How to Beat Flappy Bird (Best Method)

Flappy Bird is the lastest craze now, and what better way to ease yourself into a Saturday is to relax over a good game,.. if you have not downloaded this free game, please do get it on your Android or iPhone from your  Google Play store or on iPhone  itunes

I’ve been playing the game for about 2 days now and the mechanics to this game is fairly simple. ( Read on for the video tutorial on how to learn the best method for this game)

  1. Tap on screen (its not pressure sensitive, i’ve tried that)
  2. Make sure the birds go through the Mario looking like pipes
  3. Get a high score and that’s it
  4. Purely simple right ?

Flappy Bird - screenshot

Flappy Bird - screenshot

Tap.. tap.. and tap a few hours later, my high score is at 9.. left the phone aside do go do my meditation and bamm played a couple of hours later High score stands at……………….. Eleven .. FREAKING ELEVEN !!

Well easier said than done, when I first look at this game, I can’t stop looking at why the bird has this humungous lips, I found out fairly quickly as Flappy bird lips are made of “LEAD” which cause him to dive suicidal every time if you dont tap and keep him afloat.  (DAMM THAT LIPS, sure looking like Angelina Jolie’s lips)

But this game comes with a warning (blood pressure will rise, you learn the new meaning of frustration, some even say that Satan can’t even beat this flappy bird.. many around the world have destroyed their phone after playing this game so mind you play with caution)

Well if you have downloaded and tried playing this game and you can’t seem to beat your own score, I found a solution.. please see the video to get your highscore now.

Hope you have enjoy this posting and have a great weekend folks also dont forget to enjoy Flappy Bird

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