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Training Alone v. Training with a Group

Is it better to train by yourself or with a group? Well, it depends on what works well for you and your schedule, as well as your general preferences. Below I list a number some pros and cons of training alone as well as training with a group.

Training Alone

  • Your training is designed specifically for you in terms of how it’s structured, training paces, and overall volume.
  • Your training will always revolve around your schedule, not someone else’s.
  • On a day when you’re feeling particularly good or bad, you can adjust your workout effort without affecting a teammate’s session.
  • You develop a mental fortitude unique to the solo ‘grind’.


  • Working with others, whose strengths might be your weaknesses, is beneficial to improvement.
  • The mental grind of doing everything alone could potentially result in loss of motivation.
  • Without a group of runners, you can’t run race-day simulations at practice.

Training with a Group

  • You can depend on others to push you along on days when you’re struggling. .
  • It’s fun! You’ll get to chat with friends during warm-ups, cool-downs, and easy runs.
  • Meeting with others might help you be more accountable to show up to your workouts.
  • You’ll practice race day scenarios with teammates.


  • Sometimes teammates end up ‘racing’ each other in practice instead of ‘training with’ each other.
  • You might run a workout too quick or too slow because of how other teammates feel.
  • Your individual training might be compromised by a workout designed to benefit the group as a whole.

At the end of the day there are a lot of variables to consider, but you should now have a general idea of the kind of factors you should be thinking about.

You know yourself best, so as long as you’re being honest in your evaluation you can choose the right path. There are plenty of athletes who have been successful in both scenarios.

Article by : Coach Arslan

Turn Your Staircase Into A Fat Burning Machine


Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of cardio equipment for your home, take a look around. If there’s a set of stairs nearby, you already have everything you need to get in shape. Not only are stairs ready-made for a killer cardio workout, but individual steps can be used for everything from lunges and step-ups to upper-body strength moves like pushups and dips. Plus, it’s incredibly efficient. It only takes 30 minutes of stair climbing per week to reap cardiovascular benefits, according to a 2007 study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine.

What about its calorie-burning ability? You can burn more than 500 calories with 30 minutes of stair running, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (for a 150-lb woman). Even walking up stairs for a half hour burns 286 calories. That’s approximately equivalent to walking at 3.5 mph for two hours!


Article by Linda Melone

The Sabotage Experiment

After my Osaka Marathon, I stayed back in the beautiful country to explore, but not exploring the sites and sound but exploring all the delicious food that I can get my hands on from ramen, sushi, gyoza, tempura and that is the least sinful mentioned. Running a marathon does not warrant one to indulge in such experience as it means sabotaging one self from future events.

Basically everything you have trained for will go down the drain, I tried experimenting with this sinful experience (well I do not regret it because I get to eat all the rubbish that no athlete will do) for over 3 months, and for this three months I ate fast food like it was a everyday meal, coke and sugary drinks are just the norm even nightly desserts are considered normal.

That was all back in October and since now its February all this has got to stop. I have to tell you it is not a good experience, eating all those junk seems pretty good at one point of time where chocolates, sweets, all had no effect on me what I felt like eating just go for it

Let me share how one would the after effect and how I felt If you did the same.

First of all you will feel so lethargic and just feel like sleeping in bed everyday, hunger pangs will keep coming like it was a school bell at 3 and your mouth will crave to crunch on something even when your not hungry. The energy that you had will be obviously be gone and running even for 1 mile would feel like it’s a marathon.

The worst part is not those, the worst that I ever felt was that my waist and belly just let loose, I could not control my abs and it was all hanging out like a beer gut. Clothes that fitted well could not fit no more, everything was tight and looked awful no matter what I wore, it even we t to a point that sitting down was so uncomfortable with the excess gut from all sides spilling out.

While typing this post out my jean’s button flew out from bending over to type on the keyboard. LOL “Man what a torture”


Lucky for me I have cut down all the oily food and watching my diet, water only and coffee to one cut a day without sugar, my meals have been regular and limited to a fist size for carbs. basically I pack in more protein than carbs and vegetables a plenty. I have not started my training for any event as I have not decided to sign up for my triathlons or continue to pursue my Marathon Majors, I am waiting for NYC marathon results to be announce, but that’s in November, but for now I will just have to look for something close to home.

If you ask me If I would do this again ? I would say “YES” so learning from my experience, if you want to indulge you can do so for maybe a week or so, never ever so many months. This is madness and I can tell you its like a blackhole that will keep sucking *my analogy for “stomach wanting more food”* because I really hate to look overweight with ill fitting clothes but I sure do love the food.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone, Enjoy your new year goodies and live happy and be merry always.

Triswim Product Unboxing

The weekend blew by and so was Tour De France sadly Singapore city was filled with races from Saturday to Sunday as well let me see if I can name it all, MSIG trail, Pasir Gudang, Shape Run and Tri factor. Did I miss any?

Anyway I have had this box from  POUT and I was not able to post up the unboxing cause of my PC problem and now I am back in full force, If you are someone who always swim, or looking for a good hair care product after your sports, Do watch on.

If you have used Triswim products before do leave a comment and let me know what you think? next part will be my review on those product, I have tried and tested the products through a series of training on the pool as well as open water.

If you wanna purchase the product, they are having an Introductory bundle  promotion for this month only at $59.90
Website link:

How Much Exercise is Enough?

It is the start of the year, and most people by now have already started their New Year Resolution, pretty sure a majority would have this line in their resolution which is “to lose weight” well who doesn’t need to lose weight after all that festive feasting, but before you make a decision on how much exercise you need, you should have a good idea of your exercise goal or goals: Are you exercising for physical fitness, weight control, or as a way of keeping your stress levels low?

It depends on whether you want to lose weight, increase endurance, or reach other fitness milestones. Learn about exercise guidelines and the importance of determining your exercise goals.

How Much You Need

“How much exercise is enough for what?,” asks David Bassett, Jr., PhD, a professor in the department of exercise, sport, and leisure studies at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

For general health benefits, a routine of daily walking may be sufficient, says Susan Joy, MD, director of the Women’s Sports Health Program at the Cleveland Clinic.

If your goal is more specific — say, to lower your blood pressure, improve your cardiovascular fitness, or lose weight — you’ll need either more exercise or a higher intensity of exercise. So figure out your goals first, then determine what type of exercise will help you meet them and how much of that particular exercise you’ll need to do.

Set you Goals

Setting your goal is very important as it will help you move towards where you want to achieve, getting a wall calendar and place it where it is most visible, write down the goal achievement date and then from there work towards it, it can be a small goal such as to lose 5lbs by April, remember better to start small then never start at all.

What You Need to Lose or Maintain Weight

A combination of dieting and exercise is more effective for weight loss than dieting alone. To lose weight, 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity on most days is recommended. Physical activity is also important to maintain weight loss. Moderate intensity physical activity for 60 to 90 minutes on most days will help maintain weight loss. Of course, a healthful, low-calorie diet is also important for both losing and maintaining weight. The amount of exercise you need for weight loss or weight control depends on what you eat, as well as on the type of exercise you choose.

Know what you want to achieve, and then you can answer the question: How much exercise is enough?


Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore Training Schedule


Everyone is in for a running treat with Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

Running up to the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) on 7 December 2014, the organisers have lined up a series of training runs and clinics around the Lion City to help get you in your best form for race day. At a token cost of just $10, registered SCMS participants will be able to attend clinic  with sports science professionals, Journey Fitness Company, who will empower you and help you attain your personal goals for this year’s event. These sessions, staged at the newly completed Singapore Sports Hub, train you to tap into the collective wisdom of experienced endurance athletes and experts from the field of medicine and physiotherapy. [Please refer to Annex A]. Slots are limited so wait no more and sign up now at

Non-marathon participants and passionate runners are also welcome to join the complimentary weekly Run in my Hub activities. [Please refer to Annex B].

No sign-ups are necessary for these runs and participants are able to simply turn up on each Wednesday night to take part. The first few runners to arrive at the meeting point will also receive goodie bags! The full details and running route maps can be viewed at


Annex A Annex B


Running in Bangkok Lumphini Park

Bangkok never cease to amaze me every time I visit, I practically visit Bangkok every year without fail.. and as an avid runner, I have been running the streets of Bangkok every time without fail. If you guys have been following me on my Instagram, no matter which country I’ve visit I will most certainly share a running pic of the beautiful country that I am in through a first person perspective.

This time, I most certainly want to share a park that I never fail to run in when I am in Bangkok, while taking the opportunity to soak in the morning sun and training for my upcoming weekend race which is the Mizuno 16km Wave Run, so where better to train in Bangkok, certainly it has to be none other than Lumphini, easily one of my favourite parks in Thailand and here is why.

Lumphini Park also knonw as Lumpini or Lumpinee has a build up of  about 55 hectare park in the middle of city. This park as mentioned offers a rare open space that comes with a playground. There is a running path totaling approximately 2.5 km in length and it has water fountains equipped along side the running track. In this track you can see there is a line divided on the track with one as for runners and the other for cyclist/inline skating. Officially, cycling is only permitted during the day between the times of 10am to 3pm.

My recommendation is to run this place in the morning, where temperature is cool and before the sun peeks into the park at about 7am, the hustle and bustle of the nearby offices are just starting to get busy while all you are doing is running and breathing in at least fresher air than nearby vicinity.

Why this place is clearly a favourite of mine is that when you run this park in the morning, you will see families bringing in their kids to play, groups of tai chi, swords, fan, yoga practitioners performing their workouts. This place is like Central Park without the chills and maple tree.

Lumphini Park Bangkok

If you look at the bottom right, it clearly shows that there is this open air gym, some what similar to Muscle Gym in Venice beach California, this place have been there for as long as I can remember and there is never short of people working out here. I am not sure if you get to use the equipment for free or you have to pay a membership, If you run down the path you can see a indoor gym but I am sure that you have to pay.

So if you are in Bangkok and looking for a place to sweat it out without a gym, or maybe just a romantic stroll in the evening. Please do visit Lumphini Park in Bangkok Thailand.  If you have any other favourite place to run in Thailand, do share or let me know what you think. Thanks for reading guys

Opening Hours: 04:30 – 21:00
Location: Rama IV Road, Pathumwan
MRT: Silom, Lumphini
BTS: Saladaeng
How to get there: MRT Subway Silom or Lumphini Stations will drop you right opposite the park.

This was taken from the


The Revamped PUMA Running Club will Relaunch in April with Structured Trainings, New Partners and a New Membership and Privilege Programme

Singapore, 27 March 2014 – PUMA Singapore relaunches the PUMA Running Club with a series of exciting additions. Following a successful first season, the running club returns with more structured trainings, new partners as well as a revamped membership and privilege programme.

Commencing on 3 April 2014, the PUMA Running Club will feature a three-month training programme designed to help both beginner runners looking to complete their first 10km as well as experienced runners aiming to better their timings by the end of the training cycle. Led by the team coach and runners from PUMA-sponsored Team RunFanatics, members can now look forward to achieving their running goals through a mix of progressive runs, running specific workouts, conditioning, track trainings as well as long runs:

• 1st Thursday of the month: Progressive runs at Marina Bay Area
• 2nd Thursday of the month: Track training at CCAB
• 3rd Thursday of the month: Progressive runs at Marina Bay Area
• Last Sunday of the month: Long runs at One Rochester

To further help members better achieve their training goals, PUMA Running Club has also partnered Enhance Physiotherapy to conduct workshops for members. Covering running related topics such as prevention and management common running conditions as well as performance enhancement trainings, these lecture and practical sessions will help members complement their trainings with additional exercises to prevent injuries and improve their performance.

Membership and training sessions remains complimentary but will be limited to the first 30 runners that register. As part of the revamp, PUMA Singapore will introduce a two-tier membership and privilege programme for PUMA Running Club:

PUMA Running Club Gold
Runners who own and wear PUMA running shoes during the training sessions will qualify as Gold members and will enjoy the following privileges:

• 20% storewide discount during Thursday sessions from 7pm to 10pm
• 20% discount on Hammer Nutrition products
• 20% discount on Enhance Physiotherapy clinical services such as consultation, sports massages and customised exercise classes
• 20% discount on Enhance Physiotherapy products such as massage creams, sports tapes, etc.
• Special musculoskeletal screening and running gait analysis at Enhance Physiotherapy
• Day pass to Celebrity Fitness after Sunday sessions
• 2nd session: PUMA Running Club Singlet
• 6th session: 7-day Pass to Celebrity Fitness

PUMA Running Club Silver
Runners without PUMA running shoes are welcomed to join the running club and participate in the trainings. Silver members will enjoy the following:

• 20% discount on regular price PUMA running shoes during Thursday sessions from 7pm to 10pm
• 10% discount on other regular price PUMA products during Thursday sessions from 7pm to 10pm
• Complementary rental of PUMA running shoes
• Special musculoskeletal screening and running gait analysis at Enhance Physiotherapy
• 2nd session: PUMA Running Club Singlet

In addition to the privileges, PUMA Running Club members will also be awarded points for attending the training sessions, using the PUMATRAC running app and for their social media postings. The point allocations are as follows:

3 points for every PUMA Running Club session attended
2 points for using the PUMATRAC running app to track and share run on social media
1 point for every social media post

Members with the five highest points at the end of each training cycle will receive a prize from PUMA Singapore. This season, 5 pair of limited edition PUMA FAAS 300 running shoes will be up for grabs.

Running Club Banner FBThe new season of PUMA Running Club is now open for registration. Interested runners can register via: