them all

Disney Marathons and Half-Marathons

Orlando, Florida · “The beautiful thing about these medals is that it is one of the only Disney souvenirs you can’t simply buy at a gift shop,” says the runDisney series medal designer David Brotherton. “You have to earn it.” Brotherton, an art director for Disney, designs medals for all of runDisney’s events

New Years Double

Allen, Texas · Runners who complete a half or full marathon on New Year’s Eve, and another half or full marathon on New Year’s day through the 6.55-mile looped course are rewarded with a finisher’s plate. Magnets hold two original finisher medals from each day’s race in place on the plate, forming an even larger piece of hardware to mark the accomplishment

Bird-In-Hand Half-Marathon

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania · Local Amish blacksmiths provide 2,500 used horse-shoes to make these finisher’s medals. Amish volunteers then craft each one by hand before presenting them to runners at the finish.

Portland Marathon

Portland, Oregon · Race Director Les Smith says he has two requirements for the Portland Marathon’s finisher’s medals: “The medal has to have two sides, and if a person finds it 200 years from now they will know what is was for and where it was from.” Consistently ranked near the top of the Marathon & Beyond’s list of best finisher’s medals, Portland’s medal incorporates engravings on both sides that speak to the city’s history. Finishers also receive a pendant and coin.

Stumpy’s Marathon

Newark, Delaware · This free marathon still wants finishers to commemorate their accomplishment without the cost of an elaborate medal. So race director Stewart Dotts collects rocks along the trail race’s route in the weeks leading up to the event, which are then polished and decaled with the race’s logo—a panting dog. “The much coveted ‘finisher’s rock’ adorns desks, trophy shelves, windowsills, toilet tanks, and flower gardens across the country,” Dotts says

Wine Country Half-Marathons; ODDyssey Half-Marathon

Nationwide · Though the design changes from year to year, participants always receive a medal (shown at left) that channels the beverage the race celebrates. In 2012, that meant incorporating a wine bottle stopper and corkscrew.

Philadelphia · This innovative medal (shown at right) serves a three-part purpose. After the race, it functions as a traditional race medal that can be proudly displayed around a runner’s neck. At home, it can be wall mounted to serve as a commemorative plaque and a functional bottle opener.

And there you have it 10 most coolest medals voted by Runners World, Do you think Singapore have any cool medals to show ? What is your most memorable Singapore Medal ? Do share in the comment box for all the readers


The Revamped PUMA Running Club will Relaunch in April with Structured Trainings, New Partners and a New Membership and Privilege Programme

Singapore, 27 March 2014 – PUMA Singapore relaunches the PUMA Running Club with a series of exciting additions. Following a successful first season, the running club returns with more structured trainings, new partners as well as a revamped membership and privilege programme.

Commencing on 3 April 2014, the PUMA Running Club will feature a three-month training programme designed to help both beginner runners looking to complete their first 10km as well as experienced runners aiming to better their timings by the end of the training cycle. Led by the team coach and runners from PUMA-sponsored Team RunFanatics, members can now look forward to achieving their running goals through a mix of progressive runs, running specific workouts, conditioning, track trainings as well as long runs:

• 1st Thursday of the month: Progressive runs at Marina Bay Area
• 2nd Thursday of the month: Track training at CCAB
• 3rd Thursday of the month: Progressive runs at Marina Bay Area
• Last Sunday of the month: Long runs at One Rochester

To further help members better achieve their training goals, PUMA Running Club has also partnered Enhance Physiotherapy to conduct workshops for members. Covering running related topics such as prevention and management common running conditions as well as performance enhancement trainings, these lecture and practical sessions will help members complement their trainings with additional exercises to prevent injuries and improve their performance.

Membership and training sessions remains complimentary but will be limited to the first 30 runners that register. As part of the revamp, PUMA Singapore will introduce a two-tier membership and privilege programme for PUMA Running Club:

PUMA Running Club Gold
Runners who own and wear PUMA running shoes during the training sessions will qualify as Gold members and will enjoy the following privileges:

• 20% storewide discount during Thursday sessions from 7pm to 10pm
• 20% discount on Hammer Nutrition products
• 20% discount on Enhance Physiotherapy clinical services such as consultation, sports massages and customised exercise classes
• 20% discount on Enhance Physiotherapy products such as massage creams, sports tapes, etc.
• Special musculoskeletal screening and running gait analysis at Enhance Physiotherapy
• Day pass to Celebrity Fitness after Sunday sessions
• 2nd session: PUMA Running Club Singlet
• 6th session: 7-day Pass to Celebrity Fitness

PUMA Running Club Silver
Runners without PUMA running shoes are welcomed to join the running club and participate in the trainings. Silver members will enjoy the following:

• 20% discount on regular price PUMA running shoes during Thursday sessions from 7pm to 10pm
• 10% discount on other regular price PUMA products during Thursday sessions from 7pm to 10pm
• Complementary rental of PUMA running shoes
• Special musculoskeletal screening and running gait analysis at Enhance Physiotherapy
• 2nd session: PUMA Running Club Singlet

In addition to the privileges, PUMA Running Club members will also be awarded points for attending the training sessions, using the PUMATRAC running app and for their social media postings. The point allocations are as follows:

3 points for every PUMA Running Club session attended
2 points for using the PUMATRAC running app to track and share run on social media
1 point for every social media post

Members with the five highest points at the end of each training cycle will receive a prize from PUMA Singapore. This season, 5 pair of limited edition PUMA FAAS 300 running shoes will be up for grabs.

Running Club Banner FBThe new season of PUMA Running Club is now open for registration. Interested runners can register via:




Brothers Die 10 Days Apart While Running In New York

This is really a tragic story, I can’t stress enough to fellow runners to wear have at least an ID on you when you do your sports. RoadID have to be my choice of ID but if I am doing long runs I will turn on my Endomondo app to tell my friends where I am, even if I fall down a ditch at least my friends would know my last whereabouts, but more importantly I always let my loved one knows that I love them before I go out for my runs.
Reading the comments from the NY Daily News posting, it is surely sad that people actually think that staying healthy is a boon. Shame on them really, what matters is that they should be doing regular check up on their health.
To the family of Peter and Ryan, my condolence goes out to you, and to all runners and athletes out there, Run Safe and have a great week ahead. Its the Chinese Lunar New Year for us over in Asia.


Brothers Die 10 Days Apart While Running In New York By

(Peter Barry and Ryan Barry, who died of a heart attack while running in Central Park in New York City. pics from

Peter Berry suffered a fatal heart attack while on a run less than three weeks after the same thing happened to his brother.

In a tragic turn of events to the story of a New York City runner who collapsed and died during a New Year’s Eve run, that runner’s brother recently died doing the same thing, in the same city.

Peter Berry, 60, was out for a run in Central Park on Jan. 19 when he suffered a fatal heart attack. It happened 20 days after his half-brother, Rynn Berry, suffered cardiac arrest during a run in Prospect Park. The latter did not bring identification with him and his name was a mystery for days as he lie in a hospital room.

Shortly after Rynn Berry’s family identified him after seeing a news report about the case,he died on Jan 19

“It’s been a shock for the family,” said Charles Berry, who identified Rynn, on the death of his two brothers. “It’s been terrible. It’s still hard to believe.”

For full story please visit

Venus Run New Title Sponsor X-Bionic

Update: 4 December 2013: Registration is open, check website below

Swiss premium sportwear brand X-Bionic sign on as title sponsor of Venus Run 2014


Sponsorship deal in cash and kind valued at SGD$2 million will see the introduction of the most expensive and high-tech race shirt in local running event history

In celebration of International Women’s Day, X-Bionic will also throw in a pair of running tights to encourage all participants to pledge donations to the Breast Cancer Foundation and Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation

29 November 2013 – The Singapore Athletic Association (SAA) today announced a landmark sponsorship deal worth SGD$2 million with X-Bionic, which will see the Swiss premium sports apparel manufacturer become the official title sponsor of the Venus Run 2014. The X-Bionic Venus Run 2014 is an all-women 5km run to promote healthy living through active participation in sports so as to enable women to achieve healthy balanced lifestyles amidst their demanding responsibilities at work and at home. Following the success of last year’s event, the next race will once again take place at the Marina Barrage on 8th March 2014, in celebration of the International Women’s Day.

As part of the cash and kind sponsorship deal, X-Bionic will introduce the most high-tech first race shirt in local running event history, with features that aim to specifically help women achieve better race performance. The specially designed, one-of-its-kind pink coloured X-BIONIC® Venus Run Effektor shirt (Please refer to the attached factsheet on the X-Bionic Effektor technology) is also undoubtedly the most expensive race shirt ever, with a retail price of SGD$180.

Only 5,000 pieces will be manufactured exclusively for this event and will feature the X-Bionic Venus Run 2014 logo as well as the official tagline “Diamonds aren’t my best friends, running is…”, both of which will be woven into the fabric rather than printed on so as not to reduce the breathability of the shirt.

Webpage: Venus Run 2014 (X-Bionic)

Great Eastern Women’s Run 2013 (Reader Special)

Hey Readers, have I got a good thing for you, (well only girl runners actually)  If you have not signed up for this Great Eastern Women’s Run, I come bear good news for you, but anyway please do read on for something in-stored just for you girls.
After looking at the finisher T and the medal given for this year, I wish I could disguise myself and go for the run, well I don’t I think I want to be on the headline the next day, maybe I should.. Bad news is still news right?

The Great Eastern Women’s Run, commissioned by Great Eastern and organised by HiVelocity Events, is a run for every woman. The race features 5km, 10km as well as 21.1km race distances making the run accessible to female runners of all levels. This will be the largest women-only half marathon in the region.

Targeting to attract more than 15,000 participants, the Run will be flagged off at the The Float@Marina Bay. The race route will take runners past Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Merlion Park, Esplanade, Singapore Flyer, F1 Pit Building, the future Sports Hub and end back at the The Float@Marina Bay.

Race Details

Date: 10 November 2013, Sunday

Venue: The Float@Marina Bay


  • 21.1km – 5.30am
  • 10km – 7.10am
  • 5km – 7.40am


If you are interested in any of the category and you have not register, please  click on this Registration website here —> REGISTER ME and key in GEWR13isaac976Dis to be entitled to a “Special Discount” only for my readers (oh be quick registration closes 30th September 2013)

Girls always raved about the “GREAT EASTERN RUN” goodie bags so this is what you girls will be entitled for

Race Entry Entitlements

Your race entry* includes:

  • Event Running Top by adidas
  • Free Insurance Cover for the Run
  • Exclusive Event Bag
  • Personalised Race Bib
  • Event Race Guide
  • Exclusive Finisher Medal (5km, 10km and 21.1km finishers only)
  • Exclusive Finisher Tee by adidas (21.1km finishers only)
  • Finisher certificate either softcopy or hardcopy (10km and 21.1km finishers only)
  • Other sponsored items

Running Top

Individual | Register for Two | Corporate Team
Race Categories Early Bird
17.05.2013 – 31.07.2013
01.08.2013 – 30.09.2013
Great Eastern Women Policyholders* Loyal Runners Public / OCBC Credit Card Holders* Public
5km Live Great! Fun Run
Register for Two
10km (Open / Closed)*
Register for Two
21.1km Half Marathon (Open / Closed)*
Register for Two
Corporate Team*
10km Team of 4
21.1km Team of 4

All prices are in Singapore Dollars and are inclusive of GST.

*Open categories are applicable for all nationalities
*Closed categories are applicable to Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents
*Corporate categories are available to only employees of the same company.
*For Great Eastern Women Policyholders, select ‘Register with Coupon’. Replace the first four alphanumeric characters of your NRIC/ Passport No. with four capital ‘X’ and key in the remaining characters of your NRIC/ Passport No. into the field to enjoy the special rate!
*For Loyal Runners, select ‘Register with Coupon’ and enter your full NRIC/ Passport No. as the Coupon Code to enjoy the special rate!
*For OCBC credit card holders, please select ‘Register with Coupon’ and enter the first 6 digits of your OCBC credit card as the Coupon Code to enjoy the special rate!

Group Registration
Group registration is available for 15 pax and above. Groups will get to enjoy a discount of 5% of their total registration fee.

Race Categories Early Bird
17.05.2013 – 31.07.2013
Normal Period
01.08.2013 – 30.09.2013
5km Live Great! Fun Run $27.55 $37.05
10km (Open / Closed)* $44.65 $54.15
Corporate 10km Team of 4 $169.10 $207.10)
21.1km Half Marathon (Open / Closed)* $53.20 $67.45
Corporate 21.1km Team of 4 $205.20 $252.70

*Group registration is only applicable for Early Bird and Normal Period pricing.
*Registrations can be made up of a mix of categories.
*Price listed is after the 5% discount.
*Corporate categories are available to only employees of the same company

2013 Race Medal Revealed
All finishers of Great Eastern Women’s Run 2013 can look forward to receiving an exclusive race medal as a memento for completing the race. Be it racing in the 5km Live Great! Fun Run, 10km or 21.1km Half Marathon race category, we will be at the finish line celebrating your victory with this specially designed race medal. The Gorgeous Finisher tee is only for the half marathon finisher.