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SwimSafer programme to get $1Million from Manulife Singapore

Singapore, 30 May 2014 – Manulife Singapore becomes the first corporation to sponsor a national water safety programme, as it commits some S$1 million to SwimSafer – an ongoing initiative which imparts children with water safety knowledge and water survival skills. SwimSafer is one of the many activities that come under the umbrella of ActiveSG, a key element of the Vision 2030 sports master plan.

As presenting sponsor for SwimSafer, Manulife Singapore will be working closely with ActiveSG to promote the importance of water safety in the community and inschools over the next three years. On top of its sponsorship of S$900,000, the financial institution will provide additional funding for outreach programmes. Mr Naveed Irshad, President & Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Singapore said, “Manulife has always been a big supporter of sports, both locally and internationally. As a strong, trustworthy and reliable financial services company; Manulife is here to help Singaporeans fulfill their dreams, be it a child who is learning how to swim or our clients, by giving them the financial security and peace of mind to do what they most want to do. We believe that this collaboration will create inroads to the sports industry, and by supporting a programme that is meaningful and aligned with our values.”

True to its commitment, Manulife will be pumping in additional resources to engage students on water safety in a more fun manner. This includes producing special skits and souvenirs, to complement at least 40 outreach programmes conducted by ActiveSG in its sports centres and to schools each year. Over 170 primary schools that participate in SwimSafer annually will stand to benefit from this effort.

Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer, Sport Singapore said, “We are excited to have Manulife on board in sharing our vision and journey towards a safer sporting environment for all. Manulife’s involvement in this national water safety programme is a testament of the company’s commitment to the people of Singapore and to partnering us to enable all to Live Better Through Sport.”

 SwimSafer programme was first introduced in March 2010 as the only national water safety programme. It replaced the Learn-To-Swim Programme (LTSP) and the National Survival Swimming Award (NASSA). SwimSafer is carried out at all 25 ActiveSG swimming complexes island-wide, and the programme has certified over 80,000 students to date.

Raleigh Round Island Challenge 2014

Do you like adventure racing? Do you like swimming in crystal clear water? how about participating in a Charity event? If you answer Yes to all I am very sure this event in Malaysia will be of interest to you.

Being an avid adventure racers myself (sadly not many such races these days) I saw Tristupe tweeted about a Raleigh Round Island Challenge and first thing that came to my mind was AAADDDVEEEENNTTTUUURREE race.

A Raleigh expedition is not just for life. It is a way of life.

Making a difference 
As a charity, Raleigh raises funds to make its expeditions the best possible experience for the volunteers and the local communities. In this role, Raleigh acts as a catalyst for change, bringing local communities together, sometimes for the first time as one team and giving them the resources and motivation to achieve sustainable development. To do this Raleigh works in partnership with local communities, non-governmental organisations and governments in the host countries, following the Millennium Development Goals where it can.

The challenges
From the very first expedition Raleigh was founded on 4 challenges:

1. Being Selected
2. Raising Funds
3. Going for Expedition
4. Contributing Locally

It is these challenges that make Raleigh special. Our values of discovery, courage, drive and integrity have come from the heart and we believe in them and live them in all we do.

Date: 9-11th May 2014
Requirements: 4 team members to swim a relay of 15km to be completed in 10 hours around Perhentian Island (There should always be 2 members kayaking and another two swimming at all times during the race,switching roles is allowed at alternative checkpoints.) Knowing how to swim is a must.
Fees: RM 350 per team member (Includes 3D2N stay on island, return transport from KL-Perhentian, insurance coverage, Marine Park fees, food, medal, and event t-shirt). This made the fee per team to be RM1400.00
Below is the link to their Facebook page. All updates are done mainly through there.
Registration link can also be found at the following:
For any inquiries from the public, they can do so by dropping a message at
They are also recruiting volunteers to come help out during the event day itself. Those who are interested can drop  an email titled ‘Raleigh RIC: Volunteer’ at the same email mentioned above.
Looking at the race registration fees and all its logistic that has been put into this race, I have to say that RM350/member for a team of 4 is really reasonable.  Remember this total fee includes lodging, food, transport, medals.. etc.. what more can you ask for)
If you are an avid racer and strong swimmer I believe this challenge will be a good one for you as it incorporates kayaking as well as swimming.
So if you are interested, do sign up on the link provided, any questions you have do not contact or contact them at the FB page.

The Sale Worth Waiting for (MEGA EXPO SALE)

Do you have a habit where you will specifically target  factory/warehouse sale? or a sale that you have to go. I use to target the computer peripheral on every quarter of the year, attending them without fail, but as the year goes by I lost interest, Let me list down all the four in no correct order for each quarter.

  1. PC Show
  2. SITEX
  3. COMEX
  4. IT Show

And for sporting equipment I will target only three major brands that I always use.

  1. Saucony Warehouse Sale (taken over by RSH)
  2. New Balance Factory Sale
  3. TYR Factory Sale (usually at Kilang Barat)
  4. lastly the one that I WILL NEVER MISS after getting my super deals on Salomon / Mizuno and Columbia shoes is the MEGA EXPO SALE by World of Sports

Seriously this is one sale worth going for and many friends have agreed, even my friends from Malaysia will time their holiday just to come for this Sale, I KID you not.

I have to say when World Of Sport is on SALE, they really go on SALE, running shoes are my guilty pleasure and I have to admit I kinda buy shoes every month (sort of my addiction)

World Of Sport Sale

Yes, thats me at the World of Sports Sale back in 2012, yup I got 3 Salomon shoes while my lil sis got the other 3 pair, and mind you thats only shoes, I have not counted the apparels and accessories such as bags and caps etc..

So when is this sale you ask me? its gonna be this Friday 29th November to 1st December 2013 from 10am to 10pm at EXPO Hall 4

Do check out their FB @ World of Sports MEGA EXPO

Last year I made a mistake by going on the second day and late in the night thinking of wanting to beat the crowd, BAD MISTAKE most shoes were snapped up and only odd size were available. NOT THIS YEAR .. I am bringing my shield and sword to fight out the crowd. If you guys are heading down on the first day at the opening time you will definitely see me there.

Do drop me a tweet or comment if you are going

 PS: a little insider info just for my readers, Salomon S-Lab XT 5 going for $109 instead of $259 and the XT Hornet going for $69 instead of $159 (HOW CRAZY IS THAT)





TYR National Day SALE

Bringing you guys some good deals, It’s a long weekend and you might want to check out the beach with some new swimwear and where’s a better place than to acquire new swimming gear other than TYR warehouse sale happening this Thursday at Kewalram house. Lots of accessories up for grabs as well.

Event Details:

Date: 08 August 2013 – 11 August 2013
Time: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Venue: 8 Jalan Kilang Timor #03-01, Kewalram House

TYR Sale

Swimming Goggle Kayenne Aqua Sphere

TYR goggles was my always my first choice in the swimming pool, pronounced as (Tah-Yer), but I usually just call them T-Y-R when I need to buy one from the departmental store, this is because when I pronounce them, the sales person would go What? you can buy them at the car shop, so its easier just to say T-Y-R, just so you know TYR is named after the Norse god of victory (Tier)

Today I wont be reviewing about TYR products but more Aquasphere, This brand has been around since 1998 and has been making waves around the triathlon world,  I went online did some reading on it but nothing much on its website beside their usual product description and all.

The Aquasphere range of goggles are not your usual goggles as it they made them into this odd shape lens or so I thought, recently I got myself the Aqua Sphere Kayenne because my trusty TYR goggles is leaking and fogging up on me

So here is what I think of it after a couple of months using it in the pool.

The goggles had all the Italian style from where it came from, even the packaging it came  was cool, it was packed in a hard, reusable case which keeps the googles from getting scratch in the swim bag.

Fit/Comfort: When I first put the Kayenne on, It felt that it was made to fit my face, I am sure it has something to do with the design, the fit is comfortable and adjusting these goggles to the right fit was the EASIEST thing I have ever felt before, All the tugging and pulling of your google strap is a thing of the past with the Kayenne as it has this button on both side where you just push and adjust to the proper sizing.

Aquasphere Kayenne IsaacLoo

Seal: The seal fits great, once adjusted to my contour of my face, I will usually give it one more push at the bridge to make it seal tighter, Once I’ve had them adjusted properly, they seal just nice and tight. I hadn’t have too much issue with leaks but I did face a slight leak whenever I push off the wall (with excess force) but should be no problem if it is in OWS.

Clarity/Fogging: This goggles are beautiful to begin with for its 180 degree view, the clarity on the smoked lens that I have bought is just crystal clear.  The tint was just about right to be used in any light condition even in the evening setting sun. I am sure they are very versatile in all sorts of light condition . There was no fogging issue even when I have them on for the whole session and in between breaks.

Negative : I only found that this goggles strap moved when I placed it over my head, but that’s about it, maybe I am too rough when it comes to placing the goggle over my swim cap.

Isaac’s 2 Cents Worth:

The good: Goggles fit to a T and it feels like you have no goggles on. Its really comfortable and the 180degree view is just perfect for OWS or in a crowded pool , goggle design are very stunning.

The bad:  My strap moved when wearing them over my swim cap but that should be no problem with the release button to adjust it again.

I can’t wait to try their other range out, but I am so attracted to the Kayenne for its functionality and looks. If you are looking to buy goggles to replace, I highly recommend this to you.

Tri Factor Swim Challenge

Swim drills, swim session and swim post has been popping up on my blog recently, did the swimming craze hit me? did King Neptune came into my dream and told me to swim more often? none of those of course,  it is because I have registered myself on 12 of May for the Tri Factor Swim challenge.

Tri Factor includes all the three elements of Triathlon before their full Triathlon even which will be held later in the year. I actually encouraged this as its like a lead up to the actual event, coming in the Month of May the swim event will take place, then in July it will be the bike session, and then run and then full OD.

You can have only so much Triathlon event in Singapore in a Year, even if they have 50 events I don’t think I want to be doing all of them cause its always the same ole same ole.

Just sharing this cute infograph that I had received from Tri Factor reminding people to join the Swim Event this May. Have fun and Stay safe readers.

isaacloo swim infographic

Why you should learn the Backstroke for Triathlon?

I have always head to the pool doing laps after laps with 80% of front crawl and 20% breast stroke all the time, I am not sure if it was the best way to train as I am only improving those few muscle group.  I was a club swimmer, training with the boys doing 50m freestyle competition but never got to signing up for one, have friends who are on the national squad but never took any swim tips from them.

Since I am doing triathlons and Ironman for the love of it, when it comes to the swim part I can tell you,I am definitely not fast even after so many swim sessions, ,sessions after sessions my time never seem to improve. I also never used other strokes like the backstroke or butterfly, never wondered why I need the them for, this conversation between speedy @trimeon and coach @felog in my feed were conversing about backstroke got me  intrigued.  I went all out and in search for the missing piece to understand why a backstroke was needed in our training session

Twitter Feed Elieen and Felog

Twitter Feed Elieen and Felog

So what happens now is that, I am gonna put in post some backstroke drills that I am gonna use and try on my next swim session..

The backstroke is easy to learn and helpful to triathletes for multiple reasons. It counteracts swimmer’s “shoulder slouch” by engaging upper-back muscles and lengthening pectorals, it can provide an opportunity to calm breathing or clear goggles during an open-water swim and it breaks up monotony in the pool. Plus, kicking while on your back serves as good cross-training for major cycling muscles such as the hip flexors, core and quads.

Try these sets: 

• 4×75 with 15 seconds rest (25 free/25 back/25 free)
• 1×600 [4x(100 freestyle strong effort/50 backstroke easy)]
• 8×50 on 1:15 (25 back/25 free) descend time 1-4, 5-8

Five technique tips:

1. Tilt chin up and look at the sky. This puts head and spine in good alignment. Do not look toward your toes, as it causes hips to sink.

2. Push hips toward the surface and maintain a steady up and down flutter kick. Keep feet just below the surface of the water. Do not rotate feet with the rest of body.

3. Hands exit the water thumb first and enter the water pinky first. This requires a slight wrist and shoulder rotation as a straight arm moves through the air.

4. Arms enter the water straight up from shoulders and do not cross the center line overhead. Swimming backstroke in a straight line is difficult without following pool lines. Keep zigzags to a minimum with consistent arm placement.

5. The key to backstroke is good upper-body rotation with a motionless head. Try to roll your left shoulder to your chin as the right pinky enters the water and vice versa

drills taken from Triathlete Competitor By Sara McLarty

How to Swim Faster ? Part 2

this is the continuation of  “How to Swim Faster?”  from the first part.  If you just dropped in, please go to “How to Swim Faster” Part 1

Principle #4: Swimming More on Your Sides

The first way to improve propulsion is to roll more from side to side with each arm stroke. Rolling more on your sides allows you to better engage the large back muscles in addition to the shoulder muscles. However, spending more time on your side  is unusual at first and needs some getting used to.

Principle #5: Using Your Core

This is another secret of how to swim faster. You should engage the large back, hip and torso muscles while rolling from side to side. The synergy between your core muscles and arm muscles allows you to apply more force to your swim stroke.

It is a little bit like a baseball pitcher when he throws the ball: first his body twists backward, then his hips initiate a rotation forward which is channeled through his upper body into his shoulder, arm, hand and finally into the ball, with an acceleration at each step.

Once you have integrated this technique, you will be able to swim longer and faster and tire less quickly, as your core muscles have more endurance than the ones in your shoulders and arms.

Principle #6: Anchoring Your Arms

This is the last piece of the puzzle on how to swim faster with less effort. Before applying any force on your propulsive arm, you need to make sure that your hand and forearm are aligned and facing backward. You can then effectively move your arm backward like big paddle.

This swimming technique is often called the “high elbow catch” in the freestyle stroke because you need to keep your elbow high in relationship to your wrist to be able to successfully do this.

Hope you have enjoyed the two part series of the “How to Swim Faster”