Mizuno brings the spirit of the Osaka Marathon to Singapore’s Year End Marathon Season

To Usher in the final season of Singapore’s running calendar with the spirit of Osaka – the birth place of Mizuno and the setting for the Osaka Marathon with the new limited edition Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Osaka Edition created to celebrate the Osaka Marathon.

Dependability mile after mile, the Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Osaka Edition is ready to hit the pavement right out of the box. The Mizuno Wave Rider Osaka edition features a Pebax Wave Plate, an upper built for improved fit and a resilient forefoot sole design with improved rubber distribution. Light in construction yet bursting with tensile force! Now, you are ready to tackle biggest marathon in Singapore!


Specs: Neutral Shoe

Weight:  260g/US9, 220g/USW8

Available Limited Edition Colourways: Unisex Rainbox, Men’s and Women’s Fiji Colourway

Best Kept Secret Coffee joint in Hougang

Well it is not the best kept secret but maybe for me cause I have never heard of this place until recently, but for the folks around this district, they sure kept this secret well enough.

In my previous post on Guan Chee Roasted Meat stall in Hougang Block 106, we stumbled upon word of mouth that there was this coffee joint at a nearby Hainanese Village Centre located on the 2nd floor.

If it was not for word of mouth this place would be mistaken as just another coffee shop in my books, but somehow or rather, the owner have one trick up his sleeves by using the old school method of brewing coffee with the socks method, the one thing that really his me was that he was using brass pots to make their kopi. Brass is not as hardy as stainless steel they they need to be changed more frequently which is why lot of hawkers have changed to stainless steel pots.  Mr Tay mentions that Brass is a good conductor of heat and will make the coffee taste better.

Da Zhong Coffee (5) Da Zhong Coffee (4)

After collecting my coffee from a long queue, I let the coffee cool down first as it was piping hot and I this gave me some time to take some shots, the intense darkness and deep aroma of the coffee reminds me of the days back in Starbucks.

But do not let the darkness of the coffee fool you, I was thinking this cup of coffee will be a thick in consistency, but in fact it was watery when I had my first gulp, It had  this clear taste with mid acidity but a strong roasted bean after taste (ok too use to describing coffee in my Coffee Master ways back in my Starbuck days) It just felt diluted at first but with the sugary bottom it will hit you like espresso shots. Mild but strong after taste.

Totally recommend this to people loving espresso and water (they call it Americano in SB) but without the hefty price tag, this cup of wonder cost me only $0.70.

Da Zhong Coffee (3) Da Zhong Coffee (2) Da Zhong Coffee (1)

As for the Ice coffee, I can’t begin to describe how creamy smooth this coffee is,the portion of the cup is HUGE, really it is HUGE for the price you paid, in total I paid only $1.60 for the coffee and ice coffee, looking at it you can’t think it would be any good, plain ice coffee at best. One sip was all it take to change my mind about outlook.

This fella had it all, the smoothness of a blended Frap, with the creamy thickness of a latte all this going in well with the icy cold ice, my suggestion is to not dilute the coffee with the ice as if it was from the Hong Kong style cafe, then It would be perfect but not in a economical scale. YUMZ and also totally worth drinking if you are a coffee addict.

we were stuffed from the roasted duck stall hence no ordering of the steam bread which was highly recommended as well.

Please take note of their opening time from 5am to 2pm only



If you decide to patronise Da Zhong the address is as below:

Da Zhong Cafe
Hainanese Village Food Centre

Blk 105 Hougang Ave 1
Singapore 530105
5am to 2pm

Closed Monday


Must Try Hougang Neighbourhood Wanton Char Siew Noodle

What could be better in a weekend than strolling and eating sumptuous, well OK beside sleeping in late and and eating even better food the night before.

Woke up about 10am and stomach was growling, did not want to go any where further than a 10km proximity from our home and so we decided to look for neighborhood stall for some lunch,

Friends of ours recommend this place “Guan Chee Hong Kong Roasted Duck” as this stall sells a HUGE repertoire of roasted (and even non-roasted) meats and get this, ROASTED SUCKING PIG Rice. yes my friend if I were to input a video now (it would look like the HISTORY GUY) saying yes this is SUCKLING PIG RICE.


First thing’s first, it was said that this place still BBQ their duck using the old traditional method and that is by charcoal and with that we are totally sold. We arrived and we did not know what to order as drooling over the counter at all the roasted meat makes me want to order everything there is.

We decided on roast pork and duck combo with rice.



For the plate that we ordered which is duck and roasted pork belly rice I have to say the – roast pork was off the hook, the crackling of skin on bite and the meat inside is tender and striated with layers of fat that melts in your mouth, each bite makes me feel like ordering one slab and eating it on the go or between sandwiches for lunch.

I can’t say that the duck is bad but I have to say I had better, the duck feels like just any other roasted duck stall despite the hype that it uses charcoal method of cooking. There was no crackling of skin (could the the over drench of sauce) the plum sauce that was given to use was merely enough to dab. This plate cost us $13 with rice.

Roasted Pork Belly has a yum factor of 4/5 but the duck which is their forte had to settle for a 3/5 in my books

With unsatisfied hunger, we decided to order another plate of char siew wanton noodle $3/plate

This! my friend did not disappoint us. The Char siew had a strong roasted flavor and it was well caramelised, enough to coat your tongue with flavors that is bursting with well balance fat.

Where can I begin with the al-dente, springy otherwise we call it QQ noodle texture, there was no after chemical taste and the noodle on the other hand is comparable to Hong Kong standard which I deem awesome, but do take note that the chef have a heavy hand with the salt but otherwise O-M-G, I give this plate of wanton noodle a 4.5 / 5  (MUST TRY)

DSC_0140 DSC_0141

If you decide to visit this place, it is located at

Block 106 Coffeeshop, 106 Hougang Ave 1 #01-1239 s530107

Sun – Thu: 10:00 – 22:00

Fri – Sat: 10:00 – 23:00

Eve of PH: 10:00 – 23:00


*Next post up is what we had for drinks after…

RunTweetUpSG was AWESOME !

isaac976 RuntweetupSG

Last Friday was one crazy day, my workplace did not see me fumed up so mad before and I have to say it was my first time as well, things just gotten out of hand and me as the Operations person I had to ensure that everything flows and works smoothly, Stayed with the warehouse people and was talking over the phone with the office to get it all perfect even I know it is not.

And for that It ate up all my time to meet up with the runners who were already waiting for me at the RunTweetUp site, best part is that I was one of the organisers and I was fashionably late, I HATE being late and this time I really had no choice. I really apologise to those waiting for me and I was trying my best and as fast as I could, it was just one of those days.




Before I go on, I have to mention that the first “RunTweetUpSG” was a success and I am glad we had one in the first place, This run is not about who is the fastest or who wears the best gear, this run was intended for runners to BE a runners all while having fun. No competitiveness in all of us, we are all about Motivation and motivate we did, we had two newbie runner who never ran, but Mike supported all the way, would you believe it, even one guy with a broken foot came for this event (NO KIDDING)

I would like to thank @Coach_Holly and @Mikeh71a for doing such a great job in planning and recce in advance for a run route, not to mention @endorphynnn for the tremendous help as well.

If you are wondering if there will be another one cause you miss the first one ? well might happen ? it could happen? who knows what the future holds. I already know people are asking about it and it will only get bigger for sure.

We Run, We Sweated and We Drank but more importantly we all LAUGHED together !

Once again for those who made the effort to come down and even wanting to come down after we finished our drinks, I THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


I would like to thank Compressport for being supportive in this RunTweetUp and those who was willing to help but I turned down.

Haile Gebrselassie commits to first run in South East Asia with entry into the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014


SINGAPORE, 15 OCTOBER 2014 — Haile Gebrselassie, the man widely regarded as the greatest ever long distance runner, will be participating in this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore and lining up alongside thousands of runners in the 10km race category.

Close to 13,000 participants have already signed up for the 10km and will now enjoy the amazing opportunity to run in the same race as the man who once covered the distance in a stunning 26mins 22secs.

The 41-year-old Ethiopian has also won two Olympic gold medals and four World Championship titles over the 10km distance and as recently as 2008, broke the Marathon world record with a time of 2:03:59 in Berlin.

“Haile Gebrselassie is arguably the greatest long distance runner in modern history, so to have him grace the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore is an absolute coup not only for the event but for everyone in the local running community,” said Chris Robb, Managing Director, Spectrum Worldwide.

Gebrselassie will also host a number of training clinics while he is in town, with local runners set to benefit from the extensive knowledge of the man who set an astonishing 27 world records throughout his illustrious career. The specific details of the clinics, as well as several other public appearances, will be announced by the event organisers in the coming weeks.

“Running alongside an Olympic Gold medallist and World Champion will certainly  excite and encourage the runners to push themselves and go the extra mile, be it for their personal best, or their charitable ‘reason to run’. For competitive runners it will be a great opportunity to be able to engage and learn from a legend in the sport such as Haile,” said Mr Toh Boon Yi, Chief, Strategic Development and Marketing Group, Sport Singapore.

This year’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore will mark the running legend’s first visit to the Lion City and to South East Asia. He has raced all over the world on the track and field circuit as well as various international running events, winning the Berlin Marathon over four consecutive years from 2006 – 2009. He is also a winner of the Amsterdam, Fukuoka and Dubai Marathons, winning the latter event as recently as 2010. Gebrselassie’s remarkable form has continued well into his 40s, winning the Vienna City Half Marathon in 2013 with a time of 1:01.14. A little over a year ago, he finished the BUPA Great North Run half marathon in third place, only 30 seconds behind the three-time Olympic gold medalist and fellow countryman Kenenisa Bekele (first place) and double Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah (second place).

“Everyone I’ve spoken with has told me the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore is one of the great events in Asia and I’m delighted to have chosen this race as my first running event in that part of the world,” said Gebrselassie.

“I’m looking forward to racing the 10km but I am equally excited by the opportunity to help out the local running community with the various training runs and clinics I plan to host. I’ve been told there is a vibrant running scene in Singapore and I can’t wait to experience it for myself in early December,” he added.

Runners still have the opportunity to sign up and run with Gebrselassie, as limited slots remain available in the Marathon, Ekiden, 10km and Kids Dash categories. To allow runners to register and run with the ‘Greatest Ever’, registration at will remain open until midnight on Friday, 31 October. Late registrations will still be accepted, with a $20 late fee and a non-personalised race bib.

#RunTweetUpSG Happening This Week

In the world of social media we know some people to have hundred and some even thousands of followers, but in actual fact do have they actually seen them physically?

Most of the time social media peak my curiosity when it come’s to people on the other side of the screen, actually If I have a chance I would like to meet up with my readers, yeah you the one reading this now and every reader from all over the world too…… but… I don’t think that is possible.

So some how or rather one morning over at twitterville, a bunch of us were having a discussion and am not sure how this topic came up, suddenly out of no where we decided to have a meet up and we instead of the usual TweetUp, we are going to call it RunTweetUp because being in twitter we follow our passion and our passion is in Sports, Fitness, Tweeting, you get the point, so as mostly fitness advocate, we decided not to only do a TweetUp but a RunTweetUp instead, and with that a couple of meeting and talking over whatsapp. If you are in twitter do check out the hashtag for #RunTweetUpSG and you can find all our crazy ramblings and discussion over this.

Then finally the rumours is now true, and the word on RunTweetUpSG is finally out.

Mike Awesome poster

This is a Fun Run and nothing competitive, do join us for something real not just hashtag & twitting or Facebook or Instagram and some Youtube maybe.

No hefty cost of registration fees, no crazy training to be in top form as this is not a race, just real people with a social media account meeting up, don’t need a twitter account to join us. Crash the party we dare you.

As this is the First RunTweetUp in Singapore we do not want to let you go back empty handed, with great connection we manage to hook up the first few registration with goodie bags, and yes you do not need to collect it in advance, we will personally hand them to you on the day itself.  Remember to click on  —-> Sign Me up for RunTweetUpSG

Date: 17 October 2014

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: Stadium MRT Exit B.

Distance: 5k (non-competitive FUN Run) ok maybe the winner gets a kiss from Holly or Mike

Post Run: Brewerkz, get your drinks on

RunTweetUp has been brough to you by main sponsor


Organising Committee

@Mikeh71a , @RunWithHolly , @endorphynn and @isaac976

Latvian bicyclists’ brilliant demonstration of how bikes reduce traffic jams

Updated by on October 9, 2014, 1:50 p.m. ET

In Latvia, as part of International Car Free Day, some cyclists went to a lot of trouble to tangibly demonstrate one huge difference between bikes and cars: the amount of space they take up on the road

bike car

These photos, which the European cycling group Let’s Bike It posted to the social network, show a group of bikers in Riga that strapped rickety car-sized constructions to their bikes to show how much space they’d take up if they were actually driving one.

bike car 2

The implication here is pretty obvious: if those cyclists actually were in cars, they’d dramatically increase traffic congestion. On the other hand, getting people out of cars and onto bikes is one way of cutting it

The photos also call to mind a particularly well-known demonstration of the road space people in cars take up, in comparison to both bikes and buses.

bike car 3

car bike 4

In 1991, the German city of Münster commissioned a poster showing the amount of street space taken up by 72 people sharing a bus, riding bikes, or driving alone in cars. It’s since been recreated several different times — most recently, in Canberra, Australia, by the Cycling Promotion Fund

bike car 4

The Berlin Marathon 2014 Journey

First and foremost, I want to WISH ALL IRONMAN LANGKAWI participants GOOD LUCK and RACE HARD this coming weekend, I wish to join my tri and ironman buddies in the coming future, anyway by the time you are reading this, I would be on the plane to Germany for my 2nd Marathon Major this year, this will be happening exactly 3 day time from today. Imagine running in the same road as Wilson Kipsang (The world record holder for fastest Marathoner) and with thousands of other runners, no fan boy but truly respect for someone able to run that kind of speed. Amazing mind boggling.

I really have no idea what is in stored as I do not have much information from people running the Berlin Marathon , but I know I have train my best with my busy schedule squeezing every ounce of time I had, and even sometimes running at midnight or mostly at my lunch hour, I shall not use that as an excuse but I will give my best to run my targeted Sub4. Pray to God to give me the legs of speeds.

Check out the awesome 26.2m or 42km of road  that I will be running through and most importantly the view of Berlin, I have to say I am looking forward to this run, but to be honest, I don’t know what is the temperature like as for the Tokyo I had lots of heads-up knowing that it will be cold from many other runners telling me about it.

Unsure why I don’t hear from many other runners that have run the Berlin Marathon except for Gisete and Sumiko. I will just be bringing my running thermals just in-case it gets too cold, since I will be there 3 days earlier I will be running around the area in the morning to get what’s a good feel

Runners at the Victory Column

I am using their official checklist to tick off all the necessities item that ensure all participants that they do not forget anything and I find it really useful, If you want, please click on the picture and print it out for your own use.

My tips before running a race or any event is to lay down your items on the floor and take a good look at what you will be needing and what you do not, Race bibs and nutrition are usually pinned already and nutrition are usually zipped locked and kept in a visible area. (I will even sometimes plan my breakfast in advance)

Berlin ChecklistActually I hope to run my own pace and I have put my running pace and plan set into my head hoping to run my PB. I still have doubt over my running speed and nutrition every time I am at the start line. Always nervous as hell and worried sick about cramps and hydration. We will know once I finish the race.

Well, if you are running the Berlin marathon and reading this, I wish you all the best in your run and good luck.


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