Forest City Malaysia WIRED edition

Not sure if you have heard of Forest City development but if you have not, be prepare to be amazed with it’s features and lush greenery, high tech apartments, amazing high-tech apartments and pristine waters right all right here in Malaysia.

Before you proceed further check out the video that was featured in their Youtube account and also before you open up the link on WIRED report and what they thought of it

If you have seen the video, I am not sure what was going on in your mind but for me, it was a LOAD OF CRAP , clearly, my opening sentence was sarcasm and I am not that loony to even think it was factual reality.

If you have stayed in Malaysia, you will understand the frustration one face with their maintenance and after services, I would not want to stay in “FOREST CITY”, i envision myself in one of the series of LOST but even so at least they got a cool bunker and a awesome countdown clock.

When I read WIRED’s edition and take on the Forest City, I just got to share their article as I felt we shared the same sentiment. Check out WIRED edition on Forest City .


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