3 Things you need to know about Malaysia North South Highway

Just last week I was driving up North to Malaysia just for a short getaway, thinking I could hit the trails but seriously what is the HAZE doing back in Malaysia especially in the Klang Valley, but this post is not about my running routes or meetup but this is more for the good people at North South Highway.

I drove up North knowing that I had a almost balding two front tires and that got me worried but I didn’t had time to change and thinking that it was still bearable I could easily change it when I am in Malaysia as the exchange rate and service would be favorable to me, what a bad move that turn out to me

Driving down to about 280km down, I heard my front of the car making a funny noise, kinda like speed bump sound, luckily for me I drive at speed of only 90kmph to 110kmph (I use to speed on the high way up to 180kmph) stopping the car, I smell burnt rubber and I was kinda worried as there was smokes coming out, coming out of my car to check out the noise confirms my horror


This was not just any puncture, but it blew a gash on the wall of my tire, to be honest If I had drove above 120kmph, My car would have maybe swerved side to side, or maybe worst, I wont know and thank God. Tire Gash

 Here are the three points to take note

1. Those emergency phone on the side of the road, Those THING DON’T WORK, SO IGNORE THEM

Stood there pulling the phone lever but no sound, not even a light came on, so please ignore the phones and go to point 3.

2. In my experience there will always be a PLUS RONDA nearby (in fact within less than 10mins)

WoW Plus Ronda

I have my fair share of experiences with PLUS RONDA and these guys are awesome, never met anyone that was rude, unfortunately for me I have encountered incidents on the highway (blame it on Bad Luck and my frequent travels) . This guys sometimes are not in their bright flashy that you see, on the day that this happened. A blue car stopped in front my car and I was worried who or what this guy was going to do. Luckily he came down from his car, he took out his vest and he was a appointed PLUS RONDA workshop mechanic. (what a relief after hearing all the horror stories on the highway robbery)

He took out his vest and he asked me what he could help me with? I explained on the puncture problem andwithout hesitation, he took out his tools and help me change the tires, it was a day before Hari Raya and he told me that people are scarce in their trade and he even have to work on his holiday, and I totally understand how he feels as I use to work in customer service line, and so for his help I gave him a substantial green packet just to sweeten his day. (So please do tip them as they are risking their lives on the road for you if it happens, It do means alot to them)

3.Plus Ronda Hotline 1-800-88-0000

Call this number and tell them your location marker, If you have to stop on the road side due to any emergency, please do not stay in the car, do move away from your vehicle 50 to 100 meters away. This is for your own safety, when your in the car moving with the flow 120kmph seems normal, try standing next to a 2 lane highway with car surpassing 120kmph, you will understand how it feels (SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME EVERYTIME)

Recently they have launch their online app which called Plus Highways on Mobile, where you can get your updates from Twitter and Facebook.

Plus Malaysia

Fore more info head over to http://www.plus.com.my/ for more information, there is even a Toll Fare Calculator and Route Map Finder which help you in your travel.

just some interesting facts on PLUS HIGHWAY

Facilities along the expressway

  • Rest and service areas located about 60 km from each other
  • Layby parking areas are located approximately every two junctions
  • Emergency phones every 2 km
  • PLUSLINE hotline number
  • PLUS Ronda (PLUS patrol) service to assist drivers in the event of vehicle problems on the expressway
  • PLUS helicopter patrol unit to monitor PLUS expressways

Do you have a scary or awesome highway story to share? Would love to hear your story, Thanks for reading and have awesome week ahead.

4 responses

  1. CGA

    not the first time u in Malaysia….get use to it..HK


    05/08/2014 at 7:45 pm

    • Yo Mr Chong, How have you been? Yeah but letting people know about how safe actually Malaysia Highway can be despite all the words on robbery. Good to see you here my friend.


      05/08/2014 at 7:56 pm

  2. Lee

    You are lucky in the city of crime


    10/01/2016 at 5:43 pm

    • I know. . it was just scary standing on the side. anything could happen. Thanks for dropping by


      10/01/2016 at 6:08 pm

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