TIME RXR ULTEAM 2012 review

Buddy of mine just started a blog on Road/ MTB Bike reviews and he have just finished his first review on the Time RXR (Luxury category in my books), I wouldn’t dare ride on any of those high end bikes as they cost and arm or leg. maybe two,

Just to give you a rough gauge on the price of this “OLDER MODEL ?  TIme RXR 2012 model

Probikesupply is selling them for USD$5300 (Frame Only), and that my friend is a far reach for most normal working wage people. Please read on below for his review

I had a chance to ride a TIME RXR ULTEAM 2012 which was lent to me by a friend that frequently ride with me. Thanks to him, George, that I am able to experience one of the top performance super bikes. First impression of this bike is the detailed decals and awesome design by this company called TIME from France.

Although this bike is designed and manufactured in the year 2012, the technology behind it is up to date and can be matched with most of the new high end bikes around the market. TIME fully design, build and mold their frames from their very own factory in Vaulx-Milieu, France. TIME weaves their own carbon and claim one of the best in Europe and produce this frameset using a technology called RTM, short for Resin Transfer Molding. It is believed this is a very guarded secret and it is not made known to the general public how exactly it is being done. Well I am not a person that is technically sound on all this but my intention today is only to share my very own riding experience on the bike.

First of all, here is a full bike view…

to read his thoughts on this ultra high end bike do go to http://fishbrain976.wordpress.com/


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