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Can Exercise Help you Stay Young ?

Most people think that exercise can have a bad effect on our bones and our body, One of the benefits of exercise is that it helps reduce the inflammation that comes with aging, says a new study. The trick is knowing what kind—and how much.

In my recent trip I notice that when once someones grows old they tend to be slower and tires easily from daily commute and not even with vigorous strength usage. But there is a difference with one that does exercise daily. I was comparing with two person with a age gap of a about a year or so,

New research shows that regular physical activity can reduce the inflammation in the body that comes with aging, which could also help decrease your risk of developing related diseases and conditions—like heart disease, depression, decreased mental function, and loss of muscle mass
I was reading the effect of exercise vs health and found this new study—published in the journal Circulation—followed people for 10 years to examine the long-term effects. They found that, in general, people who were more active at the start of the study, or exercised more by the end, had lower levels of inflammation, which is one way to help your body stay young.
To Start with:
20 – 30min of daily exercise maybe a short brisk walk, cycling, running, gardening or even house chores (things to get you moving and sweating). Exercise requires momentum and you need to build that, what seems difficult last month will be easier if you do it daily.
  • Meet the physical activity guidelines each week by breaking it into 20 to 30 minutes sessions each day. Activities that count include running, walking, cycling, gardening, and housework.
  • Avoid extreme exercise—anything over 70 percent of your maximum effort for more than 30 minutes counts. Previous studies have shown that this level of intensity can actually increase inflammation.
  • Try interval training for a short, but potent, but shorter, workout.
  • Build up gradually. As you strengthen your body, what felt difficult last month will suddenly be a walk (or run) in the park.

– See more at:

  • Meet the physical activity guidelines each week by breaking it into 20 to 30 minutes sessions each day. Activities that count include running, walking, cycling, gardening, and housework.
  • Avoid extreme exercise—anything over 70 percent of your maximum effort for more than 30 minutes counts. Previous studies have shown that this level of intensity can actually increase inflammation.
  • Try interval training for a short, but potent, but shorter, workout.
  • Build up gradually. As you strengthen your body, what felt difficult last month will suddenly be a walk (or run) in the park.

– See more at:

Socks that All Runners Should Consider

Imagine if I tell you that one sock can do all this

  1. Prevent foot pain, that this socks can protect you from Plantar Fasciitis
  2. Protect you from a Sore foot
  3. Protect you from Callus
  4. Protect you from Blister
  5. Protect against Athlete foot
  6. and one of the main problem that most runner’s face “BLACK TOE”

And yes, such a sock exist, and I had the chance to try it out, I usually do not run in socks for my training and even runs up to 10km, anything above 10km and trails, I will definitely look for comfort, I think I will be running more in socks after I was given a pair of Thorlos to test out,

Thanks to World Of Sports, They handed me this socks and told me that, you will never wear another brand of socks again once you have tried these, and maybe they were right!! I received a pair of Thorlos Experia picture below in gray for a trial recently.

Opening this socks from its cover and touching it seems like nothing special I tell you, I kept touching the material and I wonder, what would have made them say that this socks would be the only brand on my mind if I were to think of socks. If you look at the pictures I have inserted it seems just like any ordinary socks,oh how wrong I was, look closer at the mid foot, it has a separate from the heel and the ball of your feet and Thorlos specially place padding in all the right place to maximize comfort.

Thorlo isaac976

I paired the Thorlos Experia with one of the thinnest shoes I have, the New Balance Minimus Road and I tell you this socks sure made my minimal shoe feels padded. I used it not only for running but I walked the whole day at the office and it felt really comfortable but the Coolmax feature was not working for me cause I felt my legs were pretty warm all the time. (maybe it was drying my feet)

Having tried them out in a few of my runs over 10km, I personally like how it cushions my feet and gives the support to the right place especially the forefoot which helps reduce friction thus preventing blister and the back of the heel as are places that tends to get chaffed from rubbing against the back of the shoe, my running gaits usually falls on mid-foot and this socks makes my mid-foot landing on pavement and tarmac feels so comfortable. its like wearing a padded shoe (This was on m NB Minimus)

Compared to other sports socks in the market the Thorlos Experia is easily one of the most expensive non compression socks I have but it does serve its purpose, and remember you get what you pay for.  Thorlos Experia is something everyone should invest on if they are looking to add some extra comfort and support to their run.

I totally recommend this socks for running distance of 5k to Full Marathon.. If you have spare change heck even buy it even for everyday use, I am thinking of buying it as my work socks now.  Thorlos Experia is available at all World Of Sports Outlet.

Some tech specs for the geek in me.

The Thorlos Experia consist material of
20% nylon
66% CoolMax®
13% Polyester
1% Elastic

More about Thorlo

Statesville, North Carolina based THORLO, Inc., the originator of activity specific socks, is committed to providing the ultimate in foot protection and comfort for all consumers. Over 25 years of scientific research stands behind the Thorlosâ ultimate consumer promise of “Your Feet Will Feel Better or Your Money Back.”

All Thorlos sock products are designed to protect the foot from activity-specific demands such as shear, impact, and blistering. Thorlos provides its consumers with superior comfort products, which allows them to enjoy their active lifestyles. Whether running, walking, hiking, or everyday wear, there is a pair of Thorlos for everyone, every shoe, and every activity.

How do you run away from Zombies?

This is so so so so not fair.. how come someone brought in the Zombie run franchise to Msia and not the little red dot! I have been looking forward to doing this run so much as it looks damm fun seriously.  So I am writing in protest no wait .. Anger …  delight for you people staying up north that this event is happening! YOU GUYS BETTER SIGN UP or not the zombie will come eat your heart out ..

This so called  Zombie Run 2013 will be held on 2nd February 2013.

This event is a new type of event for Malaysia. Introducing the storyline based event, where what happens in the event ultimately affects the storyline and continuity of this event. The ultimate winners of this Zombie Run will be able to choose the outcome of the storyline and see where that leads the next Zombie Run to. Read the story to know why Bukit Utama has been overrun by zombies!

You will be placed in a jungle like setting (both zombies and participants) that stretches almost 45 hectares with broken walls, abandoned huts, destroyed cars and a lot more. This is NOT a normal marathon. Check out some location of the run event


the ticket price for the Zombie Run Malaysia is RM75 per person. I am not sure if you can sign up as a single person , cause for a team of 5 that means RM375 per team. Each person gets a medal, a really cool kick ass limited edition t-shirt (more on this very very soon), an awesome goodiebag and the warm feeling in your heart knowing that you have contributed to our fundraising cause

visit their FB page at

Photo: So before Christmas is over, we would like to throw a small bonus in for you guys! A new piece of artwork for the Zombie Run! Use it as your display picture, share it with your friends and appreciate the undead as they are supposed to be! Merry Christmas once again!

5 Lies You Believe About Ultra Marathons

Running in Ultra Marathon is definitely not easy, running a marathon itself is not easy, as people say respect the distance and I surely believe in that phrase. Here are 5 lies that you will hear from runners wanting to do Ultra

1. I can’t run an ultra yet—I’m not in my best shape.

I’ve seen some epic love handles and beer bellies cross the finish line at several ultras. And although not all runners are visibly out of shape, many do have a target area that is far from perfect—flabby bits or underdeveloped muscles. If you’re waiting to be in the best shape of your life, you will never run an ultra. (Remember there is always Fat Fit)

Running with extra weight is far from easy, whether it is bulky muscle weight or fat. But weight has almost no effect on your potential to cross the finish line. This finish line is about mental strength and raw determination. Don’t worry about achieving perfect fitness. The more you run ultras, the more your body will adapt to running ultras. Then before you know it, your body will be perfect for…running ultras

I myself is far from having those chiseled abs or a body close to model or godlike, I am just any regular Joe on the street.

2. If I’m running in the back of the pack, I’m in the wrong training group.

Many runners are embarrassed or ashamed to bring up the rear, to the point that they will switch training groups. But I’m not here to impress anyone—I’m here to get better, and I want to do it as fast as possible within my own time limits, In a race or any given race I am my own challenge.

Struggling to keep up with a strong group is how I’ve grown. Fast. I’ve picked up tips and invaluable knowledge that might have taken me years to learn otherwise, and it also keeps me extremely humble. I have ran with people faster and also I have run with people who are just picking up running.

Obviously there’s a limit—you don’t want people waiting forever for you to catch up. But your own common sense and/or pride will prevent you from hitting any extremes. I’m referring to runners who are only a few minutes behind the second-last person, assume the group is too fast for them, and leave.

I want people in front of me, driving me forward. I want to be friends with people who can kick my ass any day of the week, who are better trained, and have more experience. The rewards are far better in last place than in first. There is tremendous opportunity to advance. The day I’m the best runner is the day that I didn’t learn anything.

3. I’m too old to start running ultras.

Age in ultra running means grace, wisdom, and respect. You are admired and consulted for advice. If you watch an older ultra runner, there is a calm and carefree aura around them. It’s like they know every step of every trails, what’s underneath every rock, and the location of every bug.

Their sense of direction is inhumanly sharp, and you get the feeling that if you were to ditch them in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the world, they would run back and ring your doorbell in about a week. Other sports cut you off after a certain age. In this sport, you become a legend.

4. After I finish an ultra, everyone will admire and praise me.

The runners who give off a vibe of “Hey, look at me!” generally don’t stick with ultras. This is because if your goal is social acceptance and praise, there are much easier ways to get it.

When you run a marathon, all your non-running family and friends think you’re a superstar. They might meet you at the finish line, talk about you with pride, and tell you how awesome you are. Come on for crying out loud, why do people want social acceptance when running ultra, like I said in point 2.. we are our own challenge. I race myself to better my time and nothing more.

To me running an Ultra is more like a spiritual journey and pushing my mental ability, I tell my tri group buddies that running ultra is nothing but a few more clicks down the road, and yes they have all signed up for the TMBT 2013. All five of us will be running it and I am so glad.

5. It doesn’t appear that anyone else is struggling as much as I am. I must not belong.

The ultra distance is hard to get your mind around. That’s why people give ultra runners puzzled looks. But once you break down that wall, run your first ultra, run your second ultra, and then realize you’re hooked—all those lies you believed about yourself are exposed. And it’s easier to see yourself as you really are—strong, courageous, and able.

Well anyway Happy New Year again, This weekend bike and run for the first week of the year ! hope you are all having a blast

Train Hard, Race Harder

Death in Triathlon

Death In Triathlon By Holly Bennett via Triathlete Eurpore

It’s a dreaded headline for anyone involved in the sport—”Triathlete’s Death Mars Event,” and it seems all too frequent.

Why are triathletes dying during races? Is the cause avoidable? Furthermore, how do triathlon’s death statistics compare to those of other endurance competitions? And, most importantly, is there something inherent in the sport of triathlon that is responsible for these deaths? After 12 fatalities at sanctioned races in 2011, and several high-profile fatalities in 2012, USA Triathlon initiated an investigation into the 45 competition-related deaths over the 9 years from 2003 to 2011 to answer these questions.

The fact is that strenuous endurance events result in unexpected deaths, sometimes because of electrolyte and water balance issues or because of undiagnosed cardiac problems. But because most deaths have occurred during the swim leg, a popular suspect in the deaths in triathlon as opposed to the marathon has been swimming-induced pulmonary edema (SIPE). SIPE was loosely cited in the media as a possible cause of death for the athlete who perished in Ironman New York this year, an incident not included in USAT’s study.

SIPE is basically a pressure-induced suffocation in which blood seeps from lung capillaries into lung airspace. It’s a condition typically experienced by fit, well-conditioned athletes. It’s thus a possible answer to why some of the deceased have been experienced triathletes, even though we might expect neophytes to be more adversely affected by the swim leg.

The USA Triathlon investigation, however, reported “no clear evidence” that SIPE is the reason behind athlete fatalities. Nor did it “exclude the possibility of a role for SIPE in the victims’ deaths.”

Why the lack of clarity?

There seem to be two problems at work here. First is the inherent problem of diagnosing an individual’s predisposition towards SIPE. What makes one athlete experience it, but not another, is not well understood by the medical community, and is harder to diagnose than cardiovascular pathologies.

So, fine, USAT is not in the medical research business. That makes sense. Our governing body is not here to “cure cancer” so to speak, its role is to ensure the safety of participants and longevity of all things triathlon.

This brings us to the second problem: the investigation was only able to use cursory information about each death it included. Information about victims’ medical histories, autopsy reports, wetsuit details, water conditions during the swim leg, and water temperature was either incomplete or unavailable. Unfortunately for people wanting more answers, these are critical pieces of evidence in assessing SIPE and its known triggers. Without such evidence the report really should only suggest something to the effect of we do not currently have evidence to address SIPE as a cause.

Hopefully no athletes interpreted USAT’s report as reason not to worry about a mysterious condition. If any did, their fears were mistakenly allayed—the reason why triathletes have died is not-SIPE.

After equivocating about SIPE, the USAT investigation report advised racers to stop and seek help if they experience shortness of breath during the swim leg. That is certainly a good start. But athletes should also know that SIPE, because it impairs oxygen intake, will cloud judgment and thought processes (which are already arguably clouded when in one-track-mind race-mode). So, understanding its symptoms prior to competition is really important. Somewhat thankfully, SIPE has been in triathlon conversations long enough that there are a few online resources (here and here are examples).

My intent here is not to split linguistic or methodological hairs. This isn’t a diatribe against USAT, which in fact made an important first step with this investigation.

Instead it’s an exhortation for more work, understanding, and investigation: care should be taken across the board to provide safe race environments as well as accurate information. If the information doesn’t exist, we have compelling reasons to pursue it, through industry and medical research.

Shimano’s Triathlon dedicated Website

Triathlon has been gaining attention over the years and with the help of the Dot M franchise it will only get bigger.

Shimano seize the chance to have a dedicated website just for Triathlon specific and I can foresee them having a dedicated shop just for triathletes. How cool will that be?

Take a look at the font of their webpage.

the website has a feature gallery where you see all the latest happenings for Shimano and you can even link with their Twitter or RSS feed for updates.

Do visit their website at

I click on the page cause I saw CaitSnow.. LOL.. Have a great week ahead

Nike We Run 10K Singapore Post Race Review

Updated: Please check your results from WERUN SG Results 2012 Click Me


20,000 runners pound the streets for Nike We Run SG 2012 last Sunday. This was the Singapore series for Nike We Run 2012.

There will be a total of 32 races compromising a total of 371km for this series.

The event venue was packed when at about 6:30am, Due to the over whelming  participant, the start time have been divided in to two waves which 7:15am was for the first wave & Second wave at 7:30am. That still did not help in the cramping of runners around the start pen.

There was no proper signage or rather too small for the cramped up participants to notice the baggage counter area, It was not only hard to locate but was filled with people cramping for space to deposit their bags at the counter.

Went for the second wave instead as unable to squeeze in for the first wave (too many fast runners I believe).  The second wave was also packed with runners, maybe  next time they should make a third wave instead.

Running route was improvised from the previous runs running through Kallang but this time we run pass Nicoll Highway and made a U-turn back to Republic avenue, F1 put and viola Marina Bay Sands.

Nike created such hype that not only the runners signed up were in the young category, but of all ages. my friends mum, auntie and uncle was running as well.

Along the running route were DJs spinning hard for the perspiring runners motivating them to keep on running, By the 4k marker, many people started to walk plus further more walking on the right side of the route. Inconsiderate.. but better than Nike Goddess where the ladies were all pushing and shoving.  ( Must be something about Nike that gets people all riled up)

Anyway as I have mention the finishing point was at the field beside Marina Bay Sands with some nice view rather than the usual Padang finishing point.

So once again, it comes down to the baggage deposit for collection, it was utterly unorganized,everyone was just  standing in frustration with the long queue. The hot and sweaty moment just didn’t help as well., Only after when there was volunteer ushers started to inform the participants of the queue and organizing the line to speed.

Anyway it was a Run that many enjoyed for sure

Finishing part.

Not bad, addition finisher tee to trade off the usual medal

Nike We Run KL 2012 Finisher's Tee

Overall the event was good, just need some improvements on the baggage part & inform the participants to keep left for slower runners.


  1. New route was fantastic
  2. Entertainment along the way was surely a great booster for all runners
  3. Giving Finisher T as replacement for a Medal was a great Idea.


  1. Should get some bigger area space for the baggage counter movement.
  2. Ushers should be around everywhere to help runners
  3. Luggage deposit area should have proper signage all around.

Do you train with Music ?

This post came about cause I saw @runfairyrun recent blog post on her Salomon X-trail run. One of her picture shows her running with headphones on.

 There is even a certain rule amongst serious runner saying that music and running doesn’t mix, it is what separates the runners and the joggers, and it’s why some Marathon races ban music devices

I would say that using music in my training helps but come race day, the headphones stays in the car cause I still need it to calm my nerves, not that I am going to be doing a 2:20 Marathon but it helps.

An athlete or exerciser whose goal during warm-up is elevating the heart rate to 120 beats per minute should select accompanying music that has a tempo in the range of 80–130 beats per minute. Successive tracks should create a gradual rise in music tempo to match the intended gradual increase in heart rate. Moreover, segments of music can be tailored to various components of training, so that, for example, work time and recovery time are punctuated by music that is alternately fast and loud or slow and soft

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. – Bob Marley

I have tracks for slow runs, speedworks, tempo runs, LSD and emotional runs (don’t ask what that means) .  I have a whole arsenal of Mp3 players but today I usually run with my Blackberry cause I have this EndoMondo app install where it tracks my position, speed and timing average. I have to say its pretty cool cause its bundle in with a player in that app. Will do another review on that software some time soon.

The Columbus Marathon site came out with this running track list which I think is pretty cool, they did a poll on Twitter and Facebook and the below music list was top favorites for most participants.

• Aerosmith – “Walk This Way”
• Bruce Springsteen – “Born To Run”
• Jay-Z – “Run This Town”
• Dixie Chicks – “Ready To Run”
• Flock of Seagulls – “I Ran”
• Katrina and the Waves – “Walking On Sunshine”
• The Proclaimers – “(I Would Walk) 500 Miles”
• Bruno Mars – “Runaway Baby”
• Van Halen – “Running With The Devil”
• Iron Maiden – “Run To The Hills”
• The Ventures – “Walk, Don’t Run”
• Martha Reeves and the Vandellas – “Nowhere to Run”
• The Bangles – “Walk Like An Egyptian”

Did you know that rocking out to music while you run/walk can increase your endurance by 15 % – Tip #9 of the Columbus Marathon

Wanna wish Good luck to all the participant of the Columbus Marathon happening this 21 October 2012

I wanna know your favourite track that you listen to before you go for your run, that is if you do your training with music.

Mines “Stronger by Kanye West”

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