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USA Blacklight Run comes to Singapore

SINGAPORE – Singapore is set to host the world’s largest nighttime 5km. A first for Singapore and  Asia, the Skechers Blacklight RunTM is the brightest 5km on the planet and will be organised by Singapore event specialists Orange Room on 29th October, 2016 at Palawan Green on Sentosa.

Less about speed and more about fun, there will be three Blacklight RunTM Zones along the course, each with a distinct colour – green, pink, orange – where runners/ walkers will be showered in Blacklight RunTM UV Neon Glow Powder that glows in the dark.

The Skechers Blacklight Run After PartyTM is legendary and coming all the way from the USA to Singapore is Guest DJ “DJ Automatic”, the original Blacklight Run DJ, who has shared the stage with Kanye West, Lil’ Jon, T.I and more, and will be spinning at the Skechers Blacklight RunTM Singapore. Joining DJ Automatic on the decks is one of Singapore’s most exciting new comers, DJ at Singapore most popular nightclude, Zouk, 47686789DJ Jade Rasif.

“The After Party is a big part of the Skechers Blacklight RunTM experience. DJ Automatic is the original DJ from the USA events and we’re flying him in for the inaugural Singapore event. He will be on stage alongside other great acts, to make sure the Skechers Blacklight Run After PartyTM is an unforgettable experience for all,” added Ting.

Never run before? No problem, the Skechers Blacklight RunTM is for everyone and children under six years are free. Gv The Standard Registration is S$50 and includes official white Skechers Blacklight RunTM t-shirt, Skechers Blacklight RunTM drawstring bag, glow-in-the-dark tattoo, Skechers Blacklight RunTM race bib, Skechers Blacklight RunTM Glow Pack at the finish line, and free entry to the Skechers Blacklight Run After PartyTM. VIP Registration is S$80 and includes lots more Skechers Blacklight RunTM swag. Early bird prices finish on 13th August.

“One thing we can guarantee is fun. Everyone will have a great time on the course whether you run or walk, and the Skechers Blacklight Run After PartyTM will be the best on the planet. Whatever you choose to wear, be ready to finish a different colour to what you started! All products are 100% natural and non-toxic, and be sure to bring your phones and cameras to snap the memories,” added Ting.

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Lock Laces 50% Discount

Hi Guys, Just sharing some awesome news with you all, Lock Laces is giving 50% Discount in conjunction with 4th of July, what better time to get those elastic no tie shoe laces now, I have Lock Laces in all color to suit all of my shoes. Some people throw out their laces together with their old shoes, but I have a way to save those laces from being thrown into the bin, such waste.

If you plan to buy your Lock Laces, do it quick as they are only running this promotion till 6th of July. If you are keen to purchase your Lock Lace please proceed to their website  and after your purchase key in the code to redeem. Have a Great 4th of July.

LockLace 976

Check out my savings after purchasing the Runners Dozen. Gonna give them away as gifts to all my running friends

Lock Lace

So remember this promotions only runs till 6th of July. Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY AMERICA !

London 2012 #Olympic Triathlon

This coming 9 am, 4th Aug (Women’s Triathlon) and 11:30am 7th August (Men’s Triathlon) Countries from all over the world will be racing for Gold, Silver and Bronze  in the triathlon event. It is going to be a fast paced race with all the accomplished athletes racing for their country.

Just FYI: There are no heats in the Triathlon; both the men’s and women’s events consist of a single race.  So who will you be rooting for ? My Take will be New Zealand for Gold, GBR for Silver and US of A for bronze for the mens race. Agreed?

As host nation.. I will post their competing athletes here

And here are the round up for (more…)

Cervelo P5 launched

The long awaited Cervelo P5 … but wait .. lets dwell into about about the company first. Did you know that Cervélo Cycles is a manufacturer of racing bicycle frames which came from the same country as Blackberry. That’s right “CANADA”

Cervélo uses CAD,High tech whatchamacallit computational fluid dynamics, and wind tunnel testing at a variety of facilities including the San Diego Air and Space Technology Center, in California, USA, to aid its designs. Cervélo currently makes 3 series of road bikes: the R series, featuring multi-shaped, “Squoval” frame tubes; and the S series of road bikes and P series of triathlon/time trial bikes, both of which feature airfoil shaped downtubes. The company also manufactures T series track bikes

You came here cause you wanted to know how the P5 looked like and here it is ..

JusST Kidding ! that looks more like a Batcycle !!

Here is the real deal !! enjoy and don’t break your next paycheck or two ..

And More pics ..

Front View, the bike practically disappears.

Top View is a beauty with the 3T bars

Back View

Front Handle

Bottom View

Thats about it … till further notice …