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The North Face 100

Last weekend was crazy,It was the week for Ironman World championship and the TNF100 race which was held on the 13th of October, surely I did not participated for Kona but I sure did run for the TNF100.

My blog post held a poll a week before to see if my readers would run if they were injured. So I was waiting for the result to see if I were to run for this race and the results were as below, Thank you all for voting

I was surprise that the “No” result jumped 20% in the last two days, but luckily it did not deter me from running, but if it was the majority, I would just be the official photographer on that day watching my training buddies run their trail run. So here I am at the starting line with the 25k runners

The amount of trail runners sure have increased over the years

Benny New Kicks (he got it only 3 days before) but hey its a Saucony TR Kinvara

We before the run, looking fresh and carrying the required water weight. 1.5l for 25km run. Just so you know I did not train at all or even run for over a month  for this 25km so please do not laugh at my finishing timing.

I love the trails as it gives challenges and not just a straight monotonous road, trails enables us to concentrate on what is below our feet, if you switch off for 10 sec you surely gonna trip and fall. My injury was cause I was running at speed and a root was protruding from the ground and my feet his 90degrees and I heard a loud crack and it have not recovered ever since.

the 25k route was a little different from last year but it still had the same elements of torturing us through the hot sun with the open field every year pictured here, I call it the Energy Lab of Macritchie, If you do watch Ironman World Championship, you would know about the infamous Energy Lab where there is no cover from the sun and just plain open road but in this case open field.


Well I notice that I was trying to catch up at KM12 if you look at the endomondo map carefully, It was the fastest lap of the day, I told my self if only I could just do a negative split, but it never happened.

Nevertheless we all finished in good time (except for me) but I do not feel disheartened cause it was just 30min slower than last year.

No doubt my 100km races have all been shelved, I will still press on and start my clocking my mileage once my foot is healed. So far its 80% healed. Can’t wait to pound the street again (trails included)

Special shout out to Jayve for winning 3rd Place in her category.of the TNF15k Awesome much … see ya in the trails.

(Pic of J. taken from her FB page)

Till next year again. I have rounded the boys to participate the 50km and I hope they will do it.

If you want to know your results please visit

or just wanting to browse for hot bods and hot babes in trail gears do check out the TNF Facebook page

The North Face 100 Race Pack

The North Face 100® wants you to run further than you ever have in 2012!


(Pic courtesy of

Promoting the genuine spirit of exploration since its kick-start in 2008, The North Face 100® has become the most well-received and anticipated distance trail running series of seven Asia Pacific countries in its fifth year: Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Australia, Singapore and Japan. Whether you are an aspiring trail running beginner or a seasoned racer looking for new challenges, unparalleled experience is offered in each competition of this region’s largest trail running series.

Break all boundaries and Never Stop ExploringTM.

Singapore 13 Oct 2012
Other Asia-Pacific Country/Area
Feb 03-05 Thailand
Apr 15 Taiwan
Apr 20-21
May 12 China
May 19-20 Australia
May 19-21 Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji
US Endurance Events
May 05-06 Bear Mountain, NY – Trail
Jun 02-03 Washington DC – Trail
Sep 15-16 Madison, WI – Trail
Oct 13-14 Atlanta, GA – Trail
Nov 17 Kansas City, MO – Road
Dec 01-02 San Francisco, CA – Trail

Race Pack Collection at Novena: Velocity Mall

As usual the race pack collection is held one week before the race, and as usual I will give my low down on the goodies given to participants. After my usual weekend swim I headed down to Novena at about 2pm hoping that there wont be any crowd and true enough there wasn’t any.

The North Face

If you notice the registration staff is wearing the ultra bright neon green race t. I was asking the guy in the pic, lets swap T when he is done cause I wanted the neon green cause I do run a fair bit in the night and it would be very helpful for me. (the color reminds me of Saucony ViziPro)

The North Face

This was the first time, the race map was printed full page on the race booklet, if you can see the person holding it. 100k, 50k, 25k and the 15k all clearly indicated in it. Not sure how accurate it would be.

So whats in the Bag you ask ?

  1. Menshealth Magazine
  2. Suunto brochures
  3. Active discount vouchers
  4. SFI Warehouse brochure
  5. TNF100 race directory
  6. TNF100 race course Map

The North Face

Useful stuff

  1. Gu Chomps
  2. Active muscle rub
  3. Jacob “Original” biscuit
  4. Viartril-S 500 capsules
  5. 2 Toms Blister prevention
  6. SingGourmet “Ready Made Rendang Sauce” (not what I expect in a TNF100 race pack)

The North Face

The only highlight of the race pack and saviour was the Running T and Race Bib, which I deem is pretty much decent.

Race Bib, 100km 50km, Ultra

Unbreakable at Western State 100 mile endurance run.

Are you into Trail Running? Well if you are, you definitely heard of the 4 kings of Trail running, if not I have listed them below:

1) Killian Jornet

2) Hal Koerner

3) Geoff Roes

and my favourite

4) Anton Krupicka whom I got the honors to run with, when he was in Singapore a while back  (read the post here)

and now imagine this, as (more…)