UPDATED as of 16 April 14 – 4:35pm  :

Race Participant will be entitled for the following :

Participants will receive a Race Pack worth more than $250 with the following items:

  • KM Duathlon 2014 exclusive Compressport compression wear worth $160
  • KM Duathlon 2014 exclusive sports visor worth $30 (for KM60 Distance participants only)
  • KM Duathlon 2014 exclusive finisher medal
  • 6 months free digital subscription to Men’s Health Magazine worth $36
  • Complimentary Sports Injury Coverage
    • Benefits:
        • » Accidental Death : S$10,000
        • » Permanent Disability : S$10,000
        • » Sport Injury Medical Expenses : S$300
          • - Excess of $20 per injury
          • - Inclusive of Traditional Chinese Medicine up to S$150
          • - Include visitation to Acupuncturist, Bonesetter, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist and Chinese Herbalist


        • » Eligibility: Participant on the declared event, with age between 18 years and 70 years old at the time of registration


      • » Coverage period: Commence at the start of the event




Singapore, 16 April 2014 – The first-ever KM Duathlon will place an exciting new challenge to running and cycling enthusiasts on 20th July, pushing the boundaries and daring athletes in Singapore’s longest-ever duathlon distance from Changi Exhibition Centre.


The inaugural KM Duathlon consists of running and cycling over two distances – the KM60 and the KM30 Distance. The KM60 distance sees the participant running a familiar 10km, followed by a 40km cycle, and ending with another 10km run. The KM30 category is half of this distance at 5km-20km-5km.


In addition to taking part individually, participants can choose to partner up with a buddy to take turns on the KM60 Relay. The two-person relay allows for teams to strategise, splitting up the course equally into cycling and running between two members respectively, or mixing it up to have one partner complete two consecutive thirds of the race.


Organised by Infinitus Productions, the KM Duathlon is the premium event that will truly test one’s endurance. Singapore’s current duathlons follow the International Triathlon Union’s (ITU) 10km-40km-5km format, while KM Duathlon will push this limit with a 10km final leg.



Companies and organisations devoted to encouraging work-life balance can also field a minimum of four participants to enter the KM Team Challenge. Tearing through the KM60 distance, the top four timings for each team will be submitted for an Inter-Company Challenge to vie for the illustrious 2014 KM Duathlon Team Challenge Champion Cup. An added incentive for corporate teams winning the Cup will be to do it for a good cause. Promoting charity adoption to track companies’ KM journey, the winning team’s chosen charity will benefit further from a $2,500 donation from the organiser.


“The KM Duathlon was conceived out of my passion to challenge and surpass my own boundaries,” said Jeffrey Foo, Director of Infinitus Productions, an avid endurance athlete himself. “I am confident that participants of this event will feel the ultimate sense of satisfaction at the finishing line,” he added.


Infinitus Productions prides themselves on providing top quality race experiences and has taken the unprecedented move of providing insurance coverage for all participants at KM Duathlon. A complimentary Sports Injury Insurance will be provided for all participants upon registration. The basic policy insures participants for accidents and injuries sustained at KM Duathlon, while participants may also opt to increase coverage with an additional S$20.


Another bonus for all participants is the provision of a complimentary compression top (worth $160) in all race packs. Understanding the importance of recovery after the trying nature of the race, KM Duathlon is partnering COMPRESSPORT® in its debut to include a compression top for participants to experience the COMPRESSPORT® medical graded fibre, designed to enhance performance and delay muscle fatigue. The technical weave in the fibre also aids in recovery, preventing muscle tear thus a quicker and better recovery.


The KM Duathlon will open for registration on 16 April 2014. Interested participants may register via REGISTER ME FOR KM DUATHLON

For more information do visit their official website

Event information


Category Distance Early Bird Pricing(15 Apr – 16 May) Normal Pricing(17 May onwards)
KM60(Individual) 10km – 40km – 10kmRun – Bike – Run $173 $213
KM30(Individual) 5km – 20km – 5kmRun – Bike – Run $143 $163
Relay(Team of 2) 10km – 40km – 10kmRun – Bike – Run $330 $418
Team Challenge(Minimum of 4 from the same organisation) 10km – 40km – 10kmRun – Bike – Run $163/pax




Venue:                                Changi Exhibition Centre


Date:                                   20 July 2014, Sunday


Time:                                  7.00AM


Official Compression:         COMPRESSPORT®


Official Magazine:               Men’s Health Singapore




How to Recover Faster from your Runs

Before I say anything please check this video out , Ahmad is a frequent runner at my workplace and I decided to try this contraption out with him…  just look at how he is digging deep with the device on his tired shins, let the video do all the talking…

If you are one runner that always complains about having tight muscle, soreness or wanting to recover faster, I truly recommend you using Go Moji 360 Mini Massager, I bought this online as because I couldn’t get any dealers carrying this device in Singapore.

Just like any runner, I will have my soreness and not forgetting tight muscle after a hard run, I’ve made my own foam roller (Click for instruction) to iron out my tightness but I needed something that I could travel with as I travel a fair but and I take every opportunity I can to run in another country.

Check out the packaging that came with it.

So how does the Moji 360 works?It has seven sphere made of aluminum ball bearing (so I think) and with two special spheres to perform specific functions. You’ll notice there is a larger sphere at the top by your fingertips and the largest one by the heel of your hand. They created this on purpose and they named the top largest sphere as “Target Sphere” It is name as such for a reason.

The largest sphere at the bottom digs super deep, using the heel of your hand to provide the most intense massage. Again, hence the name “Intensity Sphere” and intense it is, I usually like to press hard on my palm to my shins using the Target sphere and the Intensity Sphere.


This device is totally bendable and it moves with the contours of your legs as well as your back. Moji mini have helped me recover faster after every run. On the first try when you rub it over your shin you will feel an intense pain (Think of using a metal rod and rolling it over your shin, yup that the feeling)

isaac976After a few rub own over a few days, you will certainly feel the effect of this and less muscle tightness, I’ve use it over my calf, quads, neck, my back and my shin the most, as for me the Moji mini 360 has been my secret to a quick recovery.

20140115_214217 I totally recommend this Moji 360 not only to runners but in fact to everyone that has muscle soreness, really give it a try you won’t regret it. This retails for USD $29.95  on their website.

If you are interested you can visit


We Don’t Play Football, We Live IT

As the world gears up for this summer’s big competition, Nike takes the opportunity to celebrate 20 years of brilliant football. In 1994 during a sunny afternoon in Pasadena, Calif., a statement was made – glory is granted to those who risk everything. From that point on players such as Luís Figo, Fabio Cannavaro and Ronaldo exemplified that style, daring to do whatever it took to bring victory to their teams and nations.

To honor the all-or-nothing approach of these athletes, Nike introduces Nike F.C. – not just a collection but also a badge of honor representing passion, talent, irreverence and most of all the willingness to put it all on the line.

The Nike Sportswear Nike F.C. Collection will be available on on April 14, and select Nike Sportswear retailers beginning April 17.

For the full experience please visit

Who Need’s a Hero in Singapore, We Need a Hero

What is the one thing that men have over taken the women in the land of Raising Sun ?

  1. Fashion
  2. Grooming
  3. Cooking

Well if you have guessed no 2. Then you are spot on, in recent survey researcher have noted that male have been taking notice of how they look and buying more beauty products than women. In Singapore I think this has not caught on but is certainly booming and that is why “We need a Hero”. I meant that literally.

Recently an all male grooming store have popped up in the new to be place of Singapore which is  non other than of Tiong Bahru, this place have been on the lips of many men and that would be the All men’s grooming called “We Need A Hero”


I was curious of this place as I heard about people sipping whiskey (serious, see the below pic) while having wet shaves, haircut or even waxing

Well out the blues I decided to visit this place on a Saturday sometime last two weeks ago, and I have to say this place is packed and people with appointment are only being entertained, if you are walking in hoping to get a shave or haircut let alone waxing, I doubt you will have a chance getting served cause I peeked into the wait list and there is no available slot into the night.

isaac976This place is filled with energy, energy of satisfied customer to the receptionist greeting people coming in, phone ringing none stop and the chatter from the barber and barbress, even with my appointment I was made to wait cause the attention given to each customer, took this opportunity to interview one of the customers that have just finished with his hair cut and shaving


After that the receptionist took our order for drinks, plenty of selection of drinks available, dont forget to be asking for whiskey,  wish I could taste some but I was driving so I requested for a lemon ginger mint to calm me self.



took time to check out the place as well


I booked Janice K the Chief Barberess and wish me luck on my transformation, here is my before and selfie with the beautiful and talented Janice Kok who have no less than 15 years of cutting and snipping on her resume


She took her time understanding my daily habits of grooming and knowing me, I am horrible with styling and yet I want to look good (who doesn’t) we agreed on cutting a short but slick back kinda look as it’s one of the most current stuff going on.


but before cutting, you go through the procedure of washing your scalp, this is carefully with a lovely scented towel to cover your eyes and relaxes you. ( darn I can swear you hear me snore through that pic)


Half way cutting .. half way sculpting


More Blowing, More styling, yumz yumz.. she put on some sea salt on my hair, I asked her can I lick my own hair in need of salt ?


Viola, Done! How do I look ? better at the before or after? page

She used this fiber product on my hair which I can’t refuse so I got myself one to style. Mesh Styling by Label.M from London,




The Social Media team at We Need a Hero was kind enough to give all readers a chance to try out their waxing treatment for a whopping 50% discount. All you need to do is show them this from your phone or print it out.


If that is not enough you can get 20% off your first shave, haircut or brow job by doing this (The prints is a bit small, please click on the pic to see the bigger picture)


So how to get to We Need a Hero ?

They are located at 57 Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru, do visit their website for more details at

Remember appointment is highly recommended on weekend.



McDonald’s How Hot Can You Go “Spicy Challenge”

McDonald’s started this “Spicy Challenge” where it’s says How Hot Can You Go, about last week ago, they blasted their ads everywhere promoting the burgers and it looked like this. It will feature 4 level of spiciness where the highest is a unannounced burger. (I hope they put in Ghost Chili or the Naga Viper, well at least flakes will do , but for now it will just be level 3)

If you guys are reading this in America, sorry guys, I believe this is only in Asia .. cause you guys can’t take the HEAT ! LOL

McDonald Spicy Burger

The first burger is Sizzling Citrus and I dont think it’s any more sizzling than sipping a Pina Colada under the hot sun as that is the only spicy effect you get, Level 2 burger is the McSpicy and it has been on the menu for quite some time now, I am trying out the Flaming Green Curry today.

I do not advocate eating McDonald’s but it is ok if they have funky challenges like this, cause I always say BRING IT ON!! I am a heat freak.. I love the burning sensation and sweat dripping down my temple, not only that I once eaten drank a whole bottle of Tabasco on one sitting. That got me a Swollen Lips bigger than …

Burn Baby BurnWell you get the point.. been thinking about the latest burger since last week after they introduced it, I had time after my lunch and I went out to get it just for kicks to see how spicy it is. If you are curious to know how spicy this level 3 burger is for me read on

Here I have the box and it say’s “FLAMING GREEN CURRY”

isaac976On the side of the box it says, This Thai Thiller… is packed with juicy, hot action – succulent green curry whole muscle chicken, spicy lemongrass and coconut sauce, crunchy whole leaf lettuce and a split corndust bun to top. Question is, can you take the heat?

I am like WOAH .. u guys really bringing it on…

isaac976 20140412_204436 20140412_204444

Opening the box you will discover that the burger looks like ….


Well, Kudos McDonalds, the burger does look like how it was advertised.. until…

isaac976Well after splitting the bun and seeing whats inside it is utterly disappointing because the so called Lemongrass Coconut Spicy sauce must be really expensive or hard to come by, I was smeared on with such sad amount that I think McDonald is making employee count the gram of sauce going into the burger, Anyway can’t wait to sink my teeth into this baby


First BITE !! NOM NOM NOM … ARGH !! … BURNS … SPICE … KILLING ME …. WATER… MILK … ANYTHING …  (ok that was just in my head)

The actual thing was … nom nom nom .. first bite taste salty from the chicken fillet, a bit of spice kicking in (wee bit)

Second bite, Nom Nom Nom .. same heat nothing fantastic..

Third bite, Nom Nom Nom.. all gone..  remember the box where is says “Can you take the heat?”

What HEAT !?

well at least the saving grace was the promise of a crunchy lettuce and boy wish they could give me more of those, the chicken fillet was tasty and juicy and boy the bun is soft and fluff. So there you go.. If you like a bit of sting on your burger go try this out.

Can’t wait for McDonald’s to come out with their level 4 Burger.. hope it’s not a wash down.. NOW MY TURN TO CHALLENGE YOU !!


Marathon De Sables 2014 known as the Toughest Foot Race on the PLANET

Would you like some sun, sand and heat ? Imagine lying down on the soft sands of Marakesh, sipping ice cold lemon tea, dipping yourself in the pool with bikini babes and hunks all around ? well I would most definitely but surely only after completing the  toughest Footrace on this planet as deem by Discovery Channel.

This race is TOTAL Bragging rights, I think this race has more respect than Ironman in my books, races like this is really pushing the limits of the human mental strength as well as will power. How can anyone train for such a thing? I thought running leadville was bad, but this is another level altogether, it’s seems that someone said, hey Leadville is way too chill with such cooling temperature, lets take it up a notch and fry our noggings by running in temperature no less than 50 degrees Celsius, this race is known as the Marathon De Sables otherwise MdS for short

Today is the first day, if you like a good daily update on whats going on you can check out

I would like to say good luck to both  Singaporeans Chin Wei Chong and Ian Lye who  is participating in this , If you want to know more about MDS read on below

The Marathon des Sables (MdS) is an epic event which takes place every year in the Saharan desert of Morocco, and is arguably The Toughest Footrace On Earth.  In 1984 Patrick Bauer – a French concert promoter - decided to put the world of rock ‘n roll behind him and set out for an epic walkabout. He chose the Algerian Sahara, one of the most brutal environments on earth, and he opted to walk 200 miles of it with all he would need on his back.

It was on this epic trek, under the relentless Saharan sun that his idea of creating the world’s toughest footrace came to him. Two years later in 1986 having obtained the funding he needed,  he successfully organised the 1st ‘Marathon of the Sands’ which was run in Southern Morocco.

April 2014 sees the 29th MdS with around 1000 participants racing through some of the most vicious terrain on the planet; running, walking and sometimes even crawling through rocks and sand, over salt plains, stoney Hamada desert and sand dunes of up to 150m high, and experiencing sand storms and temperatures sometimes exceeding 50 degrees Celsius; definitely not for the faint hearted!

The MdS takes place over 6 days and covers 150 – 156 miles (254km) – the equivalent of 5.5 regular Marathons!  It is run in 6 stages, the longest stage being around 80 plus kilometres when many of the competitors will run through the night to complete it.

Entrants are self-sufficient, carrying all of their provisions for the full 6 days on their backs; sleeping bag, first aid kit including an anti-venom pump for snake bites, food, cooking stove and clothes.  Rationed water is provided throughout the race at check-points along each stage, and again at the camp at the end of each day, with each participant having the same daily allowance which they must manage carefully and efficiently.

At the end of each stage a camp is set up for the competitors, with traditional Moroccan bivouacs sleeping 8 people. Here the competitors will cook their own dinner, visit the medics to have their blisters lanced and dressed, show amazing humour considering the exhaustion and pain they are suffering, and forge solid friendships for life.

The following list will help give you an idea of just how big an event this truly is and how much organisation is involved:

  • 120,000 liters of mineral water
  • 400 support staff
  • 100 volunteers for the course
  • 100 4×4 vehicles
  • 270 saharan and Berber tents
  • 2 “Ecureuil” helicopters and 1 “Cessna” plane
  • 23 buses
  • 6 MDS specific commercial planes
  • 4 camels
  • 4 quads bikes
  • 3 mountain bikes
  • 1 incinerator lorry for burning waste
  • 52 strong medical team
  • 6,5 kms of Elastoplast , 2,700 compeed blister plasters, 19,000 compresses
  • 6,000 painkillers and 150 litres of disinfectant
  • 6 satellite telephones, 15 computers, fax and internet
  • 1 editing bus, 5 cameras and 1 satellite image station

Besides the obvious self-rewards for competing and finishing this mammoth event, hundreds of thousand’s of £ are also raised each year by the competitors for various charities around the globe, helping to make all of their training, hard work, immense effort and pain all the more worth while.

If you are interested in more information about the MdS or would like to register for a future event please visit

Do check in for more sports update. Thanks for visiting


Singapore, 05 April, 2014 – Over 1,200 people battled the adverse weather to take part in today’s STEPS in the Park event, choosing to run or walk for 5km to help raise awareness of human trafficking and modern-day slavery .

 STEPS in the Park was conceived by EmancipAsia, a Singapore based not for profit organisation made up entirely of volunteers, with the aim of enabling people to ‘take their first step’ towards gaining a better understanding of human trafficking and modern day slavery. Participants were also invited to take a further step by taking a pledge where they committed to ‘Raise awareness by telling at least 2 more people about the cause’, ‘Be more informed about sex and labour trafficking’ and to ‘Reduce their Slavery Footprint’. The supporting partners were Singapore Government Interagency Taskforce against Trafficking in Persons and ACS International Singapore


Joining the STEPS in the Park event today was Speaker of Parliament, Madam Halimah Yacob, who addressed the participants with a speech, before she signed the EmancipAsia ‘Pledge Board’, and flagged off the 5km non-competitive event.

Halimah Yacob Halimah Yacob1

“It is very heartening to see so many people supporting the STEPS in the Park initiative, which is a recognition that Singaporeans and residents want to be involved.  Together, we are giving a voice to the 27 million victims of human trafficking and modern day slaves in the world today”, said Ms Sylvia Lee, Founder and Director of EmancipAsia.

 Participants started the 5km route at the Silver Garden, before making their way over the Marina Bay Barrage and along Bay East Garden, before making their way back to the Silver Garden where the planned activities took place.

After the run, STEPS in the Park participants learned about the subject via experiential learning activities, “Bought & Sold: Voices of Human Trafficking “- an ArtWorks for Freedom exhibition by photographer, Kay Chernush, as well as posters that informed viewers of the different dimensions of the subject, including Singapore’s National Plan of Action against Trafficking in Persons. Participants were also treated to a range of merchandise which has been designed to help to spread the word beyond today’s event.

 Participants will now vote online for their favourite from the selected three finalists, in a t-shirt design competition that has seen students designing entries over the past three months. The winner will take away the top prize of SGD$200 Shopping Vouchers.  A lucky draw, where will be winners contacted individually and announced on Facebook,  will see others pick up some fantastic prizes including hotel stays, food and beverage vouchers and fragrances from sponsors including Siloso Beach Resort, The Regent Singapore and LuxAsia Ltd.

for more info you can visit Steps in the Park Website

Float over hard roads with the new Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3

With improved cushioning and a reduction of 10g in weight, the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 just keeps getting better. The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 showcases Mizuno’s new full-length Infinity Wave plate  that’s designed to increase cushioning and comfort while supporting the foot. Runners will feel the float like sensation over hard road that’s to the innovative cushioning of the shoe.

The lighter U4ic midsole reduces impact shock and efficiently returns energy for a smooth running transition. To keep your foot secured during an long, intense run, Dynamotion Fit™ comfortably locks your foot in place while reducing the amount of stress the shoe places on the foot. Durable rubber outsole delivers versatile grip on a variety of surfaces.


Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 is for Neutral to moderate pronators who want the maximum in dynamic cushioning

Shoe Advantages

•Unique springy cushioned ride.

•Cushioning that never wears out

• Superb comfort and fit

• Stable and protective

• Luxurious running experience

Improvements over the Prophecy 2

•New U4iC midsole cushioned and light

•New Smoothride Innovation for silky transition

•Weight reduction of 10g


The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 is available at selected World of Sports and it retails for $329


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