8 Common Causes of Foot Pain among Runners

Runners spend a lot of time on their feet, and each one of us is likely to suffer from a foot problem at one time or another. Some of the conditions are minor, while others are fairly serious. The good news is, most of them can be prevented, or if you are unfortunate to have one, most can be easily treated.  The most common foot injuries are as below

Black toenails

This occurs when your toenail hits the end of the shoe or the top of the shoe. It causes your toe to bleed under the nail, and turns it black. If it hurts, you’ll want to go to the doctor so he can drain the blood. If it doesn’t hurt, you can leave it and your toenail will eventually fall off. It won’t be pretty, but it won’t cause any health issues.


These often develop on the heel, side of the big toe, or between the toes, and are usually caused by shoes that don’t fit right or are brand new. If the blister isn’t causing a problem, you can leave it alone. But if it hurts or interferes with your running, you will need to “pop” the blister with a sterilized razor blade to get the fluid out.



Cause the bone at the base of the big toe to stick out to the side, so your big toe leans toward your second toe. Improperly fitting shoes or wearing high heels is usually the culprit. Bunions can be painful, and your doctor may have to perform surgery to trim the bone. If it doesn’t bother you too much, you can use bunion pads or arch supports to take pressure off the ball of your big toe.


When you have pain under your three small toes, you have irritated the bursa. This usually occurs because you’re landing too hard on this part of your foot. You can try using metatarsal pads to correct the problem, but if the pain continues, you’ll need to see your doctor. An imbalance in your foot may need to be corrected with orthotics.


If you have one or more toes that don’t stay straight, you have hammertoes. The tops and tips of your toes may hurt because of corns. The problem is usually caused by shoes that aren’t long enough. To help the pain, wrap your toes in lamb’s wool and wear shoes with a wider toe box. You can also have the joint in your toe surgically removed to flatten your toes.


When your nerve endings become inflamed, it causes burning between your toes. It’s a sharp, shooting pain, often accompanied by numbness. When the metatarsal bones are “loose” and move around, neuromas are often the result. When they flare up, ice the area. To try and prevent the pain, use metatarsal pads. If the pain continues, see your doctor.

Pain on the top of your foot

There are two types of injuries you may be suffering from: bruised or broken metatarsals, or a bone spur. A bruised or broken metatarsal will result in stabbing pain, and is usually caused by running long distances. There is no remedy except to stop running—you will need to be under a doctor’s care. A bone spur will be a bump on the top of your foot, caused by too much pressure on top of the foot. If you have a bone spur, you can wear larger shoes, not tie your shoes so tight, and put a pad around the spur.

Plantar faciitis

This is pain in the heel or arch. You usually feel the pain first thing in the morning or after you’ve been sitting for a long time. It can be caused by stride inefficiency, or when your weight doesn’t move correctly through your arch, and overstretches it. When you feel pain, ice the area. It will also help to stop your hill work and your speed work, stretch your calves well, and/or to wear arch supports, heel pads, or arch straps. If the pain persists, see your doctor. You should be able to correct the problem with orthotics.

These common running foot ailments don’t always have to stop you from enjoying the sport. Often you can wear properly fitting shoes and socks, replace your shoes when they are worn, and use correct running form to avoid them.


Article by Davy Kestens in 

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 (Rainbow Warrior)

This month’s shoe review will be a guest post by ZJ aka Joe and he will be giving his first impression and running experience with the Limited Edition Mizuno Wave Rider 18 (Osaka Edition), so read on for his personal views on the following

First and foremost I would like to thank Isaac for this opportunity for providing me with this Wave Rider 18 for the review as because the new Wave Rider 18 made its debut recently at the first Singapore Mizuno Concept Store  and I must say this pair of shoes is quite unlike the rest. First of all, look at all the colours that it has to offer. I really like what Mizuno did with this pair of shoes, I think it’s a very bold move, and honestly how many pairs of rainbow coloured shoes have you seen on the streets.

After putting in a few runs into the shoe I felt that the Wave Rider 18 has a very comfortable shoe upper which does not constrict the movement of the feet,  The AIRmesh provides breathability to keep the foot cool and the OrthoLite Sockliner provides a moisture absorbent environment that caters to people like Isaac976 who hates socks so that is a plus for people who run sockless

The Midsole of the Wave Rider 18is made up of Mizuno Iconic U4ic pronounce as Euphoric, the shoe itself is very lightweight and it provides optimal shock absorption, durability as well as a resilient ride. The Mizuno Wave running from heel to midfoot creates an impressive springy and well cushioned ride.

The Blown Rubber in the forefoot increases cushioning   and made the shoe very responsive. Like the Wave Rider 17 the X10 provide enhanced traction. The most noticeable change since the 17 was the sole being a broader base which actually enhances the running experiences and keeping the runner well balance in their running gait.

Upon putting on this pair of shoes I felt that it is slightly heavier than the NB Fresh Foam 980 which I loved. Unlike the NB Fresh Foam which had an upper to midsole that was virtually flimsy and does not hold,as for the AIRmesh  was well made and you can actually feel it clinging onto the top of your feet. Despite that, the toe box still provides sufficient space for toe play making it very roomy and comfortable shoe.

Though the sole of the Wave Rider 18 is slightly harder than the NB Fresh Foam 980, it feels more responsive than the Fresh Foam. Having run in the Wave Rider 18, all I can say is this pair of shoes is perfect for the heel strikers. The groove of the shoes keeps your legs momentum going when it lands on the ground. It’s like the Wave Rider 18 itself is encouraging you to keep on running.

 Mizuno Wave Rider 18

ZJ’s 2cents Worth of the Mizuno Wave Rider 18:


  1. The shoe easily caters for all the different types of Running Styles
  2. Responsiveness of the shoe when toe off feels instant
  3. I am using this shoe for Basketball for its wide base sole which I love


  1. Hardness of the sole can be quite taxing your feet when doing long distance running.
  2. Shoe can be slightly lighter
  3. Design didn’t vary much from its predecessor


Experience Blind Running

Run So Others Can is an inaugural national event that aims to use mainstream sports as a platform to promote integration and nurture an inclusive Singapore. Runninghour 2015 will be the first and only race in Singapore where participants run alongside over 200 visually, intellectually and physically-challenged runners.
This event will be held on 22 March 2015, and it is an event I truly will join as I will get first hand experience how it is like running blindfolded with a guide. This Run will be a rallying call for everyone to come together and show their support towards integrating people with special needs, so show your support by registering your interest. Early bird ends 15 December 2015
RunningHour* Please note:

  • Category includes a 1km Blind Run first with your partner where one will be blindfolded & your partner will act as your guide (swap roles at 500m mark). Partner must be registered in the same category.
  • Participants in this category will be issued a blindfold and band at the start gate to participate in the Blind Run
  • Participants to enter the start pent together with your partner
  • Participants will be paired-up at the starting pent if he/she does not have a partner for the Blind Run
  • For the purpose of age verification, the age of participant shall be taken as of 1 Jan 2015
  • Category A, B, D: Age 13 and above | Category C: Age 8 and above

If this event interest you why not sign up here : Register Me

You know what , I specially love the design of the medal and I am most definitely looking forward to hanging this medal proud : if you want more information do not hesitate to visit their official website at

Volvo XC60 Drive-E Sports Review

I was ecstatic when I read my email a few weeks back that I will be given a luxury SUV Volvo XC60. All thoughts came to my mind on how amazing it will be to own such a wonderful and beautiful car, totally day dreaming how cool I will be, cruising down the street, windows rolled down, arms hanging out looking all suave and such

With much anticipation, I clicked open and read that email and this happened. It is the Volvo XC60 review. (So yup, no “Volvo” to call my own but hey look on the bright side, I do have it for the weekend)  So read on and see what this Volvo can do for a triathlete enthusiast


In terms of buying a car I have certain criteria when it comes to selecting the car of my dreams I don’t know about you but for me this is how I select my car in the said priority

  1. Trunk Space
  2. Price
  3. Looks
  4. Fuel Efficiency
  5. Freebies / Rebate

Why Trunk Space is first? my reason is simple, it is because that I need to fit in my bikes as well as cargo bags when I travel, I don’t fancy cars with their bike rack sticking out of the boot or even on the roof top as it will increase fuel consumption base of aerodynamics

When I first got the car I am very confident that it will fit my bike if I am going to bring it out for training or race site, but what happens if I have a friend tagging along, I was wondering will it all fit ? what happens to our gears and maybe even do a little shopping after the race ? I simulated a real life situation and you can see it here on the video I made

When people talk about driving a Volvo they think of driving a tank ? I held the same thought when I think of Volvo as “Clunky” “Unintuitive” “Heavy” and “Fuel Guzzler” when I first gotten the car at the showroom, but I have to say it’s none of that. Those are definitely the past and Volvo have prove themselves to be very innovative and trendy: if you say a Volvo is a grand dads car: you have not seen the POLESTAR

Volvo surely have turned heads with its new luxurious design for its SUV and the new XC60 is more acceptable and trendier for the current market, and they will only grow better in design and safety in the future. They surely have gone away from the boxy iconic Volvo design and up their style

I am not going to go into the driving experience, because as much as I want to tell you how much I love driving the car, it would only take your own opinion to feel and understand how drivable this car is on the road and off road (so please head down to Volvo showroom to test out), but I am going to tell you the noticeable features of this beautiful car that I get to drive for the weekend.

I did like how they incorporated small features in the car which will make passengers more comfortable. One more feature that captured my eye was this little button. Can you guess what that is ? it kinda look like a head chopping button at first.


That button is the head rest extraction for the middle back seat passenger which most car makers does not apply. loving how Volvo incorporates such design seamlessly into the back seat and with a foldable tray for more storage, totally remarkable


As for luxurious driving does not come with a hefty fuel guzzling price as peoples’ main concern in present time are high soaring fuel prices around the globe. This gorgeous SUV has a large tank of 70liters and have made a great impression on me because it is number 4 on my priority list.

Throughout the three days of driving the vehicle, I clocked an average of 100km which is infact alot for Singapore because the island is only 45km from one end to the other.

Day 3 Fuel

This is day 2 and if you notice the fuel bar on the left it had only dropped a single bar after driving 182.5km on the ODO. Interesting to know how far it will go in a full tank ? Sales rep mentioned it will go 1000km when I asked, but in reality I think it will do easy 700 for such a size.

Anyway It was a wonderful driving experience and I do hope you have enjoyed my youtube video. If you have any comments or thoughts about the XC60 I would most definitely like to hear. Please drop it in the comment box below so I can see what you guys are thinking of this car?

Side by side with its bigger brother

Side by side with its bigger brother

Singapore Marathon with 53,000 Runner

SCMS2014_Marathon_1Singapore have just ended it’s biggest and final Marathon for the year with more than 53,000 runners taking part in this morning’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014 (SCMS) as runners made their way towards the Padang from various starting points across the island. Flagging off the Marathon category this year was Haile Gebrselassie, widely regarded as one of the greatest runners on earth.

Gebreselassie came in his catergory of 10k in third with a time of 00:30:00 “The crowd in Singapore has been fantastic and I treated the race as a celebration. It’s a wonderful atmosphere and everything was great, except the weather. The humidity is not something I expected but the guys from Kenya really pushed me to go faster.”

Ethopian Waganesh Amare, broke the hold the Kenyans have had on the Marathon category with her winning performance of 02:46:54. She trumped Kenyans Elizabeth Chemweno (02:47:50) and Pauline Wangui (02:48:59).

“The weather was really warm but I’m very happy to win the race here, especially because it’s been won by Kenyans so many times. I really didn’t expect to win, but in spite of my fatigue at the 39km mark, I felt if I pushed a little, I could really win the race, so I persevered.”

Kenneth Mungara, reclaimed the crown he won in 2010 finishing the race with a time of 02:16:42. Expressing his delight in winning the race, Mungara said, “The race today wasvery nice, the weather was good and I enjoyed it. I was alone and didn’t have someone to push me to go even faster. I aim to be back again and to set a new course record.” Kenyans David Kiptui Tarus (02:19:07) Charles Kanyao (02:19:18) made up the rest of the podium.

The Greatest Long Distance Runner in Singapore

Haile Gerbreselassie

Pic: Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

SINGAPORE, 6 DECEMBER 2014 – Widely regarded as one of the greatest long-distance runners in history, Haile Gebrselassie has arrived in Singapore for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) this Sunday. The SCMS will mark Gebrselassie’s debut in South-east Asia. He will be taking part in the event’s 10km category, a distance in which the Ethiopian famously won two Olympic gold medals and four World Championship titles.

Gearing up for his first race in Singapore, Gebrselassie commented at the official pre-race press conference, “I’m looking forward to running on Sunday, it’s amazing to have more than 53,000 people running together, it’s like the whole city is running. I’m keeping an open mind for the timing for this Sunday’s race, the weather is new to me, and I’m here to enjoy the run!”

Joining him at the press conference were elite runners from across the world; Kenneth Mungara (Kenya), Nicholas Kemboi (Qatar), Jairus Chanchima Ondora (Kenya) and Ayelu Lemma (Ethiopia), who will be competing in the Marathon. This will not be first time some of these runners are in Singapore for SCMS, with Kenneth Mungara winning the Marathon in 2010.

Singapore’s local course record holder Mok Ying Ren was also part of today’s press conference and will be looking to break his own record as he pushes for his Olympic dreams. “I’m humbled and honoured to be amongst some of the best international marathoners here, especially with the great emperor Haile Gebrselassie,” said Mok.

“We are very glad to welcome Haile Gebrselassie and the other elite athletes to Singapore. I’m sure it will be an exciting morning and we can’t wait to witness the legendary Gebrselassie run alongside our local runners. More
than 53,000 runners will be participating this coming Sunday and we are looking forward to see all of them at the start line.” said Chris Robb, Chief Executive Officer, Spectrum Worldwide.

Singapore Marathon Oakley Booth

Oakley Expo (1)

There is one booth I will never fail to stop whenever I am at the Singapore Marathon race pack collection Expo. This has been two years running that Oakley is having such great deals, how can anyone not buy? If you like to know what the promo is that they are having that make it so irresistible ?

Well it first you are able to  trade in any of your sunglasses brands for a pair of customised Oakley Radarlock or Radar and get $100 off! (pssst.. dont tell the Oakley team that I told you this cause I am gonna get killed..just go out and get a pair of cheap sunnies from 7-11 or something at the cost of less than $10) then head over to Hall 5, Booth 69 and get a $100 off. Now what a bargain.

I have gotten mine annually at the race expo and check out my new fresh out of the box Infra Red Jade Iridium Radarlock. Make me droolz, darn now my mums gonna nag me again for buying Oakley again.

Oakley Expo (4) Oakley Expo (5) Oakley Expo (6)

Well anyway that is not only the deal there, check out the following as well, but wait just to clarify with you guys that if you are getting $100 off you are not getting the Oakley goodie bag, so it is either or. So choose wisely. If you can’t decide just get two.

Oakley Expo (2)

Don’t say Good Stuff No Share Hor. Anyway head over soon as today is the last day of the EXPO and they close at 7pm. Have a Great Run Everyone and Good Luck Tomorrow

Where Do You Find Motivation?

How do one recover from a slump and find motivation in their workout regime or towards their goal? Many people do fall into this category where they started they workout schedule feeling all excited and all, and having stuck to their schedule they hit a snag and felt like everything just fallen down and they can’t find that motivational factor in them to continue, for me I have been in a slump since Berlin Marathon and ever since then I have not recovered from it, It is bad, been a month or so now and I have ran a couple of runs but to me it feels that I have lost it. I feel no energy and I have been really tired of late ? I can’t factor in if it was Berlin or was it something else? (just making Berlin an excuse). This time I can’t really pin point on which is my pain point here.  All I want to do is just lay down on the bench and look upon the sky.


Well I have Tokyo coming up in 2 months or so I can’t be like this anymore, meeting up with a couple of other peeps that ran Tokyo with me this year again. I can’t bear to let myself down again and again. I know running sub 4 for some people is just like ..”Hey Hun, lets go for a morning run and BAM they do 3:45 on a easy 42k” LOL .. ok I don’t really know anyone who does that but it’s just a saying.

Anyway I am starting my lunch runs again, really hope I get out of this slump and pick myself up so wish me luck guys ,for this post I am just rambling but anyway I have a couple of Motivator to share with you guys and today hope you like it, and if you have your motivating tips do share with me and I can share with the rest. Check you out later !



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