Salomon X-Scream Review (City To Trail Edition)

Salomon launched the “X-Scream” shoe this March where Salomon created the  “city trail” series or in other words, a trail/road hybrid for one that looking for the best of both world

As always, Salomon knows how to make quality products that just look fantastic, even the mighty red ant wanted to take a closer look, find out how the new Salomon feels and rides after my much abuse to it, I’ve put in a little or more or less than 50k in about a week now or so now.. so keep up guys




The first thing that I will look for when buying a trail shoe is always and most definitely the lugs of the shoes, If you look at the picture on the top with the soles Salomon still retains the OS Tendon, it is a stretchy TPU band placed between the midsole and outsole to help guide the foot through the entire footstrike, promoting an even ride and springy toe-off.

The usual stuff on this shoe will be the Contagrip® LT rubber supplies lightweight cushioning and grip on mixed surfaces but, I am not feeling the grip on this shoe on a few surfaces mainly the side pavement that is made of small pebbles and man-hole covers.

The bi-directional lugs on the sole of the shoe did not help much on those surfaces but when it comes to trailing on the mud and sand boy you are in for a treat.


First time when I slip them on my feet, I felt this is surely no ordinary trail shoe, Salomon surely built this for the road to trail by adding more comfort and with comfort I am sure everyone will love this shoe because I sure did, this shoe is well padded with the plush collar and friction free lace eyelets, another new key feature Salomon have implemented is the contoured foam footbed for added underfoot comfort with this new addition


The new addition made the shoe feels like a hollow cup and very firm snug heel fit when you walk in it, it did not feel much of a difference when running in the trails, you surely will feel this snug feel when on the road for sure. The front of the shoe spots the Protective TPU toe cap and signature S.

The upper has a breathable mesh and a tongue cover with the Salomon signature lace pocket which keeps the laces securely and neatly tucked away.


Inserting the LT Muscle as the midsole material for lightweight and flexible cushioning, the LT technology surely holds even after a long 15k run on the road and even pavement, why I keep saying road and pavement is because I have run in the shoe about 50% on road and 50% on the trails, you won’t feel that the shoes is thinning out or your soles are badly fatigued


With the mid Asymmetrical Sensiflex, this promotes forefoot lock down, while allowing the foot to move more naturally, now take a closer look at the Sensifit where Salomon claims it promotes a foot wrapping and secure fit, if you have a chance do go stretch this part of the shoe where when one leg is bloated during a run, this Sensifits actually expands and still keeps the fit comfortable.


Not only I get the shoe but I get to run with dear Anna Frost aka Frosty from Team Salomon.

Check out a short introduction of Anna in Singapore recently

isaac976 isaac976

What’s my shoe verdict?  If you were lazy reading all the explanation on the top:

This shoe is like a dream come true for all road pounding runners who loves running into the trail to get out of the monotony of pavement this would be it. The shoe is not overly technical and is most suited for everyone wanting to try out trail to even the pro’s

When I was running Macritchie last weekend I saw so many people in shoes that is so unsuited for the trails, If I could I would put the Salomon van filled with X-Screams and let em test out the shoe (wait maybe it will come..hhmmm)

What if I am a just a runner who is starting out on the trails?

This shoe is perfect for you because not only does it eats up the trail like most trail shoes, you can use it even if it just for walking or running on a casual 5k. Everyone will not be disappointed with this combination of City and Trail by Salomon it surely is made from the pavement to trail, you will enjoy the rugged versatility of the X-Scream

What did Isaac love most about the shoes?

The shoe sure is very comfortable, and I have to say one of the most comfortable running / trail shoes I’ve worn to date, just didn’t feel too restrictive or rigid, they surely got it right?

The bi-directional lugs is a sure win for me cause running on the trails the lugs sure had traction and grip. If I could put a shoe on everyone wanting to test out trail, this is surely “THE” shoe.

What didn’t Isaac like about the shoes?

Hey no shoe is perfect if you have to ask. What I didn’t like about this shoe is sadly the bi-directional lugs, WHY? cause it might get slippery running on a wet tarmac/pavement or over a man hole cover, so please be careful alright. As I usually run sockless this shoe did not give me hot spots until about 15k into my trail run, it was just a slight burn on the right side, but am sure this can be no problem for people running in socks.

Loving the review but where can I get one ?

Ok that was cheesy but hey if you do like the review do like the post maybe ? anyway you can get the Salomon X-Scream at all World of Sports outlet and they retail for a reasonable SGD$189 (Awesome move Salomon, well priced cause of the hybrid system going on)

How do I rate the shoe?

I give it 4.5 trails  out of 5 Trails. This shoe is surely going to be on my feet a whole lot more.


Anyone wants to own this signed cap from Anna Frost herself? Please do let me know as I am raising funds for the less fortunate kids and Singapore Disability Sports Council. All proceeds will go to them and this is for a good cause.



The Lion Dash is Back : Unleash your Inner Lion

isaac976 Lion Dash

22 April 2014, SINGAPORE – Summon the lion in you at the greatest mud feud in the Singapore, with the return of the Lion Dash presented by Columbia! This June, get ready for more hearts pumping action alongside familiar obstacles and some devilishly challenging new ones including, the Python Pit, Escape Route, Push Up Poaches and Slippery Slope.

“The Lion Dash is the fear factor of races and it stands out from other races because challengers have to face and conquer their fears in order to complete the race. You have to have a little bit of guts, tenacity and loads of bravery. The reward, a gargantuan sense of achievement.” Said Adam Bauerly, Founder of Lion Heart Group.

Lion Dash isaac976

This time, the team behind the Lion Dash sets themselves a momentous task; to test challengers to their limits. Challengers can either opt for the Sprint category, a standard 5km obstacle race or pit themselves against the big leagues in the Beast category by clocking as many laps of the 5km route in 4 hours.

Challengers can register individually or in teams of two or four depending on the race category. Registration is now open at

Quick Detail

Race Event : 8th June 2014

Distance: 5km

Category Till 30th April Till 31st May
Individual $75 $85
Team (Sign up with min of 4 pax) $70 $80

Standard Chartered Bank Extends Marathon Singapore Partnership

Good news for all the runners of the biggest Marathon Event in Singapore, this was announced yesterday at the Standard Chartered Bank press conference. The company have announced their sponsorship renewal for Singapore’s premier Marathon for another three years.

Public registration for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014 is slated to open in July, do wait for it

You can get more information in the official website:



Hong Kong Short Weekend Food Trail

Mind you this was back in 2013 and I never got around posting it, I do hope you enjoy my post as I usually do not post about food and my travelog, if you do have any “DIE DIE MUST TRY” food  in Hong Kong do share

isaac976(me, doing the Keith Leung.. inside joke)

As you guys know my blog is not your regular travel blog or food blog, I wish I can do those hotel posting and detailed food review but I will cut to the chase of all the this is airport this is this ,this is that, am just going to jump the gun and just post the few places I have eaten that made the trip so memorable.

Tourist Map

isaac976(Me doing the Marco impersonation..another inside joke)

Reached Hong Kong on a Friday afternoon, most shops weren’t open yet at about 5am in the morning and just walked aimlessly as usual, saw this noodle store that looks pretty interesting. Just look at the humongous serving, my whole palm could not even cover the bowl.

Restaurant : Eat Together Food

Address: 473 Shang Hai Street Mong Kog

Tel : 2771 9818 They are open 24 hours

website :

Hui Lau Shan

They are every where and this place needs no introduction, this dessert place is one of our usual haunt when we arrive in HK and same for the one I am going to share below…

I came to Hong Kong for this … and this only, This is the only smelly tofu establishment that is worthy of smelly tofu, I can’t really pin a location to this stall but its the one at the corner of Prince Edward MTR. There use to be a uncle that sells smelly tofu on a push cart back in 2001. I ate so much of it that the uncle knows me by name, but that is the past there is no more push cart smelly tofu anymore in HK, but if you do know where are they do let me know.

Thinking of smelly tofu makes one shudder, people should not be afraid of it, just cause it smells like garbage, well this is what smelly tofu is to some Asian as to some Caucasian says about Durian.

I do agree about the smell but this is somewhat a love hate relationship, you just have to bear the smell and sink your teeth into one of these freshly fried tofu, make sure you drench it in sauce (can’t really describe if the sauce was sweet or savoury) but the combination of both and the tofu juice that just oozes it out complements the sauce.

It like a perfect blend of flavor in your mouth, but if you do not dare to try this, I suggest you give it a go but pinching your nose to stop your sense from stopping you eating one of this delectable.

Yee Shun Milk Company is particularly famous for their Doubled Boiled Milk With Egg White (aka Steamed Milk, Two Films) Steam Milk with Ginger Juice.  In chinese wording it would be \港澳義順牛奶公司 Yee Shun Dairy Company or some would call it Australian Dairy, ok I really do not know why its called Aussie Dairy

Standards and quality seems to have dropped over the years, as I usually patronized their Causeway bay branch, this was the first time I stepped into the Prince Edward store and I hope it is the store standard and not the overall.

This place I went for dinner is totally crazy, Most of you who follows Anthony Bourdain “No Reservations” will know of this place. He featured it in his Hong Kong segment and I have been wanting to eat that plate of squid ink balls for as long as I know.  Tung Po is crazy filled with people and please please do make your reservation if you ever want to eat here.

Stratifying my craving for this little black sucker and now I have sunken my teeth on it, verdict is : Noodle was bland, but the squid ink balls was bouncy with very smooth chewy texture.


Fried Oyster Omelet recommended by KK’s mum, looks ordinary but trust me this has got to be one of the best Oyster omelet I have ever had, Not a tad oily yet fried to a light fluffy texture with plump oysters to every bite. If I had the chance I would want to eat this again.


Deep fried spare ribs coated in a mayo and sesame seed sauce, anything FRIED surely taste nice doesn’t it ? need I explain more?


The next dish was the Fresh Water Shrimps with Chinese wine, the prawn were just swimming a while ago in the tank and now they are dished out on this plate served with lots of garlic and spring onions, can you believe how fresh this guys were on every bite and with them cooked in Chinese wine they taste heavenly.

isaac976Glutinous rice with loads of goodies inside, they dont taste like those you eat on wedding dinner.. this rice is so soft and fragrant, I surely dont mind having seconds, in fact I was so stuffed I still made some space to fit some of this in my tummy


Claypot fish slice so so, nothing special .. it was alright


This is the water-spinach in claypot cooked with salted fish, OH MY the fragrant infused vegetable just goes so well together with the crunchy vegetable. This was not on the order list but we ordered this dish cause of the table next to us, we just can’t resist the smell of salted fish. Who can?

Actually this place really need no introduction, if you want to go eat at this place as Anthony Bourdain did, you better make sure you make your reservation if not prepare to wait. You can find these scrumptious dishes dished out at Tung Po Seafood Restaurant, 2/F Cooked Food Center, 99 Java Road, North Point. Tel: 2880 9339. Opening Times: 5.30pm- 12.30am

Anyway here is to my extended family in Hong Kong whom I will always visit when I am in HK. Thank you for having us every time we are there.

my extended family in HK

isaac976(Do I look sexy baby? Do I look Horny ? anyway another Keith Leung impersonation)

How to Watch Boston Marathon Live #BostonStrong

The 118th Boston Marathon runs on Monday, April 21 (Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts) and if can’t make it to Beantown to be part of the excitement, you can still catch live coverage on television or online.

The race kicks off at 9:32 a.m., with the elite women start. The elite men and first of four waves follow at 10:00 a.m. Here are your options for watching it:

On TV: The race will be televised live locally in Boston on WBZ-TV (Channel 4), with coverage starting at 7:00 a.m. Universal Sports Network will have coverage from 8:30 am to 1:00 p.m. If you don’t know if you get Universal Sports, go to their website and enter your zip code and cable provider to find out what channel to watch.

Online: The 2014 Boston Marathon will be streamed live online for free at starting at 9:30 a.m. ET.

To track your family and friends:

You can get your runner’s race splits every 5K on the Boston Marathon website. The AT&T Athlete Alert will send subscribers text messages or email alerts when your runner reaches the following points: start, 10K, half marathon, 30K, and finish . Just make sure you have your runner’s bib number when you register.

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First 24hrs Treadmill Challenge: Run for Cover

Hi guys, I am looking for a team of 8 to participate in this upcoming Run for Cover event, on the final leg for every 30km you run every elderly member of the public gets free cataract surgery.

Please read on for more information


Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Saturday, 21 June 2014 at 13:30 - Sunday, 22 June 2014 at 15:00 (SGT) Singapore.


The event detail is as follow:

1st Challenge: There will be a eight person team of 50 competing with each other and only top 20 team with the fastest time of 5k time trial will proceed to the next stage.

2nd Challenge : The top 20 team will not compete for the fastest 10k time trial and only the best of the best will proceed to run the 24hr endurance challenge at infront of Ngee Ann City on the 21st and 22nd June

Final Challenge

The final challenge is the one that will test your mental and endurance for 24hours

For all question related to the event please click on Race for Cover Frequent asked Question

If you like to know more do visit the official website at




Challenge your quads and lungs on the very first Duxton Vertical Challenge this coming May, If you think you have what it takes to run up 47 storey or 729 flight of stairs then be quick cause registration is closing , check out more details below.



Singapore, April 2014 – Brooks and its official retailer, World of Sports announced the launch of the Pinnacle@Duxton Vertical Challenge 2014. The race will be held on 11 May at the Pinnacle@Duxton, an iconic housing project in Singapore, which features many unique features that set it apart from other HDB housing projects.

The Pinnacle@Duxton Vertical Challenge 2014, one of the few vertical marathons organised in Singapore is alternative sporting event to road marathons, as well as a fitting sport that takes advantage of Singapore’s skyscrapers. The race may consist of a gruelling vertical climb of 47 Storey, 792 steps, but upon completion, racers are treated to panoramic views of the city skyline at one of the longest continuous skygardens in the world.

The race is divided into three categories; Men’s Open, Women’s Open and the Team Challenge. The Team Challenge was introduced with the aim to widen vertical marathon’s appeal and to foster bonding amongst teammates. Registration for the Pinnacle@Duxton Vertical Challenge and more information can be found on Registration website

Pinnacle@Duxton Vertical Challenge Factfile

Date: Sunday, 11 May 2014

Venue: Pinnacle @ Duxton Blk 1A Staircase

Event Route Type:

-          Vertical Climb ( 47 Storeys, 792 steps)

-          Race starts from 3rd floor to 50th floor

-          Participants will be granted 5 minutes of photo-taking time at the 50th floor



UPDATED as of 16 April 14 – 4:35pm  :

Race Participant will be entitled for the following :

Participants will receive a Race Pack worth more than $250 with the following items:

  • KM Duathlon 2014 exclusive Compressport compression wear worth $160
  • KM Duathlon 2014 exclusive sports visor worth $30 (for KM60 Distance participants only)
  • KM Duathlon 2014 exclusive finisher medal
  • 6 months free digital subscription to Men’s Health Magazine worth $36
  • Complimentary Sports Injury Coverage
    • Benefits:
        • » Accidental Death : S$10,000
        • » Permanent Disability : S$10,000
        • » Sport Injury Medical Expenses : S$300
          • - Excess of $20 per injury
          • - Inclusive of Traditional Chinese Medicine up to S$150
          • - Include visitation to Acupuncturist, Bonesetter, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist and Chinese Herbalist


        • » Eligibility: Participant on the declared event, with age between 18 years and 70 years old at the time of registration


      • » Coverage period: Commence at the start of the event




Singapore, 16 April 2014 – The first-ever KM Duathlon will place an exciting new challenge to running and cycling enthusiasts on 20th July, pushing the boundaries and daring athletes in Singapore’s longest-ever duathlon distance from Changi Exhibition Centre.


The inaugural KM Duathlon consists of running and cycling over two distances – the KM60 and the KM30 Distance. The KM60 distance sees the participant running a familiar 10km, followed by a 40km cycle, and ending with another 10km run. The KM30 category is half of this distance at 5km-20km-5km.


In addition to taking part individually, participants can choose to partner up with a buddy to take turns on the KM60 Relay. The two-person relay allows for teams to strategise, splitting up the course equally into cycling and running between two members respectively, or mixing it up to have one partner complete two consecutive thirds of the race.


Organised by Infinitus Productions, the KM Duathlon is the premium event that will truly test one’s endurance. Singapore’s current duathlons follow the International Triathlon Union’s (ITU) 10km-40km-5km format, while KM Duathlon will push this limit with a 10km final leg.



Companies and organisations devoted to encouraging work-life balance can also field a minimum of four participants to enter the KM Team Challenge. Tearing through the KM60 distance, the top four timings for each team will be submitted for an Inter-Company Challenge to vie for the illustrious 2014 KM Duathlon Team Challenge Champion Cup. An added incentive for corporate teams winning the Cup will be to do it for a good cause. Promoting charity adoption to track companies’ KM journey, the winning team’s chosen charity will benefit further from a $2,500 donation from the organiser.


“The KM Duathlon was conceived out of my passion to challenge and surpass my own boundaries,” said Jeffrey Foo, Director of Infinitus Productions, an avid endurance athlete himself. “I am confident that participants of this event will feel the ultimate sense of satisfaction at the finishing line,” he added.


Infinitus Productions prides themselves on providing top quality race experiences and has taken the unprecedented move of providing insurance coverage for all participants at KM Duathlon. A complimentary Sports Injury Insurance will be provided for all participants upon registration. The basic policy insures participants for accidents and injuries sustained at KM Duathlon, while participants may also opt to increase coverage with an additional S$20.


Another bonus for all participants is the provision of a complimentary compression top (worth $160) in all race packs. Understanding the importance of recovery after the trying nature of the race, KM Duathlon is partnering COMPRESSPORT® in its debut to include a compression top for participants to experience the COMPRESSPORT® medical graded fibre, designed to enhance performance and delay muscle fatigue. The technical weave in the fibre also aids in recovery, preventing muscle tear thus a quicker and better recovery.


The KM Duathlon will open for registration on 16 April 2014. Interested participants may register via REGISTER ME FOR KM DUATHLON

For more information do visit their official website

Event information


Category Distance Early Bird Pricing(15 Apr – 16 May) Normal Pricing(17 May onwards)
KM60(Individual) 10km – 40km – 10kmRun – Bike – Run $173 $213
KM30(Individual) 5km – 20km – 5kmRun – Bike – Run $143 $163
Relay(Team of 2) 10km – 40km – 10kmRun – Bike – Run $330 $418
Team Challenge(Minimum of 4 from the same organisation) 10km – 40km – 10kmRun – Bike – Run $163/pax




Venue:                                Changi Exhibition Centre


Date:                                   20 July 2014, Sunday


Time:                                  7.00AM


Official Compression:         COMPRESSPORT®


Official Magazine:               Men’s Health Singapore





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