isnt he nineteen ?

Its like a laugh of the century when I heard it, well its funny to know that youth is so eternal ?? well i dont know maybe its my baby face? or is it because of my physique ? or is it my acne faced? ahah .. its all started when I saw this girl who keeps looking at me? I am wondering why ? till I found out from Desmond that she asked him of my age? she thought I was only 19 !!!! AIyo .. could it be my height ? felt kinda funny now .. since when.. this is really a first for me .. 19 years of age ? ahha .. 19 years old ? I have like been said if I am 30? if i am 22 ? if i am 29 or EVEN 40!! SERIOUS !! aiyo .. looks is all in the eyes of the beholder, well  i think its not the looks its what you feel inside,, I always feel happy and go lucky ! be assertive of what I want. . if you are wondering why the girl said I am 19 well all those curious george out there.. here is how I look !!

2 responses

  1. Henry

    19… serious.. hahaha….. anyway is good lar.. u r still a teen in someone’s eye…


    29/01/2008 at 8:38 am

  2. Isaac

    teen in someone eyes.. but is that a goodthing or a bad thing ?


    30/01/2008 at 5:06 pm

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