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COMPRESSPORT Run & Trail Shorts Review

CompressportWho doesn’t like a running shorts in fancy packaging, cool fabric in names I can’t even pronounce and best of all, Made in the beautiful country of Switzerland, if you have not been there I have to tell you the scenery is just outright gorgeous and not to mention the people are very nice, sadly I am no where near that place and the closest I will ever get is the product made from Swizterland and here I have with me Compressport Ultra Trail Shorts and its review.

Out of the box, I have to think it looks WAY ridiculous for a running tights, it is so high waisted and it goes all the way down to knee length (there is a reason for this), it is made of airy breathable mesh, with a back pocket  that allows water evaporation and dries quickly. Thanks to its specific design, there is zipper or other closing system that might be damaged, just a reachable pocket that will close like a pocket when you put it on

CompressportWhat really amazes me is that when out of the box it feels like your just holding nothing but a piece of cloth (ok literally speaking there) but it weighs a mere 99gm and COMPRESSPORT®  can proudly boast that it makes the lightest true compression trail running shorts ever made

Remember I said really high ridiculous waisted and extremely lengthy size till the knee, well this gives us a complete coverage of the lower abdominals, the glute, the hamstrings, and the quads basically overall compression, It creates this posture when you put it on that it actually straighten you out your posture when you run, I wear it so high that the waist band is right below my chest. (No pic for this as I would consider it obscene to show..LOL)

The inside of the high waist is ringed with a silicone overlay that’s designed to create friction between the shorts and your skin to prevent movement and sagging. I have been wearing it for about a month now for my runs and you can see some of the silicon has dropped out.

Compressport CompressportAdditionally, there are several silicone overlays on the outside of the thighs – words, circles, and swishes and they have a reason for that, it is just not any fancy shamcy prints to show off their product but they are designed to give you a friction-ed place to put your hands when you’re climbing uphill. (so smart)

The seams are flat and strategically placed to avoid crotch-chafing issues. The short is unisex and come in four sizes that you fit yourself into based upon the circumference of your upper and lower quads. As for sizing I do suggest you head down to talk to your retailer as getting the wrong fit will not maximize your experience on this wonderful shorts

Compressport Compressport

Isaac’s 2cents Worth

So how do I find the product and if it is worth the price? (it is one of the highly priced trail running shorts out there), the short is wonderfully made with thoughts of the runners, in Singapore we have climate that melts rocks and cook eggs on pavement so the fabric helps a lot in keeping moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it, even when excessive. It kept me dry all throughout the trail runs

I keep coming back to the ridiculously high waist because I have to admit I have a long torso but short legs so putting this on reminds me Urkle of Family Matters but I ain’t as cool as him, so what happen when it is that high waisted? it creates this protection around the waist and thus creating this comfort when you run, It acts like a band to absorb the impact from the back areas which is prone to fatigue and I have been on runs longer than 20km in these shorts and it work wonders (like magic)

Compression shorts are made to compress your muscle and the compression on this shorts are tight but not overly tight, the first time I put it on I felt as if I was being strangled by my legs but after a run it just feels right, the support it gives to my quads was like extra hands pushing me up the climbs, everything just feels right

Well no product is every perfect and the bad thing I find from this product is that the silicon tends to drop/fade when I have worn it for a few times and also the price, If these babies are on sale I would definitely grab em without a doubt, but if it’s not I would still buy them a pair at a time till I have worn them out.

there will be more product reviews coming up and thanks for checking my review out, do drop me a comment of email if you want to know of a sports apparel of shoes that you want to be reviewed, If I can find the time I will check it out.

Cycling Compressport

New Balance Fresh Foam TRAIL First Impression

When it comes to trail running there are many brands out there in the market but trail runners have always been very loyal to the brands which they have long gotten used to, but this time round New Balance is breaking the monotonous trail shoe scene with their new innovation and ideas which is not short of creativity.

This shoe I am talking about is the Fresh Foam 980 Trail by New Balance. New Balance Trail

This shoe strikes a similar resemblance to the regular Fresh Foam  that I have reviewed in the past and coming out of the box, I thought they had given me a brand new FF980 in just a different colorway but in fact ….

taking a closer looks, you can see that there are slight difference in the material on the upper to the midsole, If you take a closer look at the tongue is has the new Gusseted tongue which helps keep the trail debris out

New Balance Trail

The most obvious change with the Fresh Foam trail will be its jagged sole featuring really deep grooves, look at pic 3 and you will understand how sharp these bi-directional grooves are, I tried washing it with my sponge and guess what I need to do with the sponge after, It was literally shredded to bits (don’t try washing FF980 trail  with a sponge please, it will die a horrible death)

New Balance Trail new Balance Trail New Balance Trail

Having tried the NB 980 Trail at the Henderson Parks trails and exposing it to the mud and harsh surface that it has to offer. This shoe still feel as if you are running on a grippy cushioned pillow which allows for much needed traction on the up slopes as well on the down. This shoes sure has the edge (no pun intended) on the regular FreshFoam because when your running on pavement it also acts pretty much like the original Fresh Foam when it first launched but most definitely I do not recommend running on pavement as  it will chew your soles off if you do so, but if you do I am sure it will be able to take on the road as well.

This shoe provides much support and will not roll your feet inwards or outwards with the given height it has which is a 4mm drop, the one thing I don’t like is the material on its upper to midsole, it provides a false sense of Goretex water proof, I tried dripping water on it and it just went through.

DSC_2119 DSC_2120 DSC_2121 DSC_2122 DSC_2123

This shoe weighs 291 grams (10.3 oz) for size US 8.5 and if you are looking for something comfortable and different from your regular stiff and hard trail shoes, try out the all new Fresh Foam 980 Trail for cushioned ride in the trail.  I don’t recommend this shoe for racing but more of running the trails on a leisurely or training runs because of it’s comfort it gives.

If you have fallen in love with the Fresh Foam series just like I did, I am sure this will be an interesting addition to your Fresh Foam collection. If you have like this review please do give me a like or comment below if you want to know anything about how the shoes run.

Isaac’s 2 Cents Worth


  1. Following it’s Fresh Foam roots, this shoe remains plush and true
  2. The Jagged Bi-directional edge soles give you exceptional grip on the trails
  3. The new gusseted helps keep those pesky pebbles and sands out


  1. Toebox feels a bit cramped
  2. Sole does not runs well on pavement
  3. New upper material feels synthetic instead of the true NB soft feel (but this is because it is in all NB Trail range)

Fresh Foam 980 Trail retails for SGD $169 and is available at all New Balance Store. Colorway may differ as they change from season.


The North Face 100 Singapore (Registration)

The North Face 100® wants you to run further than you ever have in 2014!

Promoting the genuine spirit of exploration since its kick-start in 2008, The North Face 100® has become the most well-received and anticipated distance trail running series in the region. Whether you are an aspiring trail running beginner or a seasoned racer looking for new challenges, unparalleled experience is offered in each competition of this region’s largest trail running series.

Break all boundaries and Never Stop Exploring™.

To register your interest please click on —-> Register Me <—-

For more information about races in the region, please go to The North Face 100 

Date: Fri 10th – Sat 11th October 2014
(100km flag-off will be on Fri 10th Oct and 50km/25km/13km flag-offs on Sat 11th Oct)

Race Category Early Bird Rate
Now – 30 June 2014
Normal Rate
1 July – 7 Sept 2014
100km – Open category Men & Women) $290 $320
50km – Open category (Men & Women) $90 $110
25km – Open category (Men & Women) $70 $90
13km – Open category (Men & Women) $55 $70
Race Categories Flag Off Time* Cut Off Time
100km Friday – PM 18 Hours
50km Saturday – AM 9 Hours
25km Saturday – AM 4.5 Hours
13km Saturday – AM 2.5 Hours


Venue: TBA

Do take note that Finisher medals will only be given to those who complete within the cut off time.



Born Survivor – Mud, Sweat & Fear (Registration)

Born Survivor (1)

What is Born Survivor

Born Survivor is not a race – it is a test of character, teamwork and valour.

Your mission is to push yourself to the limit tackling the ultimate military obstacle course designed by British Royal Marines Commandos.

You will be put through your paces as you stampede over, under and through a series of military style obstacles set in 10k of brutal & unforgiving Lake District terrain.

Dare to take on this adventure and you need to be prepared to display courage, determination and a stiff upper lip to beat the challenge.We encourage teamwork and even if you don’t enter as a team we hope you will assist your fellow Survivors in completing the course. Never leave a Soldier behind – that’s the British Army way – also the Born Survivor way.

Born Survivor (isaac976)

Born Survivor is not your average trail run. This will be tough. This will be a test. This may break you. You will need to be physically fit and mentally prepared to cope with the challenges and endure the suffering. Expect mud, expect hills, expect water, don’t expect gimmicks – this course is the sort of challenge the British Army face in their training every day.

To Register your interest do click on : REGISTER ME FOR BORN SURVIVOR 

Or visit the Webpage at : Born Survivor Webpage

Lowther Castle
CA10 2HH
United Kingdom

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Follow them on Twitter : @BornSurvivorUK

PCC Specialized Presidential Ride 2013 (Registration)

Updated 5 Nov 2014: some say the link is not working, I have check and this is the link for the registration REGISTER ME

This is BACK, OMG this is back (squealing like a girl)… the PCC 60k X-Country Ride

I missed doing the PCC ride, it has been ages since they emerge, and it seems that recently many things have been rekindling my love from my past, like my recent ride to Genting Sempah and now this, I have just been discussing about this with Jason when I was with him yesterday and he mentioned that he will be doing it if it returns. Well Jason time to redeem yourself and finish the god damm ride, he didn’t manage to complete the course as I think he was held back by the hundreds of riders. If you want to read about my experience and the many hundreds of MTB riders, you can click here (Proton Presidential Ride) . It was a real fun and it was all good.

but looking at that date I dont think I can get a MTB by that time, lets see I can manage to build up a hard-tail by then.  If you are interested in registering for this event please click on PCC Registration

Well if you dont register for this, you will have to wait for another 2 years. A little blue bird told me that. So be quick.. this event sells out quick

ride ads

Event Name: PCC Specialized Presidential Ride 2013
Date: 08.12.2013
Price: RM60.00 per person
Location: Semenyih, Selangor (actual location TBC) | Map and Directions
Dennis Soh +6016.212.2696
James Bak +6012.222.1200
Adrian Chan +6012.213.2188

HomeTeamNS New Balance Real Run 2012 Review

90% Mental 100% Real… oh it was REAL alright, 21st Oct marks the date for the Home Team NS RealRun.

The weather was forgiving and there was a slight drizzle and cloudy overcast for a couple of hours

The road closure starts at 6am from Changi road and if you didnt know it was a 3km walk from the nearest carpark , or from from where I have parked, even with a media vehicle pass, I was barred from going in (I didnt see a problem as I am not the masses and it was only going to be one vehicle going in and it does not disrupt the race)  So walk I did.. rules are rules

The long walk in …if you notice the lamp post in the pic it was the long stretch in to the Start point.

While I was walking in , 21k top leading runner was on the run on the opposite side.

While walking in also I saw Shan running his 21k with a very good pace …

and after 20mins, I was still walking .. if you notice the amount of runners heading to the start matches the amount of runners coming out, It was due to the organisers stopped the shuttle bus service from 6.15am already.. BAD BAD BAD Organizing .. I was hoping to catch the shuttle bus while walking in but really no luck.  (There is a reason why Sundown organizers moved out from this place) cause runners who come after road closure have to walked all the way in. .. and then OUT !

While walking in, I could hear all the boo-boos of the organisers this year, what is happening guys ? Last year was alright .. but you sure did SCREWD UP your system this time.

Heard something about extension of the race pack collection (people not being notified) that is why they have extension for those that have not collected their racepack. (Get your act together guys)

Let’s Make Excellent Happen (New Balance) There was a small expo going on where New Balance showcase their shoes and even have a photo competition all you have to do is go into Instagram and tag your photo #NewBalanceSG (my submission is the one below)

The Race started on time for both category (very prompt I have to say) . The mood created by the DJ and the emcee was very good as music was blasting and pumping the atmosphere this morning. Runners was all PSYched up with GANGNAM style playing as well.

Pretty much a strong crowd as always for Real Run as there are many runners that would love to transition to trail but still wondering if they should. I say DO IT !!

Anyway check out the below video if today winning runner.

Video of the Winning Runner crossing the Line

Winner of 21k

Check out the winner of the 21k for this year, He did the run in only 1hr, truly that is an insane speed.. if you notice the video below, the clocked changed to 7mins, something sure did went crazy.. I also heard many problems with the 10k timing.

The following video is the previous year winner, which won the event at a time of 1hr 08min, This new winner BLEW him by 8 mins

Saw a couple of friends along the way.

Anica and Mag (hubbie was running his first 10k)

Zu and Jun (A couple runs together stays together)

J aka GrannyFartB0X  and gang

Ed and Gis (Another lovely couple team)

As for me I have me and myself to run with.. #Foreveralone

Oh not forgetting the REAL RUN MEDAL

So before I head off, here is my 2cent worth of Home TeamNS New Balance Real Run 2012


  1. The water point was adequate ( Despite no cheering squad the water boys was high spirited, THANK YOU GUYS)
  2. The new route was great
  3. Medal was pretty impressive (Keep up the good work guys)


  1. Water ponding along the route (can’t be help as there was heavy rain the day before)
  2. Medal and finisher T collection was brought out of the hall and into open.
  3. Shuttle Bus system was not adequate and timing should be fix to later
  4. Heard from J, that there was a time keeping problem (I can’t confirm on this) but I am sure the time clock screwed up, just check my video till the end.

Till then … enjoy your races everyone. See you at the next race

As I always say “Train Hard, Race Harder”

HomeTeamNS New Balance Real Run Race Pack Review

Singapore Runners will know that this weekend on the 21st, there will be three running event held concurrently  Real Run by HomeTeamNS, Nike Run and the Passion North Run.

Guess which one I will be attending… DUH !!

Last year I also have attended this run as the organisers invited me over. It was a blast and I have done Real Run for 4 years in row, for me running Real Run is like a transition from Road to Trail minus the hard core tree roots and stuff.

Real Run has gravel and sand and road all thrown into the course. So I can tell you that if you are running a 50min 10k don’t expect it to be the same.

Here is my review on the Race Pack as usual

Stuff that is (erm) Recyclable

  1.  Soleus 15% discount voucher
  2. New Balance 25% voucher
  3. Something that looked like a CONDOM BOX (YOSH !!!!) but then looking at it carefully it was a deck of cards on being a good Dad by DADS4Life.
  4. Some Citibank card form
  5. 100plus promotion , advert .. etc..etc..

Stuff That We can Use

  1. Jacob Biscuit
  2. some Muscular Balm (really stink smelled strong)
  3. Rollerball pen that has a scroll like message in the centre
  4. whats a Pen to write on but a NOTEPAD , so thoughtful of them.

Well there you have it whats inside my REAL RUN goodie bag.  (OH WAIT)

I was given a NB Shirt which I will adorn on that day, am not showing it now cause its not the official RealRun Tshirt.

Good luck all you runners and gimme a pat when you see me.

I am only running 10k cause of my injury.

The North Face 100

Last weekend was crazy,It was the week for Ironman World championship and the TNF100 race which was held on the 13th of October, surely I did not participated for Kona but I sure did run for the TNF100.

My blog post held a poll a week before to see if my readers would run if they were injured. So I was waiting for the result to see if I were to run for this race and the results were as below, Thank you all for voting

I was surprise that the “No” result jumped 20% in the last two days, but luckily it did not deter me from running, but if it was the majority, I would just be the official photographer on that day watching my training buddies run their trail run. So here I am at the starting line with the 25k runners

The amount of trail runners sure have increased over the years

Benny New Kicks (he got it only 3 days before) but hey its a Saucony TR Kinvara

We before the run, looking fresh and carrying the required water weight. 1.5l for 25km run. Just so you know I did not train at all or even run for over a month  for this 25km so please do not laugh at my finishing timing.

I love the trails as it gives challenges and not just a straight monotonous road, trails enables us to concentrate on what is below our feet, if you switch off for 10 sec you surely gonna trip and fall. My injury was cause I was running at speed and a root was protruding from the ground and my feet his 90degrees and I heard a loud crack and it have not recovered ever since.

the 25k route was a little different from last year but it still had the same elements of torturing us through the hot sun with the open field every year pictured here, I call it the Energy Lab of Macritchie, If you do watch Ironman World Championship, you would know about the infamous Energy Lab where there is no cover from the sun and just plain open road but in this case open field.


Well I notice that I was trying to catch up at KM12 if you look at the endomondo map carefully, It was the fastest lap of the day, I told my self if only I could just do a negative split, but it never happened.

Nevertheless we all finished in good time (except for me) but I do not feel disheartened cause it was just 30min slower than last year.

No doubt my 100km races have all been shelved, I will still press on and start my clocking my mileage once my foot is healed. So far its 80% healed. Can’t wait to pound the street again (trails included)

Special shout out to Jayve for winning 3rd Place in her category.of the TNF15k Awesome much … see ya in the trails.

(Pic of J. taken from her FB page)

Till next year again. I have rounded the boys to participate the 50km and I hope they will do it.

If you want to know your results please visit

or just wanting to browse for hot bods and hot babes in trail gears do check out the TNF Facebook page