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Tri-Factor Series Inspiring 100,000 athletes across Asia to live better by 2020

TRI-Factor Series is expanding and it will be bigger and better, they are one of the biggest if not the largest triathlon series in Asia, They are now launching new races across 8 new countries in Asia by 2017.

Through a 2-year campaign of Grow Strong, Live Better, the TRI-Factor Series hopes to outreach to more than 100,000 athletes with varying capabilities and experience to have a go in any of the four races that they are most comfortable with.

TRI-Factor Series will also be launching a new App quarter 3 this year which will provide additional platform for all athletes to connect with other athletes while keeping updated on the latest eent news and their personal records



Strategic partnership  with 2x Ironman World Championship Chris McCormack and other professional athletes will provide our participants with additional platform to access to coaching material and information and grow further within the sport.

TRI-Factor Series – Asian Championship 2016 race schedule.

Date             Venue

Q2 2016                    Singapore

Q2 2016                    Thailand

Q3 2016                     China

Q4 2016                     Indonesia

To find out more about the TRI-Factor series check out their website at

Singapore International Triathlon Registration Opens

Singapore Aquathlon

Singapore’s largest triathlon is back and it will be held on 25 & 26 July 2015 (Saturday and Sunday), it will be an action-packed weekend of triathlon activities and entertainment with races for all ages and level, in teams or individually.

The Singapore International Triathlon will be held at the picturesque and shaded East Coast Park, Who will be crowned this year’s Singapore International Triathlon Champions?

  • Exciting new categories including the SuperSprint Relay and kids Scoot-athlon
  • Every participant will receive a limited edition t-shirt and goodie bag stuffed full of sponsors gifts

A 20% Early Bird Registration will be given and the date for registration will be as below.

TAS Singapore

Early Bird period – until 19 March 2015.
Normal period – from 20 March 2015 until 7 July 2015.
Extended period – from 8 July 2015 until close.

Race Dates are as follow

Saturday 25 July

Standard + Standard Relay
1500m Swim + 36km Bike + 10km Run

750m Swim + 18km Bike + 5km Run

Sprint + Sprint Relay
750m Swim + 18km Bike + 5km Run

Sunday 26 July

Mini + Youth
200m Swim + 12km Bike + 1.5km Run

100m Swim + 6km Bike + 850m Run

SuperSprint Relay
3 x 300m Swim + 7.5km Bike + 1.8km Run

Kids Scoot-athlon
700m Scoot + 150m Run

For more information head over to Singapore Triathlon Website or click HERE for registration


Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup (Registration Open)

Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Cup will be held on the 25th and 26th October 2014

Course Description

Held on the iconic grounds of Lantau Island on 25 and 26 October, the 2014 Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup is a premier event where recreational triathletes can rub shoulders with age-groupers and professionals.

2014 will see athletes slugging it out to take the Asian Championship crown ensuring this signature triathlon will be a not-to-be missed event.

Swim Course

The swim course is a 1 loop affair of 750m swam anti-clockwise. Athletes will start in the water in front of the floating pontoon and navigate the triangular-shaped course. Water temperature is expected to be between 24-28 degree Celsius and thus wetsuits will not be allowed on the course. The water at Discovery Bay is usually quiet to mildly choppy and swimmers can expect minimum swell on race day.

Swimmers of the Olympic distance will perform two continuous loops before exiting, while swimmers of the sprint distance will exit the water upon completion of one loop only.

Bike Course

The bike course is mostly flat, to the exception of a section going over a bridge where athletes can expect a short progressive climb followed by a mirroring downhill. The course is entirely cut to traffic and bikes will be the only vehicles moving on the roads, alongside race officials and emergency vehicles. The only technicality of the course will be the U-turn points, which are located at far end of the out & back and at the looping point (for Olympic distance athletes only).

The Olympic distance athletes have 3 laps to complete, between Sunny Bay Road and Cheung Tung Road, before heading back to transition area.

The sprint distance athletes have only 1 such loop to complete prior to heading back to transition, making it a simple out & back.

Run Course

The run course is flat and fast on wide and scenic roads. The first part of the course will take the athletes on the promenade on the sea front. Then they will head back towards transition and along the canal, crossing Magic Road up the finish area located below Fantasy Road.

Athletes of the Olympic distance will have 3 repetitions of the seaside promenade to run prior to heading to the finish.

Whilst athletes of the Sprint distance will have to run a single out & back on the promenade and then head straight to the finish.

Race Distances & Courses

The 2014 Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup is a signature triathlon event owned by the TriHK (TriHK), organised by leading multi-sport event organiser MetaSport and sub-vented by Home Affairs Bureau (Arts & Sports Development Fund). The race is to be held on 25-26 October 2014 (Sat & Sun), Lantau Island.

Olympic Swim 1.5km Bike 40km Run 10km Course Map (TBC)
Sprint Swim 750m Bike 18km Run 5km Course Map (TBC)
Youth Swim 375m Bike 10km Run 2.8km Course Map (TBC)
Discovery Swim 375m Bike 10km Run 2.8km Course Map (TBC)
Kids Swim 195m Bike 5km Run 2.1km Course Map (TBC)


To Registration link

If you are interested to participate in the following, please proceed to click on >> Register Me <<

Singapore Triathlon 2014 (Registration Opens)


The Singapore International Triathlon is back again, 16-17 August 2014 and Metasport has been appointed as the joint organiser for this annual triathlon event.

Registrations is now Open and you can check out the their new website here

Categories are available as below


Register early to catch the early bird price and to register your interest please click on >> REGISTER ME << for more details please do visit the Singapore International Triathlon on their new website.

MetaSprint Triathlon Series 2014 (Registration)

The New Moon Khcycle MetaSprint Series 2014 is off to a racing start

The inaugural New Moon Khcycle MetaSprint Series Singapore campaign has just been launched by local event specialists MetaSport. Since inception 6 years ago the Aquathlon, Duathlon and Triathlon has grown to become a Singapore favourite with over 6,000 participants in 2013 and an expected 6,500 next year.
Whether a professional athlete or just testing the waters of multi‐sport, this series has an event suitable for everyone from 8‐99 years of age; male or female. There’s even kids and discovery categories for the real newbies.

Still not a contender? MetaSport also provides training clinics and coaching services for everyone from beginners all the way to the pro’s who want a little more special attention and guidance.

Managing Director Nathalie Marquet explains she “believes the series is going from strength to strength because we work hard with the local community, authorities and businesses to respond to the demands of the modern Singaporean interested in sport and a healthy lifestyle.”

“We strive to make this event fun and obtainable to everyone who participates, however, we always ensure that we run the event with the utmost professionalism. Safety, security and a seamless experience, are the most important factors to consider.” said Ms Marquet.

Clearly sponsors New Moon and KH Cycle support the MetaSport philosophy, coming on again as title sponsors.

Wayne Goh from New Moon explains “The MetaSprint Series epitomises how we run our own businesses ‐ with a commitment to excellence and the local Singaporean community. This event encourages a healthy way of life and an open and collaborative spirit; we are very proud to be in support of these values.”

The Triathlon is preceded by an Aquathlon and Duathlon earlier in the year – all three part of the same series. The format is designed to convert recreational runners, cyclists or general exercisers to multi‐sport in an unintimidating manner; as well as offering them a fresh challenge. The race schedule – spreading across February, March and April – allows beginners to build up their fitness and confidence levels progressively over a four‐month period until they feel ready to complete the final sprint Triathlon.

The series made its debut in 2008 as a first of its kind race event. MetaSprint has since continued to gain traction from a growing enthusiasm in Triathlon and endurance sports within Singapore. Its format has been unique in attracting both first‐timers and Singapore’s best triathletes, who use it as an opportunity to hone their skills for longer races later in the season.

Those raring enough to take part in all three races will accumulate points after each leg, which will be used to determine the respective series’ champion of each age group.
Triathlon Distances

Save up to a further 20% before
Early Bird closes on 12 November 2013

Sunday 16 February 2014
Sunday 16 March 2014
Sunday 13 April 2014
Early Bird Normal Extended Early Bird Normal Extended Early Bird Normal Extended
Sprint $70 $81 $91 $70 $81 $91 $98 $108 $120
Sprint Relay $112 $122 $132 $112 $122 $132 $194 $214 $225
Discovery $40 $50 $61 $40 $50 $61 $50 $60 $71
Youth $40 $50 $61 $40 $50 $61 $50 $60 $71
Kids $28 $38 $48 $28 $38 $48 $35 $45 $55
Kids Relay $45 $55 $65 $45 $55 $65 $65 $75 $85
Early Bird 3in1, Aquathlon, Duathlon and Triathlon: 11 Oct 2013 – 12 Nov 2014
Normal Aquathlon, 3in1: 13 Nov 2013 – 22 Jan 2014 Normal Duathlon: 13 Nov 2013 – 19 Feb 2014 Normal Triathlon: 13 Nov 2013 – 13 Mar 2014
 Extended Aquathlon, 3in1: 23 Jan 2014 – 4 Feb 2014 Extended Duathlon: 20 Feb 2014 – 4 Mar 2014 Extended Triathlon: 14 Mar 2014 – 1 Apr 2014
Enter All 3 Races
SAVE up to 20%!
Early Bird Normal Extended
$198 $220 $251
$339 $369 $409
$109 $129 $149
$109 $129 $149
$76 $103 $121
$129 $157 $176

To find out more about the New Moon Khcycle MetaSprint Series, please visit

To Register yourself please click here REGISTER ME

Ironman Langkawi, Its BACK ! 2014

WTC Announces Hiatus for Malaysian Events

World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), owners and operators of the Ironman and 70.3 event brands, announced earlier this month that it will not host any races in Malaysia during 2011. WTC is currently seeking new partners and venues that will improve the quality and production of events within the country and hopes to introduce new races in 2012.

“Malaysians have shown tremendous enthusiasm for Ironman events for more than a decade and we appreciate their continued support,” said Murphy Reinschreiber, WTC’s managing director of Asia-Pacific. “We hoped to produce at least one event in 2011, but circumstances beyond our control require that we wait until at least 2012. Our decision is not a reflection of the support we’ve received from athletes, local communities, sponsors or the government. We are talking to potential partners and inspecting innovative courses to offer improved events in the future.”

IRONMAN Malaysia logo  IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya Malaysia

Past Malaysian events include Ironman Langkawi Malaysia, which was produced for 11 years, and Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya, which took place in 2009. Competitors looking for alternative events should visit for the complete 2011 Ironman and 70.3 event schedules.

Athletes and media are advised that WTC is the sole resource for information about Ironman and 70.3 races in Malaysia. Information coming from any other source is not authorized. Additional information and details will be posted to as they are available.


Tri-Factor Series 2014 (Registration)

Update 7 Oct: The first 500 Full Series(4 events) sign ups will get a personalised Series Finisher Medal upon completion of your events! (This is on top of the extra 10% discount you will receive) so What are you waiting for Register yourself here

Hey all, its been a wonderful weekend with all the exciting happenings, Lawrence came down to SG to finish his last series of the Tri-Factor which happened last 12hours ago and now he is on the plane back home, He sure have come a long way from his days of running.. and certainly I can see him improving over the months.. only thing is he is always complaining on his weight, shoes etc etc..  This was his first 10k (Run only event) and he has his hopes on doing a sub 1hr 10k, well I told him just follow me and I will help pace him throughout the race.

A short Race report for today run with Lawrence, met the usual suspects of the running local scene (Taha, Jacky O, Claudia, Jonathan, Kim Lai, and the Oakley Yellow Fellow team) Lawrence was feeling nervous and was fiddling with all his gadgets, get this he was starting his RCX5, GPS clipped on his race belt, Samsung S2 with Strava turned on, he looks like he is carrying a super computer if you ask me, I bet if you ask him any algebra question all his gadget will be able to churn out an answer for you.

Finisher T Isaac976

Bang gun went off, the 10k runners totaled not more than 500 runners. Lawrence was not at sight after the flag off, I was wondering if he was being bogged down with all the equipment he was carrying or was it me that ran too fast, I kept pace thinking I was doing a 5:30pace which I wanted.. but upon reaching 5km mark, I glanced at my watch and it hit me, It showed me 22mins, I went “OH NO” this definitely will kill me later in the run, and yup it did, KM7, 8 and 9 hit me the most, I felt as if someone was pinching my butt (I swear to god) it was actually my ITB band acting up. So at the last U-turn running back to the end point I saw Lawrence which was about 30m back. I told him lets pick up the pace with me swirling my fingers in the air, I hope other runners dont mistaken me for pointing a middle finger a them. I picked up my pace to (what I think is 5min) but actual fact is 8min LOL, about 10m nearing to the end point, Someone shouted “HEY SEOW EH” (meaning hey, crazy fella) and then sped past me like Road Runner and Coyote .. I was totally dazed and it was Lawrence seizing the surprise elements and sprinted pass me with a big smile, we both came in at 58Mins for a 10.5k run, It was a good day for a run and the weather was perfect in every way.  Well Good luck to Lawrence on his coming Powerman in 2 weeks time.

I really have to say Awesome preparation by the organizers throughout the whole Tri-Factor 2013 series, they have been accommodating (me for forgetting to pick up my race pack), rescheduling the race event after the haze and more importantly the quality of the race. Oakley Singapore is also one of the main sponsors and I am surely glad to see them as a main sponsors cause they really have been helping people understands the importance of good optics by conducting workshops introducing and explaining the features of Oakley against other XXX brands, I for one have been a user of Oakley and no other when it comes to sports (well, ok Rayban for lifestyles)] I see no other brand of optics that come close and mind you I am not sponsored by them. Check out their FB page they sure are doing alot of give away

Facebook: Oakley Singapore

Oakley Singapore

Anyway the results for Tri-Factor Series will be out soon and you can check here for the 2013 results when it is out, at the moment it is still the 2012 (ahem wonder who stands at the 40th place with a 52min timing. (Click if you are interested to know).

If you guys would like to know the Tri-Factor 2014 series will be featuring a very SPECIAL MEDAL for the four series, OK you seen it here first on my blog, Do spread the word around for this and I am sure this is gonna be a sell out event next year.

CYMERA_20131006_065611 CYMERA_20131006_065524 CYMERA_20131006_065448 CYMERA_20131006_065411 Isaac976 Medal Preview

And when you have done all four events you can combine the medals into this Gigantic medal which you truly deserve.

Trifactor 2014 medal previewIf you have been following my Instagram, you would have seen this first thing in the morning before the Tri-factor event, and I already have questions asking me how come there is a fifth medal !!?? AHHH … good question that is if you finish the whole series under 7 hours, you get to engrave your name on that as well. … Just kidding, that last medal will be presented to you as a token (instead of the T-shirt series featured on Lawrence on the top picture) for the FULL COMPLETION of all the event, but wait, get this, when you signup as one of the first few hundred (yet to confirm) you will get free engraving up to 15 alphabets on the token. So wait for my posting on the registration dates as I am waiting for more information soon.

Thank you POKKA for being the main sponsors for this event. I am leaning towards drinking Pokka more than 100+ these days, must be the after taste and the feeling of renewed energy after every gulp, it taste good and even Lawrence and Jason is hooked on it, Sponsors for 2014 so I can get unlimited supply for my training? LOL..

Formula for winning performance! Pokka Sports Water’s effective formula helps replenish your body’s lost fluids and electrolytes for long lasting hydration. Specially formulated with Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Citric Acid that are essential to the human body; studies show that these ingredients can assist in recovery from muscle fatigue during & after exercise, help to increase athletic endurance & mental clarity, and are needed for maintenance of the muscle tissue.

Pokka Sports Water is more than just a thirst quencher but a drink for all occasions, be it exercise, play, dining or work. Now with Carbonated and Non-Carbonated version, this refreshing isotonic drink provides an effective hydration plan during and after long trainings and races!

Tri Factor Triathlon 2013 Race Report

Tri-Factor triathlon is the last series on their competition which was held last Sunday on 18th August 2013, buddy Lawrence aka Laulang drove down south here to participate on his very first full Olympic distance and jittery even a little he was not. Color Run was also held on that weekend and I heard it was spectacular after my buddy Kah Wane participated in it, coming back with big gloats and color stained skin.

Anyway this is my race report for what I have to say was the hardest triathlon event that I have done, I would say that even my 70.3 event was easier than this and don’t go scratching your head but read on to understand why.

It was an early 4am and woke up to get ready, fixed myself a bowl of Oats with dried cranberry to fill my stomach for the long day ahead, I think I woke Lawrence up cause he was all groggy and still sleepy eyed (good for him). We then drove over to the race site at about 6am after picking up Eddy.  We parked and ride to race site cause of wanting to warm up our legs before the race, Race official and volunteers was already there, Totally salute them for their dedication to this sport (I have the up-most respect to the volunteers always

StartpointWe got our body marked even before the transition site open and I have to say THUMBS-UP organizers for being flexible in that, everything was organized and after body marking we were routed to the bike pen and volunteers was quick to point to where we were stationed.

Trifactor 2013 setup

Setup my T1 and T2 transition like I always do. but this year I am racing with a road bike instead of my tri-bike, it was always see familiar faces in the pen and talking to participants on the side.


Lap 2

Being the first wave to be flagged off, I surely feel the pressure knowing that I will surely be clobbered by the faster swimmers after the rest of the waves starts off, swim is not my strongest sports of the 3 and worst when I know I only trained one week before. “AIR HORN SIGNALS THE START” first 100m felt easy but this is whenmy nightmare begin, after the first buoy I felt the sea kinda swallowed me whole and turn me inside out spitted me out and swallowed me again. I am talking about the current (I never anticipated such a strong current before)

swimming from one buoy to the other seems like it takes forever, that’s where it hit me.. the current was pushing me back. One stroke forward and two stoke being pushed back.  ( I feared for my life honestly) I swam like a dog to gain composure. then after finishing my first lap, I didn’t rush to do my second like I always do.. took my breath looked at my watch and it was 22mins for 750m.

I have in my mind the thought of quitting as I know I am going to either kill myself on the swim or just drown in the swim. Told myself to HTFU and jumped in to do my 2nd lap. felt the current even stronger and the same thoughts goes over and over my head again, *QUIT OR DIE* by the time I got to the second buoy again. the red cappers has surpassed me, I know I am seriously behind my target of 40min. I kicked my head into commando mode and told myself I didnt came here all the way just to quit, I changed tactics and swam breast stroke under water and glide to the finish.

Came into T1 and I certainly took my time to transition, I totally lost all my leg power cause of all the kicks just to push me to the swim finish line. did short stretches and took in water and gel. I know I was one of the last to come in cause all the bike on my group was gone. That sure wont deter me from giving up.


After T1

Bike was a crazy fast 6.6km course. Lots of complain on this bike course because why on earth would you place a water station in the middle of the course with cups and NO ONE HANDING IT OUT? i mean its OK to hand out cups cause I would use it to splash over myself, but your guys was just sitting down chatting. (totally not cool) , having no ODO on my bike I relied on memory of the 6 laps I was doing, I wasn’t sure how fast or how slow I was going but I just give it my all until the last 500 meters where I crank my gear up to loosen my muscle, All I cared was just the run ahead to gain time. Bike and Run is my strongest leg anyway.


It is funny how after 2 weeks I found a cure to my Plantar fascistic and I crammed all my training into two weeks but it was all worth it.

Coming into T2, I packed my gel and drank more to hydrate myself. I had no HRM on me,  just my trusty Timex to tell me how long I have been going, and looking at my watch it was already 2hr 23mins gone. 😦 , The run was pretty much a standard 5km x 2 loop and I ran I stop I ran I stop , drink drank drunk and boom finish line.

When I was running in to the finish line there was this weird guy shouting at the volunteers, at one point he was cycling down with his kid down the runners lane (he is not one of the participants, just some leisure guy visiting East Coast) he was in a shouting match with the security personnel but not sure what it was about, hope things turn out fine for him.


The event organizers should buck up on their water stations, I heard from previous participants that “Last Year” they ran out of water, and so happened again this year, tsk tsk tsk, when I was running my last lap, I know cups was used up and they were asking racers to put back the used cups. My way to save the environment was, I squished the cap and place it on my race belt, when I reach the next station just before, I opened it up and asked them to pour it in.

Overall event was well organized, hope to join next year event if time permits.

My official timing came as such, It is my worst swim time by far and I have faced my fear now for now and overcome it. All I have to do is move forward and train for my swim. and swim alone.

Swim 1hr01min

Bike 1hr 24min ( I really dont know how many laps I gone to be honest)

Run 1hr 12min

Total time: 3hrs 37min not impressive and not proud of it, but I have no excuse as my training only started 2 weeks before and I have myself only to blame. Once I get my PF sorted out I can really go all out, but as of now I am still training but at only 40% capacity.

If you want to know your results please click here : Tri Factor Full Results