Salomon X-Trail 2014

Salomon Xtrail

Salomon X-Trail 2014 is BACK with a New Route

The time is here for the trail running event of the year – The Salomon X Trail 2014! The highly anticipated race is back with a brand new trail and the promise of more mud splashing action.

Season trail seekers can register under the 10km competitive category while beginners and road runners who are interested to dip their foot into the mud can opt for the 5km ride. Now, get ready to suit up and bring your trail shoes for a run through the wilderness.



Date: 22 November 2014, Saturday

Flag-off Time: 7.30am

Flag-off & End Venue: Punggol, Specific location tbc



Salomon XTrail

Date: 15 November 2014, Saturday

Venue: World of Outdoors @ Plaza Singapura, Atrium, #04-62

Time: 12.00pm – 8.00pm

*Participants are reminded to present their Confirmation Slip and I/C on the Race Pack Collection day.


For bulk/ corporate registration (20 participants & above), please email to

Valley Uprising: Inspiration for You

It’s been a while since I done some climbing, I do miss climbing those wall’s, it take much concentration, focus and determination to get to the top, you need to use every underhang, overhang, protrusion and even cracks sometimes just to get up there, It is some sort like running, just when your ever bit of muscle is screaming and yet you still want to push to the finish line.

I was browsing around on video titles and upcoming trailers and I chanced upon this trailer called Valley Uprising, I can’t help but to click on it and see what is it all about, well why don’t you check it out at the video below and you let me know if you are inspired.

VALLEY UPRISING is the much-anticipated documentary from Sender Films about the epic history of climbing in Yosemite National Park and the counterculture roots of outdoor sports.

Narrated by Peter Sarsgaard, the film features digitally-animated archival photography, spectacular climbing footage and interviews with Yosemite greats — from pioneers like Yvon Chouinard, Royal Robbins, Lynn Hill and John Long to cutting edge modern athletes like Dean Potter and Alex Honnold. Valley Uprising tells the story of the bold men and women who broke with convention and redefined the limits of human possibility in America’s legendary national park.

Presented by The North Face in association with Clif Bar, VALLEY UPRISING will be shown in cities throughout the world as the feature film of the 9th annual REEL ROCK Film Tour:

10 Coolest Race Medals

I was talking to a bunch of runners about medals and I for that, I know for a fact that many race finishers proudly display their hard earned medal on their wall some dangling in their car and some even hang it on their window grills, yes you read that right in their car, (well that was one particular medal that he loved most). It is the new obsession where races go out to collect as many medals as possible and collected they have.

So what brought us to that topic? it was when we were comparing which medal has the best design and which was the coolest, Medals to me is just another momentum which do not mean anything, I do not display my medals but I just put them back in the ziplock back along with my race bibs (Yes, I still have all my race bibs)

I just want to share with you guys the Runners World 10 Coolest Medal

Little Rock Marathon

Little Rock, Arkansas · In 2014, the Little Rock Marathon gave out its biggest finisher’s medal yet. At 8 1/4 inches across and weighing 2 1/2 pounds, it dwarfs the race’s inaugural 2003 medal (at far left)

Ragnar Relay

Since this overnight relay series started in 2009, runners have become very attached to their Ragnar finisher’s medals, which always incorporate the race’s signature bottle opener. So attached that a few now-deceased finishers were buried with them

Mississippi Blues Marathon

Jackson, Mississippi · When Race Director John Noblin presented the 2014 medal to his race committee, they worried that the only way to up the ante for next year would be to give out actual guitars. The 10-inch-tall guitar-shaped medal comes in two pieces, connected by a ribbon forming the guitar’s neck

Texas Marathon

Kingwood, Texas · Everything is bigger in Texas, including the medals. The design for the Texas Marathon medal changes every year, but one thing is kept consistent—its massive size. At 9 1⁄4 inches by 6 3⁄4 inches and three pounds, three ounces, organizers believe it’s the world’s biggest finisher’s medal,

The next one I am showing you will be my favourite and I hope one day I will be able to collect them all

Disney Marathons and Half-Marathons

Orlando, Florida · “The beautiful thing about these medals is that it is one of the only Disney souvenirs you can’t simply buy at a gift shop,” says the runDisney series medal designer David Brotherton. “You have to earn it.” Brotherton, an art director for Disney, designs medals for all of runDisney’s events

New Years Double

Allen, Texas · Runners who complete a half or full marathon on New Year’s Eve, and another half or full marathon on New Year’s day through the 6.55-mile looped course are rewarded with a finisher’s plate. Magnets hold two original finisher medals from each day’s race in place on the plate, forming an even larger piece of hardware to mark the accomplishment

Bird-In-Hand Half-Marathon

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania · Local Amish blacksmiths provide 2,500 used horse-shoes to make these finisher’s medals. Amish volunteers then craft each one by hand before presenting them to runners at the finish.

Portland Marathon

Portland, Oregon · Race Director Les Smith says he has two requirements for the Portland Marathon’s finisher’s medals: “The medal has to have two sides, and if a person finds it 200 years from now they will know what is was for and where it was from.” Consistently ranked near the top of the Marathon & Beyond’s list of best finisher’s medals, Portland’s medal incorporates engravings on both sides that speak to the city’s history. Finishers also receive a pendant and coin.

Stumpy’s Marathon

Newark, Delaware · This free marathon still wants finishers to commemorate their accomplishment without the cost of an elaborate medal. So race director Stewart Dotts collects rocks along the trail race’s route in the weeks leading up to the event, which are then polished and decaled with the race’s logo—a panting dog. “The much coveted ‘finisher’s rock’ adorns desks, trophy shelves, windowsills, toilet tanks, and flower gardens across the country,” Dotts says

Wine Country Half-Marathons; ODDyssey Half-Marathon

Nationwide · Though the design changes from year to year, participants always receive a medal (shown at left) that channels the beverage the race celebrates. In 2012, that meant incorporating a wine bottle stopper and corkscrew.

Philadelphia · This innovative medal (shown at right) serves a three-part purpose. After the race, it functions as a traditional race medal that can be proudly displayed around a runner’s neck. At home, it can be wall mounted to serve as a commemorative plaque and a functional bottle opener.

And there you have it 10 most coolest medals voted by Runners World, Do you think Singapore have any cool medals to show ? What is your most memorable Singapore Medal ? Do share in the comment box for all the readers

Best Goodie Bag In Singapore, Fairprice Walks With U

I was at Kallang Wave Mall yesterday to collect my Fairprice Walks With U and I was collecting my friends racepack as well, after collecting the racepack, most definitely will not be calling it a race pack anymore but it definitely will fit the term “GOODIE BAG” do you know that this BAG that we collected weighs a freaking 5kg at least, I kid you not … ok wait.. I went to weigh it with my weighing scale and it weighs a total of …….


3.06KG ! OMG, what goodie bag can weigh so much, and from the innocent look of it, it seems light enough for me to carry. See how innocent this goodie bag looks and I bet you would like to know what’s inside of the bag don’t you.

Well here are the items provided by the organizers and sponsors

SAM_5255Items included in the Awesome Goodie Bag

  1. Chips Ahoy Cookie
  2. SunBeam Canola Oil
  3. Knife Oil
  4. Season Ice Green Lemon Tea
  5. Cheezels
  6. Quakers Oat
  7. Naturel Brown Rice
  8. Loreal Shampoo
  9. Kleenex Tissue
  10. Banana Sports Sunblock
  11. Garnier Face Wash
  12. Garnier Face Mask
  13. Olay Face Wash
  14. NTUC Hand Sanitiser
  15. TYG Tupperware (I think they have variations)
  16. Zappy sports Wipe
  17. Horlicks Malties
  18. Event T
  19. Simply Her Magazine
  20. Umbrella
  21. Horlicks Chocolate Malt instant drink
  22. Loads of Brochure

Wheeew, took me a while to type all that out. Anyway I definitely would not be complaining if I only paid $12 (early bird) for the registration. WHO WOULD? If you are complaining I definitely think you should not be participating in this.

Seriously for those who love signing up just for goodie bags, NTUC Fairprice Walk With U is definitely a must, Anyway registration is closed and sold out long time ago, TRY AGAIN NEXT YEAR.

See you guys on the 30th August for the Walk. Do say Hi to me if you ever get to spot me, and have a great week ahead.


5 Key Advantages of Contact Lenses for Sports

Have you ever wondered if you should be wearing contact lenses while playing sports?

Well the answer is that doctors agree that contact lenses are the best vision correction option for athletes. They can enhance visual skills like depth perception, peripheral awareness, and eye-hand/eye-foot coordination. There was a study on tinted contact lenses enhancing performance and I’ve even seen Nike selling specific contact lenses just for sports. (I kid you not, see pic)

Unlike glasses, contacts offer athletes a competitive advantage because they stay in place under dynamic and harsh conditions. They also provide a wider vision field, and eliminate the risk of glasses-related injuries. Contact lenses also make it easy to wear protective goggles if you need to do so.

It’s pretty obvious why few athletes wear eyeglasses when they’re in the game: Glasses fog up, slip, and even fall off. The frame and lens edges can be distracting and I found out the hard way when my dad complains of peripheral vision after buying him a very expensive shade for his birthday only to see it being put aside.

But which kind of contacts should an athlete choose?

Soft lenses are generally considered best for sport as they move less on the eye and are less likely to be dislodged. For sports that are particularly dynamic, such as running, the extra stability of soft lenses is also advisable. Daily disposable soft lenses offer many advantages. Some sports are played in dirty environments with potential for lens contamination and handling problems. So be sure to throw them out after.

Here are 5 Key Advantages of Contact Lenses for Sports

Compared with eyeglasses, contact lenses offer a number of advantages to enhance your vision for sports competition:

  1. Better peripheral vision. Though sports eyeglasses can be made with large, wraparound-style lenses, most prescription eyeglasses have small, relatively flat lenses and small frames. This significantly limits vision essential for many sports.
  2. Unlikely bouncing and tightness Contact lenses will not bounce like glasses when you are in the running motion and you might even feel discomfort from the side contact of your glasses. With contact lenses, you also don’t need to worry about eyeglasses sliding down your nose or falling off.
  3. Less likelihood of fogging up or getting splattered. Unlike eyeglasses, contacts usually remain clear regardless of environment or weather conditions such as rain.
  4. Less chance of injury. Eyeglasses may break and cause eye injury if you take a hard hit, but contact lenses won’t. Worst is that your contact drops out, and I’ve seen it happened in front of my own eyes.
  5. Better compatibility with safety equipment. Contact lenses does not interfere with the fit or comfort if you need to don on your head gear or protective headgear like Football or even cycling.

I have heard much about this brand Coppervision and their Pro Clear One Day Contacts which are truly very comfortable, It would be great getting more feedback on different views on other brands of contact lens usage would be much appreciated, do you wear contacts when you do your sports? I would like to know your feedback and what you think about it at the comment section below.


Football Magic by Nike Magista Boots

Last checked, it was the incredible summer ending on a high with German striker Mario Gotze’s goal in the Nike Magista boots.

Now it’s time to take on the new season and get back to football. With the action in Brasil motivating players everywhere to challenge themselves to get better, Nike’s new football collection has the products and services to help every player reach their full potential.


1. The Most Innovative Boots for the Beautiful Game

First seen on the pitches in Brasil, and worn by more players than any other brand during the tournament, Nike offers the most innovative performance footwear the game has ever seen with the Hypervenom, Tiempo V, Magista and Mercurial Superfly.


2.  The Best of Nike Football in your pocket

In July, Nike Football launched a new digital and mobile application to feature the best of Nike football all in one place.  The Nike Football app allows players increased access to the game and a chance to play more as they prepare for the season.


3. The World’s Best Leagues Kick-off with the Nike Ordem Ball

Nike, the official ball supplier to three of the biggest leagues in Europe — Barclays Premier League, Serie A TIM and La Liga BBVA — has unveiled the new Ordem football for the start of the season. It is Nike’s most innovative, technologically advanced and aerodynamically tuned ball to date.


4. Fall 2014 Apparel Collection – Train in Total Comfort 

The 2014 football training apparel collection offers the best for on-pitch performance, delivering superior fit and premium Dri-FIT fabrication.

The Elite series featuring Nike Flash Top Dri-FIT Elite, The Nike Strike Short Elite and Matchfit Elite Sock fits like the gloves and assures optimal comfort on-pitch!

The fall 2014 training apparel collection is available now at

Hop over to NikeInc for more details of all the tools to kick-off the new season:

Salomon Latest offering: S-lab Sense 3 Ultra Softground

S-LAB is a unique development process at Salomon; Engineers, designers, and developers working in close collaboration with top athletes to help them perform their best. Specific fit, specific features, specific materials. Prototypes tested, tweaked and re-tested until each athlete has exactly the products they want.

Since the original prototype, Sense has gone through minor tweaks to make it more durable and stable, with slightly longer sole lugs and an extended Profeel film for better protection. It remains the choice of elite athletes for endurance events around the world. The new Soft Ground version, with longer lugs similar to the mud-proven Speedcross sole, S-LAB Sense Ultra SG cover the needs of the most top athletes for all surfaces.

Product Details

Keep wet conditions from hindering your race with the Salomon S-Lab Sense 3 Ultra SG. Featuring aggressive outsole lugs, this lightweight trail shoe is tuned for race-day performance over soft terrain. A cushioned midsole provides protection for ultra-distance running while keeping you close to the ground, and an internal sleeve limits irritations on your foot while making this shoe suitable for sockless wear.

Weight: 230 grams

Stack Height: Heel (24mm), Forefoot (17mm); includes 5mm average lug height


  • LT Muscle is a lightweight EVA cushioning compound that helps absorb impact forces.


  • OS Tendon system acts like a real tendon by flexing to provide stretch and balance during the heel-to-toe transition.
  • ProFeel Film is a thin TPU film in the midsole providing midfoot protection without losing road feel.


  • Anti-Debris Mesh is a breathable mesh upper that keeps debris out of the shoe.
  • Protective Rubber Toe Cap keeps toes safe from bruising on trails.
  • Endofit a sock like upper that yields unmatched comfort and fit.
  • Tongue Cover keeps shoe free from debris.
  • Seamless Sensifit overlays on the upper wrap the foot for a close, secure fit.
  • Asymmetrical Quicklace made from durable Kevlar fibers provides easy shoe entry and exit and a secure fit.
  • Lace Pocket tucks laces out of the way while running.
  • Combination Slip Last utilizes a fiber board in the rear portion of the shoe to promote stability, and the forefoot is finished in a slip manner to promote flexibility and reduce weight.


  • Mud and Snow Contagrip has an aggressive lug pattern designed to dig in deep on softer ground for excellent traction.
  • Dynamic traction uses offset lugs to provide unparalleled grip on hard, wet, and loose surfaces.
  • OS Tendon system acts like a real tendon by flexing to provide stretch and balance during the heel-to-toe transition.

The Salomon S-lab Sense 3 Ultra SG is available at the Salomon boutique for $269.

Running without a watch

Good Morning Runners, hope you had a great weekend training for your up-coming races, Please do share with me what races you looking forward to race in, I have the Army Half Marathon, Color Run, NTUC Walk, Puma Night Run and my grand finale the one and only “Berlin Marathon”

In recent months, I have been running without a watch or any fancy gadgets which I have relied on in the past, GPS, Stride Sensors, HR.If you have been training with this type of gadgets I would say good for you guys, there is no doubt those gadgets are good to monitor your training which helps achieve your goals.

Every weekend is the time for runners to put on their running shoes and head out for those long looooong runs which they call LSD short for Long Slow Distance or what I would like to call it Long Steady Distance run. They will be armed with to the teeth with compression socks, hydration bags and high tech gadgets to track those long distance.

But for me, all I am trying to do is rely my training on just a stop watch, enjoying the scenery with the music of my heartbeat and breathing pattern while all watching my running gait and technique, People tends to get too concern with their gadgets and reading their training charts, and forgetting to run with their heart, Yesterday I wanted to head down to town from Punggol which covers over 30km. but my plan was buzzkilled by my stopwatch, my dear trusty Timex which was used by me for so many Marathon has officially died on me. (Thank You for your long service)

TimexTimex Run

I have just changed fresh batteries and it died on my Mizuno Wave Run 3 weeks ago for the first time but when I got home it started working again. so I thought I bring it out again to as I have hoped it will work again, half way through my run it then died on me again, feeling frustrated as I was on my Negative split training, and just when I reach my half way point all I knew is that I am carrying a blank face watch. Well so what do you do when this happens?

  1. Just enjoy your surroundings
  2. Run with a big smile
  3. Do your best and run till your legs are sore.

Well if you face this problem half way through your race, just face it, fret not and enjoy your run. What else would you want to do with a dead watch. Yes it may be disappointing cause you will never know your race time, or maybe you PB? there are plenty more races to come. More importantly enjoy your run or just say hi to the runner coming your way, or strike up a conversation with the runner next to you. Have fun guys.

7 more weeks to train for my Berlin Marathon. Have a great week ahead.


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