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Participants Enjoy Premium Experience at Inagural KM Duathlon

KM Duathlon 1

Singapore, 21 July 2014 – Nearly 400 participants, including Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Mayor, North EastDistrict rose to the challenge of completing the first-ever KM Duathlon – Singapore’s most challenging Duathlon thus far.

Organised by Infinitus Productions, the inaugural KM Duathlon consist of running and cycling over two distances – the KM60 and the KM30 categories. The KM60 saw participants complete a 10km run, followed by a 40km cycle down Changi Coastal Drive, and ending with another 10km run. The KM30 category is half the distance at 5km-20km-5km. Participants could also opt to partner with a buddy for the KM60 Relay.

Held at Changi Exhibition Centre, the intimate race settings meant participants were able to complete their race without much obstruction and achieve a good time. Clifford Scott, age 31, winner of the KM60 (Male) who completed the race in 02:28:53 commented, “This is definitely one of the most challenging race due to the distance and the heat. The key of the race is to pace yourself and keep your heart rate down. It is a very well-organised race, the smaller numbers was great on the bike especially, with lesser cyclists on route, it is thus much
safer too.”

Participants were also treated to a premium pre and post-race experience; where organisers pampered all participants with complimentary full-body massages, chilled towels, light bites and cold beer, in addition to the special delivery of race packs to all participants prior to the race.
“Being an avid endurance athlete, I’ve always yearned for a complete race experience. I put myself in the shoes of a participant and raced today. I am proud to say my team has delivered a premium experience. Other than providing a safe and wonderful experience enroute, the post-race experience also ensured all participants ended the race on a sweet note. I trust participants enjoyed the race as much as I did and will be keen to join us for KM Duathlon again next year!” said Jeffrey Foo, Director of Infinitus Productions, who participated in the relay along with Mr Teo.

Mizuno PAssion Wave Run concluded with a bang

Mizuno Wave Run 2014

Singapore, 20 July 2014 – Billed as the only 16 kilometers race in Singapore, the eleventh edition of the Mizuno PAssion Wave Run kicked off at Bukit Merah View with more than 2,000 participants. The race was organised by Tanjong Pagar GRC, Radin Mas SMC, and is proudly sponsored by World of Sports and Mizuno. Mr. Lexus Tan won the race, he crossed the finish line in 58:14. Belgium Powerhouse, Misss Vanja Cnops was the first lady to cross the finish line with a timing of 1:02:48. Mr Tony Seakins and Miss Maggie Goh were the fastest men and women in the veteran category, finishing with a timing of 1:01:11 and 1:19:33 respectively.

Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Social and Family Development, Second Minister for Defence and adviser to Tanjong Pagar GRC Grassroots, Ms Indranee Thurai Rajah, Senior Minister of State for Law and Education, and adviser to Tanjong Pagar GRC Grassroots, Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong. Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and, adviser to Radin Mas SMC Grassroots Organisations, Dr Lily Neo and Dr Chia Shi Lu, advisers to Tanjong Pagar GRC Grassroots Organisations were in
attendance to flag off and present the prizes to the winners.

“It’s been a great day. The weather behaved and gave us great conditions for running and the residents of Bukit Merah provided enthusiastic support for all of our runners. There were lots of smiles on the course and at the finish.” Said Alan Chia, General Manager of World of Sports. Winners walked away with cash vouchers from World of sports and prizes from partners, KOR, Spenco, Run Magazine, True Fitness, Mentholatum, Sunplay, Dole, Yurbuds and Body Contour.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore Queue started 24hours before official registration begins

Queue for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014 starts 24 hours before official registration begins

SCMSsingapore Marathon


Singapore, 17 July, 2014 – The public registration of the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014 starts officially at 11am, 16 July but enthusiastic runners have already started queuing up more than 24 hours before registration opens.

First to arrive in line at 9.45am is Gerrard Lim, 31, affectionately known as “Ah Siao” within the running community. Lim famously completed his first Full Marathon at SCMS 2012 with a tyre tied around his waist to raise awareness for the Bone Marrow Donor Programme. While he is not running with his tyre this year, his tyre will be keeping him company over night.

When asked why he started queuing so early, Lim said, “I have never won anything in my life before so I decided to do something worthwhile and be number one in the queue. The marathon is an event that challenges you to go beyond your limits and inspires me to go even further.”

Arriving at the same time as Lim was Republic Polytechnic’s Venice Ng, 20. This is the first time Ng is taking part in SCMS. When asked why she started queuing so early, Ng said, “I am very excited about taking part in the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore this year. I think the $1 entry fee is a very interesting promotion. I want to take part in a big-scale event and wanted to give it a shot at being the first in line.” Having been at the front of the line since this morning, Ng has made friends with the others in the queue and is looking forward to chatting with her newfound friends as she await for registration tomorrow morning.

For their efforts, both will receive two of the 100 $1 running entries available. They will also receive a limited edition SCMS adidas BOOST running shoes.

In a further show of unity, some of the runners in the line also appointed themselves as ‘welfare’ officers, taking food orders from others in the queue to ensure everyone gets their fill while waiting in line.

A total of 100 $1 entries will be available only at ION Orchard – 42 slots for Marathon (42.195km), 21 slots for Half Marathon (21.1km), 10 slots for 10km and 27 slots for Kids Dash – on a first come, first served basis. These lucky 100 registrants will also receive a premium goodie bag, which includes the above-mentioned shoes. Limited edition goodie bags will also be handed out to the next 500 registrants at ION Orchard.

For all SCMS 2014 registration details please visit


Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup (Registration Open)

Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Cup will be held on the 25th and 26th October 2014

Course Description

Held on the iconic grounds of Lantau Island on 25 and 26 October, the 2014 Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup is a premier event where recreational triathletes can rub shoulders with age-groupers and professionals.

2014 will see athletes slugging it out to take the Asian Championship crown ensuring this signature triathlon will be a not-to-be missed event.

Swim Course

The swim course is a 1 loop affair of 750m swam anti-clockwise. Athletes will start in the water in front of the floating pontoon and navigate the triangular-shaped course. Water temperature is expected to be between 24-28 degree Celsius and thus wetsuits will not be allowed on the course. The water at Discovery Bay is usually quiet to mildly choppy and swimmers can expect minimum swell on race day.

Swimmers of the Olympic distance will perform two continuous loops before exiting, while swimmers of the sprint distance will exit the water upon completion of one loop only.

Bike Course

The bike course is mostly flat, to the exception of a section going over a bridge where athletes can expect a short progressive climb followed by a mirroring downhill. The course is entirely cut to traffic and bikes will be the only vehicles moving on the roads, alongside race officials and emergency vehicles. The only technicality of the course will be the U-turn points, which are located at far end of the out & back and at the looping point (for Olympic distance athletes only).

The Olympic distance athletes have 3 laps to complete, between Sunny Bay Road and Cheung Tung Road, before heading back to transition area.

The sprint distance athletes have only 1 such loop to complete prior to heading back to transition, making it a simple out & back.

Run Course

The run course is flat and fast on wide and scenic roads. The first part of the course will take the athletes on the promenade on the sea front. Then they will head back towards transition and along the canal, crossing Magic Road up the finish area located below Fantasy Road.

Athletes of the Olympic distance will have 3 repetitions of the seaside promenade to run prior to heading to the finish.

Whilst athletes of the Sprint distance will have to run a single out & back on the promenade and then head straight to the finish.

Race Distances & Courses

The 2014 Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup is a signature triathlon event owned by the TriHK (TriHK), organised by leading multi-sport event organiser MetaSport and sub-vented by Home Affairs Bureau (Arts & Sports Development Fund). The race is to be held on 25-26 October 2014 (Sat & Sun), Lantau Island.

Olympic Swim 1.5km Bike 40km Run 10km Course Map (TBC)
Sprint Swim 750m Bike 18km Run 5km Course Map (TBC)
Youth Swim 375m Bike 10km Run 2.8km Course Map (TBC)
Discovery Swim 375m Bike 10km Run 2.8km Course Map (TBC)
Kids Swim 195m Bike 5km Run 2.1km Course Map (TBC)


To Registration link

If you are interested to participate in the following, please proceed to click on >> Register Me <<


More than two years of research, testing and design leads to revolutionary new bra collection and Nike Pro 360 Fit System.

Nike Pro Combat
Singapore,  July  2014  –  More  so  than  any  other  part  of  the  workout  wardrobe,  the  sports  bra  is  arguably the most important and the heart of every female athlete’s workout.

Probably  the first thing she puts on, sports bras make it clear that no two women are quite the  same. Different physiques and different needs across a wide range of activities require a  heightened focus on narrowly tailored personalization.  In this regard, fit and support are  paramount. A sports bra that doesn’t fit right is motivation not to work out.

“We have a saying here, ‘No bra, no workout, no run’.” Says Julie Igarashi, Vice President of  Global Design for Nike Women’s Training. “The majority of women are wearing the wrong-­‐sized  bra.  This is something we needed to fix.”

This insight inspired Nike to devote more than two years of research, testing, design and  development to creating a new sports bra solution. The result of that work is the Nike Pro Bra  Collection, an innovative line of sports bras designed  for the body in motion to provide  the  right fit and right support  for every female athlete.

The Nike Pro Bra Collection features five bras designed for each athlete’s desired level of support. The centerpiece of the collection is the Nike Pro Rival Bra, which delivers the highest level of support and is offered  in  25  sizes to help the female athlete find the right fit. The  collection also features the new  Nike

Pro Fierce Bra, as well as the updated Nike Pro Classic and Nike Pro Indy Bras. The Nike Pro  Classic Bra is also available in a padded version.

Nike Pro Fierce
The bras are complemented by the new Nike Pro 360  Fit System, which employs a Nike-­‐created  calculator to help female athletes find their precise size.  Together,  the  bras  and  fit  system  represent  the  culmination  of  a  global  design  journey in  which  every detail was obsessed, all the way down to the fibres found in the fabrics.

Athlete insights and early research

Athlete  insights  are  the  lifeblood  of  Nike  design.  In  the  early  stages  of  its  sports  bra  research,  Nike interviewed  a number of athletes. An important  theme emerged: the higher the support, the lower the comfort.

“Our  mission  was  clear,”  Nike  Innovation  Designer  Stephy  Scott  says.  “We  needed  to  develop  bras offering  a  continuum  of  support  without  sacrificing  comfort.  The  need  for  a  high  support  bra  that wouldn’t compromise fit for function was especially critical.”

To build a bra up, Nike needed  to break it down,  work that would  require  an entire  team. This team, spanning  research,  design  and development,  embarked  on a global  journey  of innovation.
It met with some of the world’s leading bra specialists and studied bra manufacturing  best practices. Particular focus was placed on linger construction.

The journey also brought the Nike team to the United Kingdom, where it partnered with Loughborough University, one of only a handful universities in the world that conducts sports bra research.

Nike Pro Rival

Biomechanical testing

At  Loughborough,   both  Nike  and  university  researchers  worked  together  to  conduct  biomechanical testing of female athletes in motion. By using a motion analysis system that captures
video at an ultra-­‐ slow rate of 200 frames per second, researchers were able to track the breast motion of athletes wearing the  bras  while  running  on  treadmills.  Among  other  outputs,  this testing  recorded  displacement,   a measure  of how much the breast moves. It was clear that managing  displacement  with an appropriate level of sports bra support would be vital.

In total, more than 600 hours of biomechanical testing were conduction, both at Loughborough and in the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab.

“In addition to measuring displacement,  our testing also revealed that in most sports of a female athlete plays, breasts tend to move in the shape of a butterfly  – up and left, down, up and right, down,” says Martine Mientjes, Nike Apparel Innovation project Research Director. “With a scientific understanding  of how the breast moves, our designers  were able to be extremely  precise in where to emphasize  added support in the bras.”

Nike Pro Classisc

Materials Research
The sports bra is the true sum of its parts. Every component has the potential to either hurt or help its performance. The materials that comprise a sports bra are prime examples o this. For instance, two of the same  fabrics  can  have  significantly  different  stretch  properties  if  they  originate  from  different  batches.  If the fabrics stretch differently, they will fit differently.

To  maintain  consistent  fit,  as  well  as  soft-­‐hand  feel  and  support,  Nike  obsessed  materials.  Reserachers  analysed  and  tested  a  number  of  fabrics  for  stretch,  recovery,  moisture  management  and
modulus. Modulus  which  reveals  how  difficult  or  easy  it  is  to  stretch  a  fabric,  was  an  integral  consideration. Modulus not only delivers support, but also is the best measure for the consistency of stretch
fabrics from batch to batch.

“We  continue   to  look  at  innovative   ways  to  maintain   high  standards   for  our  fabrics,”  says  Richa Maheshwari,   a  Nike  Innovation  Materials  Researcher.   “Our  discoveries  pushed  us  to  create  a  new threshold for how we evaluate stretch fabrics.” The Nike Pro Rival Bra is the pinnacle example of this high standard. It features a fabric constructed from fine nylon yarns for a soft-­‐hand feel, which is a staple of lingerie construction. State of the art knitting machines were employed to knit the fabric nearly twice as tightly as fabric found in typical apparel. The result is an ultra-­‐soft performance fabric that provides the appropriate amount of stretch and modulus to help deliver support and a consistent

Researchers  also devoted significant  through to the chest band, the architectural  foundation  of the bra. The chest  band,  which  ehlps  to provide  comfort  and support  with  a better  fit, has historically  been  a lightning rod for criticism.

“We searched for the softest elastics for a zero distraction feel,” Maheshwari says. “We also ensured that the  materials  used  included  the  appropriate   amount  of  stretch  and  modulus
for  a  consistent  and supportive fit.”

Nike Pro Indy

The design journey not only starts with the athlete, but ends with the athlete as well. More than 300 wear tests to assess support and fit were performed  worldwide.  In addition, the bras were put through more than 1,800 hours of wash testing to assess shrinkage, durability, hand feel and visual appearance.

To ensure the power of finding the perfect fit can be in the athlete’s hands, Nike developed the Nike Pro360 Fit System. Born out of two years of development,  the system requires the female athlete to enter her ribcage circumference  and cup size into a Nike-­‐created calculator. The calculator will then produce a recommended  bra size. Initial testing on 100 athletes showed the system to be approximately  80 percent

“While  we  find  this  percentage  incredibly  exciting,  it’s  just  a  starting  point,”  Nike  Women’s  Training Technical  Development  Director  Kerryn  Foster  says.  “  We  look  forward  to continuing  to  improve  the accuracy of this new fit system.”

Female athletes will be able to use the Nike Pro 360 Fit System on For more information on the Nike Pro Bra Collection, please watch:
The Nike Pro Bra collection is available at Nike outlets island-­‐wide from S$49 – S$89. A breakdown of each bra in the collection, from highest to lightest support in the Fact Sheet attached.




Running in Bangkok Lumphini Park

Bangkok never cease to amaze me every time I visit, I practically visit Bangkok every year without fail.. and as an avid runner, I have been running the streets of Bangkok every time without fail. If you guys have been following me on my Instagram, no matter which country I’ve visit I will most certainly share a running pic of the beautiful country that I am in through a first person perspective.

This time, I most certainly want to share a park that I never fail to run in when I am in Bangkok, while taking the opportunity to soak in the morning sun and training for my upcoming weekend race which is the Mizuno 16km Wave Run, so where better to train in Bangkok, certainly it has to be none other than Lumphini, easily one of my favourite parks in Thailand and here is why.

Lumphini Park also knonw as Lumpini or Lumpinee has a build up of  about 55 hectare park in the middle of city. This park as mentioned offers a rare open space that comes with a playground. There is a running path totaling approximately 2.5 km in length and it has water fountains equipped along side the running track. In this track you can see there is a line divided on the track with one as for runners and the other for cyclist/inline skating. Officially, cycling is only permitted during the day between the times of 10am to 3pm.

My recommendation is to run this place in the morning, where temperature is cool and before the sun peeks into the park at about 7am, the hustle and bustle of the nearby offices are just starting to get busy while all you are doing is running and breathing in at least fresher air than nearby vicinity.

Why this place is clearly a favourite of mine is that when you run this park in the morning, you will see families bringing in their kids to play, groups of tai chi, swords, fan, yoga practitioners performing their workouts. This place is like Central Park without the chills and maple tree.

Lumphini Park Bangkok

If you look at the bottom right, it clearly shows that there is this open air gym, some what similar to Muscle Gym in Venice beach California, this place have been there for as long as I can remember and there is never short of people working out here. I am not sure if you get to use the equipment for free or you have to pay a membership, If you run down the path you can see a indoor gym but I am sure that you have to pay.

So if you are in Bangkok and looking for a place to sweat it out without a gym, or maybe just a romantic stroll in the evening. Please do visit Lumphini Park in Bangkok Thailand.  If you have any other favourite place to run in Thailand, do share or let me know what you think. Thanks for reading guys

Opening Hours: 04:30 – 21:00
Location: Rama IV Road, Pathumwan
MRT: Silom, Lumphini
BTS: Saladaeng
How to get there: MRT Subway Silom or Lumphini Stations will drop you right opposite the park.

This was taken from the

Top scoring football boot of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

Thursday, 10th July 2014 – With the quarter finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ concluding over the weekend, statistics revealed that the adidas adizero f50 is currently the top scoring football boot at the tournament with 42 goals scored. The adizero f50 is the boot of choice for six of the tournament’s top nine goalscorers. This includes World Cup sensation and adidas Golden Boot leader James Rodriguez of Colombia with six goals, with adidas stars Lionel Messi (four), Thomas Müller (four), Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben and Karim Benzema (all three).

James Rodriguez took the tournament by storm, with three Man of the Match displays and two assists to accompany his six goals. This came from 15 shots on goal, with an impressive 14 on target.

adizero f50 players are also setting the pace outside of the goal department. Arjen Robben was responsible for the most dribbles into the area during the tournament (10), Lionel Messi delivered the most balls into the area (21), while Karim Benzema had the most shots on target (19).



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