Johor Outing with Wilson the Noob

My noob buddy getting his passport
well he certainly sure is happy, yeah .. at last renewed my passport and now i am free again .. ahah .. well worth the passport update.. Suppose to go to Msia while we rent a car and drove back to Msia,and bring him out to places of interest, but .. schedule somehow got screwed up, but then again .. we always look on the bright side..
after reaching JB, there is nothing much to do, found out that the stupid rate for Sing dollars converting to Ringgit is only 2.26, so F-king low..  not worth the change, and why is it everytime I go to Malaysia I would start drinking drinks and feeling my throat parched, could it be he weather ? i dont know .. but in a hour i consumed 3 types of drink, one cola, one hundred plus and one ribena, in another one hour I sucked in another 2 hundred plus, one was in the snooker parlour and another is in the restaurant, Is this kinda weather gimmick that Msia has on people in Msia??
Couldnt meet up with jose today cause it was raining, suppose to go bring her for dinner, but plans canceled cause she went for a spa, and hmph she didnt invited me along, well she did, but It was last minute.. blar.. (just kidding) it was raining thats why, got stuck in TPE and it was raining like hell, got myself soaked and wilson stopped his bike under the underpass, ahah .. here are some crazy pics of us in the rain, ok dont ask me how come i only got pics of us under the rain, and not in JB, i totally forgot.. darn it.. ahah .. well.. all memories must be cherished.. me and him having helmet hair session, if you dont know what helmet hair is .. try putting on a helmet for one hour and see how your hair turns out ok .. then let me know if you want ot ask me whats helmet hair..

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