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Guinness World Record for Most Indoor Skydiving Backflip at iFly Sentosa

You Fly, We Fly, Everyone FLy at iFLy Sentosa Singapore, I manage to witness one of the most exciting thing in indoor skydiving a few days back and that was to watch not 1 but a couple of Guinness World Record being broken right before my eyes. It was really amazing to witness such a spectacular event and no wonder people gawk in awe when GWR certificate is being handed out ( I for sure am one of them) Why gawk you ask ?

Cause those certs are HUGE and I want one of them in my living room, but I am not sure what crazy stuff I can do to get one, maybe for sleeping the longest period of time ?  I think I can easily break that and or maybe not showering ? that should be easy.. heck even PSY has it (for the most liked clip on Youtube)

Psy with world record

Well, anyway back to the iFly Guinness World Records attempt at breaking the most somersault (backflip) by 11 year old Kyra Poh and 12 year old Choo Yi Xuan, when I arrived I saw them practicing for one of the attempt and they has this bubbly, ever smiling attitude when I was recording.  They were also interviewed before their attempt and there you can see Yi Xuan in the blue suit and Kyra in yellow


I manage to capture both girls at their attempt breaking event, did they manage to break the World Record ? watch the video to find out.

here is the clip of Kyra attempting to break the record which stands at 40, watch it to see if she can break the most somersault in 60seconds (bite nails)

And this is Yi Xuan at her attempt and boy was she fast


Ok those girls broke it like they own it. Kyra did a total of 67 somersaults and man that sure is a dizzy one, just looking at them go makes me go all light headed. so CONGRAT to the girls and also iFly for hosting this event.

Some Fun Fact of the Singapore iFly

  • At a height of 56.5ft and width of 16.5ft, iFly Singapore is one of the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulators.
  •  iFly Singapore is the only wind tunnel that offers flyers an unparalleled view of the South China Sea and a nightly firework display from the nearby Songs of the Sea.
  •  The entire body flight facility is themed like an airport terminal and offers a consumer flight journey unlike any other wind tunnel.
  • iFly Singapore is safe, affordable and feels like the real deal.
  • More than SGD25 million has been invested to make iFly Singapore a truly first-of-its-kind and state-of-the-art body flight facility and attraction

Did you know?

  • Anyone from first timers to professional flyers, ranging from seven to 106 years old can fly!
  • The stainless steel elastic net at the base of the wind tunnel is strong enough to hold two adult elephants (or 200 people of 100kgs each)!
  • The usual body flight wind speed ranges from 160 to 190 kilometres per hour, but the four fans weighing in at a whopping seven tonnes each can produce airspeeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour, faster than the average speed of an F1 car.
  • 20 professional flyers can be accommodated at any one time.
  • It is not only fun and accelerating, but a full body workout. Forget the hours in the gym and boring old crunches for fabulously toned abs

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But before you go check out this cool advert by iFly Singapore

iFly the Isaac edition will be up shortly, sharing his experience and disappointment, All that and his 2 cents worth at his holistic experience taking on the iFly