Hong Bao Run Results and Review

Updated 12 February 2014:  Hi Everyone, organizers have updated the runners results, to check your own results please click on MY FINISHER TIME and enter your bib number

One lucky participant ran away with an $88,888 hong bao in the mega lucky draw to celebrate Chinese New Year in style at the MediaCorp Hong Bao Run

Would you believe it I did not sleep a wink till 5am and I went straight to the Hong Bao Run this morning but wait before you punish me with words of wisdom, I have already slept from 6pm to 11pm hence the me no sleep syndrome.

I usually reserve my weekends for my long runs as only training for all my up coming marathons, but what made me run this event was the $88,888 LUCKY DRAW ! OMG !! I can’t imagine the things I will do with that kind of moolah.. but unfortunately I was not the winner.

If I was the winner, I would be giving out Free shoe every other months to all my readers but that’s not going to be the case now, so many of you guys did not sign up due to the worrying part of bad organizers right ? or was it the high cost of registration ? I think it was a bit of both for some. I could only seize this opportunity to keep my training in check. I am not going to do a full reviews but point out the highlights and lowlights of this Hong Bao Run but before you read that, let me share with you the blistering timing of the 8km winner for both men and women.



  1.  Mok Ying Ren (26:42.59)
  2. Nabin Parajuli (26:45.49)
  3. Foo Gen Lin (27:07.67)



  1.  Suzanne Walsham (28:34:21)
  2. Vivian Tang (30:00.29)
  3. Mok Ying Rong (31:43.47)

I can only dream of achieving those blistering finish time, let me do the math for you, for Men’s winner he ran a flying pace of 3min30sec pace / km while the women winner ran a 3min54sec pace / km

as for me ? er.. I only manage a 40min run maintaining my target of 5min/km pace. Its no PB nor new achievement, I used this run today as a training run for my up coming Tokyo Marathon, I did not want to push further as I am worried if I sustain any injuries, so a 5min pace is comfortable for me for now.  Today weapon of choice was the famous Mizuno Wave Musha 5 over my Mizuno wave Sayonara cause I still believe that Musha 5 is like a speed demon. (wait for the review this week)

Mizuno Wave Musha 5 Isaac976


  1. If you must know, the organizers of this race is their first time and I have to say they did do a good job in providing adequate water stations
  2. They provided mile markers which some bigger event organizers did not do. (its very helpful for me to keep my pace in check)
  3. Drink stations was everywhere at the start area (good on you guys)
  4. Security was tight, there was this uncle who think he can cut queue and into the starting pen but security shooed him away to the back (good job guys)
  5. There was PLENTIFUL of Volunteers around
  6. The usual booth was there post race like the massage booth, water spray cooling thingy?? and the best was the photo booth which lets you take 4 shots and they print out on the spots. (see mine above.. Beams with pride)
  7. The MEGA Hong Bao prize of $88,888 gives everyone a 1:5000 chance of winning. I like the odds


  1. The atmosphere in the morning was like .. MEH …. no music.. no commentary.. no nothing
  2. The starting pen only opened up at 6:45am which is 15mins late
  3. Yes, we have radio DJ’s Glenn, Joe and Pei Fen but I have to say sorry guys you just didn’t riled the crowd, you guys were talking about whats happening in the front like as if the back people knew what you were saying.
  4. The event started 15mins late.. such a NO NO
  5. The cost of registration is pretty steep for a 8k run.
  6. Should have more winners for the lucky draw

Isaac’s 2 cents worth on the Hong Bao Race

Well if they have this Hong Bao Run the next time, I am weighing a 50/50 to participate, why glam out all the celebrity when there was not even any interaction with the runners, and besides there was a team of security running beside them.  The route course is just fine, but it could be better to square it off to a 10k run. I know the 8 is auspicious but to charge that kind of money for a 8k ? tsk tsk tsk, but anyway the run have proved many wrong as they were well organized and very professional.  Wishing you guys Good Luck on your next year Hong Bao Run and HUAT AR !!

Please see the official Press Release below

Singapore, 9 February 2014 – Fresh from winning Singapore’s first marathon gold medal at the recent SEA Games in Myanmar, Mok Ying Ren showed that he was equally adept at shorter distances as well by running away with the men’s title at the inaugural MediaCorp Hong Bao Run 2014, held at the Nicoll Highway this morning.

The female winner was another prominent local runner, Suzanne Walsham, 40, who also recently won the Empire State Building Run-up for the 5th time. With their victories, they each walked away with the top prize purse of $2,888 in cash, which is one of the highest for running events of similar distances in Singapore.

But they were not the only big winners on the day as one lucky participant See Hak Loo banked in a whopping $88,888 in cash by winning the giant hong bao in the MediaCorp Hong Bao Run’s mega lucky draw, which was held after the run.

The 56-year-old storeman’s name was picked from thousands of eligible participants who qualified for the lucky draw by finishing the race. The MediaCorp Hong Bao Run 2014 is the first running event to be organised after the recent Chinese New Year festivities and the mega lucky draw was the event’s key attraction, in line with the CNY theme.

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